First Aid


Please remember it is your responsibility to keep us up to date with changes of home and work addresses or changes to emergency contact arrangements.  We will need this information should your child be ill or injured whilst at school. 


When children are taken ill or have an accident at school, every attempt is made to locate and inform parents immediately.  Children are not taken to hospital casualty departments without parental knowledge or permission unless all attempts to contact parents have been unsuccessful.



In the interest of safety it is not advisable to have any forms of medicine in school. If your child has medical needs that require the administration of specific medicines then a health care plan would be drawn up in conjunction with the school nurse


Should your child need to take medication the following policy is in place at our school.

  1. Asthma Inhalers should be named and kept in class or near the child at all times.
  2. The inhalers should be in date.
  3. If a parent wishes a child to self-administer medicine then a form has to be obtained from the school office.
  4. If a child needs antibiotics that are given 4 times a day then school may administer the medicine if parents complete a medical form available from the office.
  5. School cannot accept any responsibility for missed medication.
  6. If your child needs antibiotics that are given 3 times a day then we ask that these are administered at home.
  7. It is the responsibility of the parent/child to ensure that medicine is collected and returned home each evening.


PLEASE notify school if your child brings any medication to school at any time.