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Debate: Should Fidget Spinners be allowed in schools?

Music concert at Witton Park High School (Year 4 violins)

Watercolour art in the style of Quentin Blake

CREATIVE WEEK (Buildings) - The finished model!

CREATIVE WEEK (Buildings) - Making a scale model of the new school

CREATIVE WEEK (Buildings) - Finding the perimeter and area of the new school

CREATIVE WEEK (Buildings) - Planning a new school!

CREATIVE WEEK (Buildings) - What our school was like in the past

Year 4 Worship - The Human Body

Reading for pleasure on World Book Day!

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities - Photo Trail!

Pentominoes Investigation

Millennium Green Mapping Skills

Year 3 & 4 Problem Solving

Andy Goldsworthy Inspired Art - Autumn 1