We have been looking at performing a poem using some actions to help us.

We have been looking at performing a poem using some actions to help us. 1 Great teamwork to help the perfomance.

Practical measures

Practical measures 1 Helpful demonstrations of 'less than'
Practical measures 2 Showing which is 'greater'

Identifying rocks

We have been investigating different rocks by using clue cards to help us. We made close observations of each rock and also made drawings to help us.





We have then moved on this week to check the rocks using a specific test criteria to help us: To find out which was the best rock for Stig to use as a sink. The rock needed to be hard enough to cope with all the washing up and impermeable, so that it wouldn't let water soak in.  Following our investigation, we decided that either Granite or Marble would be the best for this job.





Volcano eruption

Linked to our topic, we have been looking at different volcanoes and what causes them to erupt. Using a combination of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, we were able to create a small eruption from our volcano. We spoke about the pressure building up in the Magma chamber, forcing magma up the Conduit and then the Throat of the volcano. Our mixture erupted through the vent and our lava then flowed down the sides of the volcano.












Digital research-using the Swiggle search engine, which can be accessed by visiting


We have been using the internet to search for information about the different types of volcanoes: Cinder Cones, Composite and Shield.