School Council and Head Girl and Boy


At St Paul's we pride ourselves on developing rounded, confident and aspirational children who are passionate about contributing to their much loved school and community. We do this by giving children ownership and responsibility for many aspects of their school life. 


The School Council provide children in school with a voice and collective vision. Working with the Senior Leadership Team, the School Council have been able to share and develop a new school vision for the future of St Paul's. The democratic process of forming a new School Council supports children in the understanding of the right to vote and the value of having an elected committee.


The Role of Head Girl by Emily


My name is Emily and I have been chosen for the role of Head Girl. I will be responsible, reliable and will never let any pupil or teacher down. Head Girl is a role you will never forget and I am going to try and be the best Head Girl, so that people can rely on on me. 


The Head Boy's Role by Calum

Head Boy is a role you'll never forget, from that day you find out to the last day of school. I, as Head Boy, will admit that the pressure is high, but as long as you think of the future you'll get through it. Nobody said it would be easy! 


Head B

School Council Members

Year 6: Calum, Ashton, Emily

Year 5: Millie and Davey

Year 5: Jack and Maisie

Year 4:Kian and Louaia

Year 3: Jacob and Megan

Year 2: Megan and Jacob


School Council impact statement 2017-18


This year the School Council have raised money for multiple charities that include:

Macmillan, Christian Aid, Age UK, Children in Need and Sports Relief.


We have supported people to socialise and make friends with other people in our local community.


We have helped people that live in Haiti to build safe and secure homes .  


The work that we have achieved has encouraged the school family at St Paul's to be selfless and care for others.


Already this year we have raised £1,998.81





Eco Warriors...

Year 1: Olly and Lucy

Year 2: Ellen and Luca

Year 3: Sadie and Cole

Year 4: Jack and Madi

Year 5: Annabelle and Reuben

Year 6: Joseph and Isobel