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School Council and Head Girl and Boy


At St Paul's we pride ourselves on developing rounded, confident and aspirational children who are passionate about contributing to their much loved school and community. We do this by giving children ownership and responsibility for many aspects of their school life. 


The School Council provide children in school with a voice and collective vision. Working with the Senior Leadership Team, the School Council have been able to share and develop a new school vision for the future of St Paul's. The democratic process of forming a new School Council supports children in the understanding of the right to vote and the value of having an elected committee.


The Role of Head Girl by Shelby.

Being Head Girl is a role of pride. I get to look after newcomers and get to have a generous bond with parents and teachers all around school. I am in charge of the school community alongside my fellow Head Boy. We hold the doors on special occasions to greet brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents and other family members. If anyone needs help or comfort I'll be there in times of need. Also my job is to help people out in the playground and around in our classes. I try to help people who want any inspiration. I talk to parents on the phone, only for good reasons. Being Head Girl has opened so many doors with opportunities and happiness.


The Head Boy's Role by Harvey.

As Head Boy it is my duty to welcome parents into school at special events. After assemblies in the hall, in which classes present their topic work, I go around with the Worship book and ask people to put a comment in. It is also my job to care for children on the playground and keep a healthy balance of peace. I call parents to tell them when their child has received an award. I set an example to all the children in school and try to prevent bad behaviour.