Our teacher is Mrs Clitheroe and we are fortunate that we have Mrs Walker to support us in our learning.


Mrs Clitheroe and Mrs Walker are very nice and kind teachers and they always help us when we need it.  Alice


Mrs Walker is really funny and Mrs Clitheroe is just really helpful.  Jack


Mrs Clitheroe is really kind and respectful.  Mrs Walker is helpful and cheerful.  Layla


Mrs Clitheroe is the kindest teacher ever and Mrs Walker is helpful.  Tabitha


Mrs Clitheroe is very kind and Mrs Walker is very patient.  Kayleigh


Mrs Clitheroe is kind, helpful and explains things clearly.  Toby


Mrs Clitheroe is a nice teacher because she is always teaching everyone new things everyday. Mrs Walker is brilliant because she is always on schedule.  Alex T


Mrs Walker is the best helper I could ask for.  Katie


Mrs Clitheroe is funny, full of energy and loves all of the subjects we do.  Mrs Walker helps us out and well, they both can do anything.  You can definitely depend on both of them.  Lily


It's good to have Mrs Clitheroe and Mrs Walker because we get to do fun activities.  Mrs Clitheroe is amazing at telling stories and Mrs Walker is always there when we need her.  They go perfect together.  Megan