Our class teacher is Miss Greenwood. We also have Mrs Blackwell helping our class. Miss Riding teaches our class on a Wednesday afternoon.


​Miss Greenwood

​Miss Greenwood is funny and she always cares for us. -by Scarlet and Katie.

She is kind and helpful. She always helps us and tells us to try our best! -by Theo and Ellen

Miss Greenwood makes our lessons fun and she works very hard. -by Alex H and Alice


Mrs Blackwell
Mrs Blackwell is very kind and she helps the children in our class. -by James and Evie

She is very joyful and can always find everything we need! -by Jacob and Georgie

Mrs Blackwell looks after us at lunch time too, she likes spending time with us. -by Isla G and Kayleigh

​Miss Riding
Miss Riding teaches our class Music on a Wednesday afternoon. She likes to help us sing and learn new words. -by Jack