Art and Design

Artwork within displays, across school over Autumn term 2


EAD learning, inspired by the work of the artist, Kandinsky. We began by looking at the image of Kandinsky's artwork and discussed the shapes and colours that we could see. Using lots of different everyday items and containers, we printed the edges to look at how we could create our own work in the style of this artist. The children thought carefully about the circles they selected and the colours to use and have done really well to use another printing style. On another activity, the children used a collage technique with tissue paper circles and were able to create some lovely work -well done, Pre-school!



Reception class

Within EAD learning this week, we have looked at the effects of colour mixing and making colours lighter. We discussed that as a colour became lighter, it became a tint of the colour we started with. The children painted with long handled brushes and worked well to develop correct loading of their paint brush with colour.

Rangoli inspired artwork


It's been a great afternoon of EAD with Pre-school and Reception class. In pre-school, the children explored the texture of clay and investigated ways they could make changes to it. Using water, pasta, tools and a variety of natural resources, the children manipulated the clay in many different ways. What began as Rangoli inspiration, soon became cakes, desks and other creative pieces, where the children each had their own unique design. The children tried the clay tools and were able to smooth and slice the clay and some children were able to roll the clay-changing its shape and talk about the changes they had made-great work by all!


Moving into reception class, the Rangoli inspiration lay within using many different resources to create Rangoli artwork. Some children worked collaboratively to share their ideas and there was lots of careful work, where the children considered their designs. Using the common circular shapes and colours, the children came up with some amazing work, using a wide variety of resources to achieve their desired effect!

Application of working with clay, to create bird sculptures

EAD: printing techniques


With Pre-school, the children have created prints for the spikes of a hedgehog, using forks. The children had to hold the forks in a particular way in order to create a clear print. Moving into EYFS, the children experimented with printing using a range of vegetables and finger printing. The children did very well to hold the different vegetables and to make effective prints, using them. They then added the centre to their poppies using a finger print.

EAD with Reception class.


We have created representations of bonfires using a range of resources. We showed great concentration for the task and thought about the shape of a bonfire and where the flames would be. We also discussed the colours of the flames and enjoyed overlaying different colours of tissue paper to achieve this. 

EAD with pre-school.


We have had a thoroughly enjoyable session creating firework paintings, using different tools to paint with. They were paper straws and sticks and were very different to handle. We had to think about the direction our painting tool needed to go and we really enjoyed adding glitter to change the effect of the painting.

Year 1 printing
We have had great fun making an overlay print this afternoon. We had to think about carefully placing our printing tool to use the page most effectively and enjoyed overlaying different colours. 

Year 1 Printing


It has been interesting to mix the primary colours to make secondary colours in our art work. Using a variety of natural resources, we printed on to larger sheets of paper and also got to use a roller to see how this could be used for printing greater details from leaves. We were able to see the veins and stem with more detail. Making links with maths, we have looked at creating repeating patterned prints, using different shapes as a block template.  To develop this further, we will look at pointillism and building up different layers in a print-looking also at some of the shapes and patterns used in Ankara African print styles.

Drawing and painting skills that are developed into sculpture


Within Year 2, the children have developed drawing skills of animal print into painting using watercolour paints. They have worked carefully to look at colour and animal markings in order to develop more accuracy, working with more confidence using shorter handled brushes. In addition to this, they have used a variety of fastening skills to create features of African animals on a mask , such as: impressive lion manes and elephant tusks. To create a strong surface for painting, they have used used mod-roc to sculpt over the surface of the mask and have been developing their blending skills. We can't wait to see how the masks turn out!

They turned out brilliantly!

In Year 4, we have been studying a Chinese style of painting that features mountains and water called Shan Shui. We have been to the reservoir to start creating our own landscape painting and Mrs Clitheroe has been helping us to practise using watercolour paints.

Year 1 

In Year 1 we have been learning about our bodies in Science. Mrs Clitheroe came into our class to discuss our faces and facial features with us, we talked about what facial features are and how we all look different even though we have a lot of the same features. Mrs Clitheroe then taught us some new vocabulary 'self-portrait' and 'portrait'. She showed us how to draw a self-portrait and then how to draw our friends portrait. 


Year 3 have been looking at sculpting using clay! Mrs Clitheroe came to work alongside us to teach us new skills that we could keep applying to our sculpting work throughout the half term!

Year 4 have been working with Mrs Bullen and Mrs Clitheroe looking at ways we can create the texture of animal skin and fur in our sketches.