Art and Design

In Year 4, we have been studying a Chinese style of painting that features mountains and water called Shan Shui. We have been to the reservoir to start creating our own landscape painting and Mrs Clitheroe has been helping us to practise using watercolour paints.

Year 1 

In Year 1 we have been learning about our bodies in Science. Mrs Clitheroe came into our class to discuss our faces and facial features with us, we talked about what facial features are and how we all look different even though we have a lot of the same features. Mrs Clitheroe then taught us some new vocabulary 'self-portrait' and 'portrait'. She showed us how to draw a self-portrait and then how to draw our friends portrait. 


Year 3 have been looking at sculpting using clay! Mrs Clitheroe came to work alongside us to teach us new skills that we could keep applying to our sculpting work throughout the half term!

Year 4 have been working with Mrs Bullen and Mrs Clitheroe looking at ways we can create the texture of animal skin and fur in our sketches.