Early Years Curriculum Recovery:


1. Building relationships - We will place a high emphasis on the 'key person' system as we know that children learn best when they feel understood, accepted, and loved. A focus on attachment will help to settle the children quickly into healthy, happy learners.


2. Being Role-models – Being calm, organised and reassuring. We know that children learn so much from observing those around them. We will ensure that the pace of the day meets the need of our learners tweak the timetable to accommodate this.  

3. Providing a calm environment– Our Early Provision creates a calm, comfortable environment where the children can learn and have quiet time. We will have regular story-time in smaller key person groups to encourage conversations that can be linked to their experiences.  


4. Supporting Self-Regulation – Self-Regulation is a Prime Area of learning within the Early Years Curriculum. This is where children learn how to regulate our their own behaviours. At St Paul's we have adopted the Mind Up initiative to support our children; 'Based firmly in neuroscience, MindUP gives children the knowledge and tools they need to manage stress, regulate emotions and face the challenges of the 21st century with optimism, resilience and compassion.'


5. Being Positive- At St Paul's we clearly understand that the words we use have an impact on children and their understanding. We will use open-ended questions and keep positive in the way we speak with children and other adults in the environment.