The library is open to borrow books as follows:

  • Tuesday afternoon 1.15pm to 3.15pm
  • Wednesday afternoon 2.15pm to 3.15 pm


Family members and carers of reception children are welcome to come and help their children to choose a book on Tuesday between 2.50pm and 3.10pm.


The library is also accessible during lessons for topic work, etc.


New books


Our pupils are encouraged to request a book if it is not currently on the shelves. Requested books are purchased, if suitable, and are usually on the shelves within a week. We consider reading to be an important part of a child's life and, consequently, like to fulfill their need, whether they enjoy non-fiction (e.g. Top Gear 100 Fastest Cars) or fiction books. 


How the Library works


The library books are scanned out to the children using personal bar-codes.  The library computer system allows each child to borrow two books from the library at a time.  These loans are cancelled each time a child returns a book.  The system cannot scan out extra books so, from time to time, your child may be reminded that they have books outstanding.  Library books can be recognised by the bar-code taped on the back of the book cover.  If a book has gone missing please inform us so that the entry can be removed and a further book loaned out.