Year 2- Amazing Asia 

Year Two have been exploring Indian themed music with Mr Richards and Mrs Holmes. We have looked at some Bollywood music and taken inspiration from it. We have listened carefully to the musical instruments heard in a version of Jai Ho, and considered how the instruments are used, for us to create a similar effect. We have also taken inspiration from a Beatles song titled 'Within you, without you', where Indian instruments have been used. Our final outcome will be to create an Indian inspired performance based on a Bollywood dance by Year 3. 


Year 1 and Year 2 watched a wonderful performance by the children receiving guitar lessons from Mr Berry.

Click the link to listen to some of their performance


Year 4 worked with Mrs Bullen and Mr Richards to create musical rhythms using African instruments. We played a variety of musical games to develop our listening skills and improve our ability to recognise, repeat and create rhythms. 

Year 5 - African chants

Year Two have been working with Mrs Holmes and our specialist Music Teacher to develop our learning for the focus of Native Narratives. We have been exploring African chants and have had the chance to use Djembe drums. We have developed our understanding of tempo and have practised following our conductor to play simple beats. 

We also went outdoors into the local woods to explore how we can create sounds of the rainforest in a natural environment.