Our Christmas Mission 

Over the last 5 years I have written to you all asking for donations towards our Christmas Food Bank. Many of you are aware that we collect food over the years for families that have been identified to us as ‘in need’ in our local and wider communities. Over the last 5 years we have provided food, toys and clothing to a number of families in the local and wider community who have benefited from our support. Helping and serving our local families and young people who are in need is an important role and mission of our school. This provides children of our school the opportunity to see the impact and ability they have to create change at such a young age.


I had the pleasure of meeting some of the recipients of our St. Paul’s food parcels over the years and was overwhelmed at their thanks, however sadden by the relief they showed when mothers and fathers realised that they were able to make their children’s Christmas, one to remember. To know that there are children and families in need, at any time of the year is hard to understand, but at Christmas time it is especially hard to comprehend.


I therefore come to ask you wonderful people to support our community once more. I will be taking personal donations on the 11th December to some of the families who are in need. If you would like to donate any non-perishable food items or items of food that will stay in date over the Christmas period, please see the school office before the 11th December.


On a final note, should anyone in our immediate school family know of anyone who needs support providing food for themselves or their families, please make contact with school, this information will remain anonymous and confidential.


Thank you for your support,

God Bless,
Mr C Dugdale

Present and Food Parcel Referral Form

Food Parcel Referral Form

Do you know of a family who will require support with providing food and presents for their children over the Christmas period? Is the pressure of providing for your children over the holidays worrying you? Do you know a family who would benefit from an anonymous donation? Please include whether or not this is a named or anonymous request, the school the children attend, gender and ages and the brief reason for the request.