Our Learning

Blended Learning


Spring 1 Week 3

What a super week we have had! This week Year 1 transformed into superheroes for our superhero Phonics & English learning. As superheroes we had lots of challenges to complete using our reading and writing skills! In our Maths learning we have been looking at place value and have started to explore tens and ones. In our afternoon sessions we have been getting active and completing challenges in PE, making comparisons between royals in History, finding out about Jesus’ special friends in RE, making observational drawings of plants in Science and following a beat and experimenting with the tempo when singing in Music.


Spring 1 Week 2

This week the children in Year 1 have blown us away with both their remote and live learning! The children have learnt new phonemes and their corresponding graphemes in Phonics and then applied them to writing and reading tasks. They have focused on core number and shapes in Maths and enjoyed lots of exciting learning experiences across the curriculum. 



Spring 1 Week 1

This week has been a little different than expected but that hasn’t stopped Year 1 from being amazing learners and making memories! This week children have carried out learning in class and on SEESAW confidently and with enthusiasm. All children have been encouraged to enjoy the snow in school and at home and have shared pictures of their experiences! 

Elf Enterprise

Autumn 2 Week 7

We have definitely got into the Christmas spirit this week! We finished and evaluated our calendars made for Elf Enterprise, watched the pantomime ‘Covidella’, carried out lots of Christmas activities including Christmas themed Phonics, wrote a letter to Father Christmas to tell him all about our learning over the half term and we listened to and watched a very special message from Father Christmas himself! 


Autumn 2 Week 6

We have had such a magical week in Year 1! We travelled to the North Pole and turned into little elves. We have been busy in our elf workshop making our calendars for Elf Enterprise! We have been exploring and investigation products already on the market, mocking up what we want our calendars to look like, making our mock up’s come to life in the computing suite and then putting it all together to create an outcome of a 2021 calendar to sell on our online stall. We have also enjoyed finalising our Nativity, Christmas Dinner and Christmas jumper day! 


Factual Footprints


Autumn 2 Week 5

It’s December! We have had a special visitor arrive in our classroom this week, his name is Gunther the good choices elf. Gunther has been looking out for children making good choices over the week to eat the chocolate from the advent calendar! We have started our Elf Enterprise learning. We have been brainstorming ideas of things to make and sell. In our English learning we have started to explore a new story, The Highway Rat. In our Maths learning we have continued to look at subtraction and have been finding the difference in different amounts of objects. 


Autumn 2 Week 4

This week Year 1 have turned into presenters! In English we used all our knowledge about Steve Backshall to make a documentary! In Maths we have been exploring subtraction using concrete resources. In Science we explored animal groups and what different groups of animals eat. In PSHE we talked about special people in our lives and why they are special. In Music we listened to, sang and played African music with Mr Richards. In PE we took part in a gymnastics competition. In RE we wrote about the most treasured gifts we have received. 




Autumn 2 Week 3

We have had lots of fun in Year 1 this week! In our English learning we have started to find out all about Steve Backshall, we have used the iPad's to research who he is and what he does. In Maths we have continued to explore addition with a focus on using a number line. In History we began to find out about Princess Charlotte. We used our family tree's from our Home Learning and compared them to Princess Charlotte's family tree. In PSHE we focused on Anti-Bullying Week and discussed what makes a good friend. In Music we explored different genres of music and listened for different instruments and sounds within the music. In PE we took part in an orienteering competition. In RE we explored the meaning of gifts and why gifts are given. 



Autumn 2 Week 2

What a busy week we have had in Year 1! In our English learning we have been planning an innovated ending to our story 'All Aboard for the Bobo Road'. In Maths we have been exploring number bonds within 10 using concrete resources. In History we explored timelines and created our own life timelines. In PSHE we have been exploring differences. In Science we have been naming and labelling parts of our bodies. In Music we explored a range of instruments and produced sounds in different ways. In PE we had a bonfire night dance themed lesson and played some invasion games.



Remembrance Day

We held a 2 minute silence to remember all those fallen during the war. We visited the war memorial and said a prayer for the soldiers.



Children in Need 

We have had a fantastic day and raised lots of money for Children in Need! We have enjoyed the Joe Wicks' PE session, watching the dance entries, walking a catwalk to show off our outfits and having a class Pudsey colouring competition!  



Native Narratives 


Autumn 2 Week 1

We have had a fantastic first week back after our half term break! In our English learning we finished writing different parts of our story ‘Little Red Riding Hood and the Maasai Warrior’ and started to explore a new book ‘All aboard for the Bobo Road’. In Maths we started to explore addition using part whole models and the addition symbol ‘+’. In Design & Technology we made printing tools using cardboard and string. In Computing we used the iPad’s to take photographs and then edit them to create different effects. In Science we wrote facts about the 4 seasons and plants. In PE we played lots of movement games. In Music Mr Richard’s played lots of games with us using body percussion. 



Autumn 1 Week 8

We have had a super week in Year 1! In our English learning we have been writing sentences to explain what happens a different parts in our story ‘Little Red Riding Hood and the Maasai Warrior’. In Maths we have been exploring greater than, less than and equal to. In Geography we have been writing facts about the 7 continents and 5 oceans. In Art & Design we used all the skills we have learnt to create our own prints independently. In Science we created plant diaries.  We made observations and record what changes we noticed to our African treasure flowers. For our Behaviour Treat we got to see Jasper Cherry perform some magic! 


Click the link to see a video of our wonderful learning this half term- https://stpaulshoddlesden.primarysite.media/media/autumn-1 


Autumn 1 Week 7

What a busy week we have had in Year 1! In our English learning we have been thinking about the characters, setting and the order in our story 'Little Red Riding Hood and the Maasai Warrior'. We have created some wonderful independent writing and produced a small world story retell. In Maths we have been finding one less than a number within 20 and started to explore one to one correspondence. In Geography the children created maps of the world which showed the 7 continents and 5 oceans. In Art & Design and Design Technology we explored creating print pictures using fruits and vegetables. In Science and as part of our Outdoor Learning we planted African treasure flowers and then produced some wonderful cross-curricular writing about what the flowers need to grow. In PSHE we continued to talk about feelings and how our body reacts to different feelings. 




Autumn 1 Week 6

We have been celebrating Black History Month this week in Year 1. We learnt all about an inspirational man named Walter Tull who achieved many amazing things throughout his life. We all wrote super sentences about what kind of man Walter Tull was. In Maths we have been finding one more than a number within 20. In our English learning we created panther traps and then wrote how our traps work so that the Maasai Warriors are able to use them. In Geography we identified the 5 oceans on a map. In French we continued to learn our numbers. In Art & Design and Design Technology we explored creating different types of prints. In our MINDUP learning we learnt about mindful tasting and then had a go at putting into practice during snack time. In PE we preformed our dance that we have been learning over the last couple of weeks. In PSHE we talked about feelings and how our body reacts to different feelings. In RE we explored the Jewish festival Rosh Hashanah. 





Autumn 1 Week 5

What a week we have had in Year 1! In Maths we have been grouping and sorting objects. In our English learning we received a letter from a Maasai Warrior asking for help to build a cage to trap the panther from our story 'Little Red and the Maasai Warrior'. We accepted the offer in writing and began to make lists of resource we might need to make the cage. In Science we explored what plants need to grow. In Geography we identified Africa and the United Kingdom on different maps. In French we continued to learn our numbers; we can now count to 10! In Art & Design and Design Technology we used printing tools to make a repeating pattern. In Music we played musical patterns using instruments. In Computing we learnt how to unlock an iPad and clip the Safari button to load the internet. In our Outdoor Learning we explored our MIND UP learning and carried out some mindful seeing and mindful hearing. In RE we wrote a prayer to God to say thank you for a good Harvest. 


Autumn 1 Week 4

This week has been lots of fun in Year 1! In Maths we have been exploring weight, capacity and patterns. In English we have been identifying rhyming strings and reading a rhyming poem called 'Little Red' with our finger torches. In Geography we identified human and physical features in Hoddlesden and the Maasai village in Kenya. In Science we identified parts of a plant. In French we learnt how to count to 5. In Art & Design and Design Technology we explored printing using a range of printing tools. In Music we created musical patterns using shapes and symbols. In our Outdoor Learning we made Maasai tribal masks using natural resources. In RE we learnt about Harvest.





Autumn 1 Week 3

We have had a fantastic week in Year 1! In Maths we have been exploring doubling, halving and sharing. In English we have been writing instructions and creating posters to warn people about the big bad panther! In Science we went on a plant and tree hunt. In Geography we explored landmarks in Hoddlesden and Kenya. In French we learnt how to count to 3. In Art & Design and Design Technology we created collages of African prints and had a go at copying an African print. In Music we learnt how to keep a beat through body percussion. In our Outdoor Learning we built huts just like the one Little Red Riding Hood lives in in our story. In RE we learnt about places in the world that do not have much food and need support from charities.



Autumn 1 Week 2

A great week in Year 1! In Maths we have been carrying out tasks with numbers within 0-20. In English we have started to read the story 'Little Red Riding Hood and the Maasai Warriors'. We explored Little Red Riding Hoods basket that she takes to her grandmothers, we designed our own basket filled with things we would take to someone we loved and we made salt dough cakes by following instructions to put in our baskets. In Science we discussed the four seasons and then went on a season hunt to the Millennium Green to spot sign of Autumn. In Geography we found out all about Africa. We compared a Kenyan village to Hoddlesden village spotting differences and similarities. In French we learnt how to say 'hello, my name is...'. In Art & Design and Design Technology we explored African prints and patterns on clothing. In RE we explored foods from around the world. 




Autumn 1 Week 1

What a super few days we have had in Year 1! We have enjoyed settling in to our new classroom, exploring new and exciting areas within the provision and learning our new daily routines. Well done Year 1, we are so proud of you!