Our Learning

Native Narratives 


Autumn 1 Week 4

This week has been lots of fun in Year 1! In Maths we have been exploring weight, capacity and patterns. In English we have been identifying rhyming strings and reading a rhyming poem called 'Little Red' with our finger torches. In Geography we identified human and physical features in Hoddlesden and the Maasai village in Kenya. In Science we identified parts of a plant. In French we learnt how to count to 5. In Art & Design and Design Technology we explored printing using a range of printing tools. In Music we created musical patterns using shapes and symbols. In our Outdoor Learning we made Maasai tribal masks using natural resources. 


Autumn 1 Week 3

We have had a fantastic week in Year 1! In Maths we have been exploring doubling, halving and sharing. In English we have been writing instructions and creating posters to warn people about the big bad panther! In Science we went on a plant and tree hunt. In Geography we explored landmarks in Hoddlesden and Kenya. In French we learnt how to count to 3. In Art & Design and Design Technology we created collages of African prints and had a go at copying an African print. In Music we learnt how to keep a beat through body percussion. In our Outdoor Learning we built huts just like the one Little Red Riding Hood lives in in our story. 



Autumn 1 Week 2

A great week in Year 1! In Maths we have been carrying out tasks with numbers within 0-20. In English we have started to read the story 'Little Red Riding Hood and the Maasai Warriors'. We explored Little Red Riding Hoods basket that she takes to her grandmothers, we designed our own basket filled with things we would take to someone we loved and we made salt dough cakes by following instructions to put in our baskets. In Science we discussed the four seasons and then went on a season hunt to the Millennium Green to spot sign of Autumn. In Geography we found out all about Africa. We compared a Kenyan village to Hoddlesden village spotting differences and similarities. In French we learnt how to say 'hello, my name is...'. In Art & Design and Design Technology we explored African prints and patterns on clothing. 




Autumn 1 Week 1

What a super few days we have had in Year 1! We have enjoyed settling in to our new classroom, exploring new and exciting areas within the provision and learning our new daily routines. Well done Year 1, we are so proud of you!