Our Learning

Amazing Asia 


Week 2

This week we enjoyed a Chinese ribbon dancing workshop. In our Maths Learning we explored addition using number lines and tens frames. In our English Learning we wrote our own jungle animal poems. In our Geography Learning we identified the United Kingdom and its countries. In our Computing Learning we continued to explore the software Scratch. In our Science Learning we explored how animals use their senses to survive. In Music we explored pitch, pulse, beats and lyrics. In PSHE we demonstrated good team work and in French we have learnt how to say 'hello, my name is...' 



Week 1

We have had a super first week back! In our Maths Learning we have been exploring the place value of numbers within 20. In our English Learning we have started to look at the story 'The Jungle Book' and explore the characters. In our Geography Learning we named and located the 5 oceans and 7 continents. In our Computing Learning we used web addresses to carry out research on the Asian jungle and explored a software called 'Scratch'. In our Science Learning we compared the animal structure of a dog to the animal structure of a draco lizards. In Music we appraised music from the film 'The Jungle Book' and in PSHE we discussed being a good friend.



Factual Footprints 


Week 8

We have had so much happening this week! On Monday we shared our Christmas production with you 'LIGHTS, CAMEL, ACTION!'. On Tuesday we went to Blackpool to watch 'A Horrible Christmas!' at the Winter Gardens. On Wednesday we had Christmas Dinner and a visit from Father Christmas. On Thursday we did lots of exciting Christmas crafts. On Friday Year 2 joined us and we had a Christmas party! 




Week 7

We have had another busy week! We have been practicing for our Nativity to perform for you on Monday, we are very excited to show you all our hard work, singing and drama skill! We have enjoyed recapping all our learning in Phonics for this half term, we have played lots of games involving blending, segmenting and reading and writing tricky words. We have finished our Factual Footprints learningwe discussed what we had enjoyed this half term and what we had learnt:


-I enjoyed our trip to Darwen Library Theatre. (Scarlett) 

-I learnt that Prince George is 6 years old and has a sister called Charlotte. (Lydia)

-I learnt how to draw features on a portrait. (Philip) 

-I learnt about split digraphs. (Matilda) 

-I enjoyed making a royal gift shop role play area. (Joseph) 




Week 6

We have had a very exciting week! On Monday we had 'Maths Day' we created our own floor markings for the playground. We focused on 2D and 3D shapes and created shape animal floor markings. Before we created our final design we had a lot of research to do, we explored the floor markings we already had in school, we went on a shape hunt looking for 2D shapes within floor markings on the playground and we looked at how we can print floor markings using 3D shapes dipped in paint to create a 2D shape. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we looked at Enterprise, we have explored the Nativity story and designed and created Nativity scene calendars. On Friday we had 'Spirituality Day' we had a day of exploring Advent through lots of fun activities! 


Week 5

We have had a very busy week! In our English Learning we created rhyming poems about the 'Highway Rat'. In our Maths Learning we looked at the place value of numbers within 20. In our History Learning we wrote fact files about Prince George. In our Computing Learning we created animations and in our PSHE Learning we looked at how we can keep money safe. This week we have started to practice out Nativity on the stage which has been very exciting! 



Week 4

This week in our History Learning we identified similarities and difference between our lives and Prince George's. In our Science Learning we compared our features to one of our friends in the classroom. In our Computing Learning we started to explore animation. In our PSHE Learning we explored the value of money in our Royal role play gift shop! In our English Learning we explored the Highway rat further and in our Maths learning we identified and named 2D and 3D shapes. We have also started practicing for our Nativity 'LIGHTS, CAMEL, ACTION!'


Week 3

This week in our English Learning we have started to look at 'The Highway Rat'. In our Maths Learning we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. In History we compared Prince George's timeline to our own. In PSHE we created 'Helping Hands' for Anti-Bullying Week'. For our Computing this week we went to Darwen Library Theatre to watch the animation film Ballerina, we then wrote a film review for Ballerina and started to create our own animations.



Week 2

This week in our English Learning we have turned into presenters and created a documentary all about Steve Backshall. You can view our documentary by clicking on the link: https://stpaulshoddlesden.primarysite.media/

This week in our Gymnastics Learning we have been learning how to do cartwheels! You can view our learning by clicking on the link: https://stpaulshoddlesden.primarysite.media/  


Week 1

In History this week we have been thinking about who we are, we talked about important events in our lives and created a timeline of our life events. In Science we drew around one another, added features to our drawings and labelled our body parts. In Computing we explored the word 'technology' we discussed what we thought technology was and the meaning of the word. In PSHE we explored money and our experiences with money, we began to create a 'Royal Gift Shop' role play area. In English we began to look at Steve Backshall, we explored his documentaries, came up with questions we would like to ask him and stepped into his shoes through hot-seating. In Maths we have been looking at subtraction and how we can represent subtraction in different ways.  


Native Narrative


Week 1

We have had a fantastic first week in Year 1! 

We have settled in well and have already achieved lots of learning. 

This week we have been grouping in Maths, looking at a new story 'Little Red Riding Hood and the Massai Warrior' in English, exploring seasons in Science, listening to African choir music and developing our ideas around  African clothing prints. 



Week 2

What a great week we have had! 

We have been doing lots of role play and story retells in English, looking at 1 more in Maths, painting African patterns and enhancing our outdoor area. In Music we have explored body percussion and how we can use our voices in different ways as well as making comparisons between Kenya and Hoddlesden.