Our Learning!

Spring 1 Blended Learning Week 2 W/B 11/1/21

We have had another great week in Year 4 this week. In English, we have been focusing on a new text, The Train to Impossible Places. In chapter 2, we were introduced to an unusual character called Fletch. We used the description from the story to draw what we think he might look like. Our drawings were fantastic! We also annotated them with key descriptive words and phrases from the text. 
In History, we have been looking at different sources and sharing our thoughts and ideas about them. We thought about what they might be, what they were used for, who the person is, whether it was an important person and what the objects might have been made from. We have recorded our thoughts about each historical source and we will find out more about them next week! 
We have enjoyed developing our drawing skills in Art this week. Mrs Clitheroe created a video for us to teach us all about continuous line drawings. We discussed that we needed to choose a starting point on an object and that we had to try not to take our pencil off the page. Here are some of our drawings. We started off with drawing apples and pears. Then, we tried tricker objects such as a mug. 
In Science, we have started our new topic about sound. This week, we have been focusing on how sound is made through vibrations. Miss Holt gave us images to represent each step of the process of sound being made and heard by us. We had to put the images in the correct order and create our own captions for each step. 

Spring 1 Blended Learning Week 1 W/B 4/1/21

We are back! Miss Holt is so proud of how Year 4 have settled straight back into school this week, despite the strange circumstances again AND a snow day! We have adapted to our remote learning wonderfully once again! 

In Computing, we have been practising our coding skills from the Autumn term. We explored the Hour of Code website to complete various challenges. We all really enjoyed it! 

In English, we have completed some activities relating to our Guided Reading text from last half term, The Song of Sky and Sand. First, we generated adjectives to describe the characters feelings when the sunbird appeared in the desert. We placed these on the zone of relevance. Then, we used these ideas to do some writing in role as the characters. 

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In PE this half term, we are looking at the Charleston style of dance. In school, we practised our first three moves for our routine and worked on our facial expressions. The children who are learning remotely researched the dance style and had a go at some of the moves they had discovered. This is our first attempt at performing the dance moves, we had lots of fun! 

Factual Footprints Week 5 W/B 14/12/20

We have had a very busy week this week. We have finished our Elf Enterprise stockings! We have used the running stitch, over stitch and sewn buttons on to the felt. We then stuffed our stockings to make them 3D and added a ribbon to hang them on our trees. We have worked really hard on these and we are so proud of them! We think they look great! 

In History, we have been learning about The Industrial Revolution. This week, we researched a significant person from this time period, Samuel Crompton. We used the computing suite to research key information such as who he was, what he invented and how he contributed to the Industrial Revolution. 

We have all enjoyed our last week before the Christmas holidays! We really enjoyed the virtual pantomime, Covidella and the Masked Ball! 

Factual Footprints Week 4 W/B 7/12/20

We are feeling festive in Year 4 this week! We all really enjoyed our Christmas dinner and Christmas jumper day on Friday. 
We have had a very busy week this week in Year 4 as we have been working hard on our products for Elf Enterprise! First, we all decided on a shape for our decoration and created our final designs. We decided to make mini stockings! We have also been thinking about persuasive techniques in our writing to encourage people to buy our product. You can see our persuasive writing on our Enterprise stall page. 
After we had completed our final designs, it was time to make our creations! First, we used a pattern piece to cut out a stocking shape. We had to think carefully about the seam allowance to make sure that we had enough space to decorate our stockings! Then, we used the running stitch to add white felt to the top of our stockings. Once we had done this, we decorated our stockings by sewing on buttons and some of us used the running stitch to create beautiful patterns! When the front of our stockings were decorated, it was time to sew the front and back of the decoration together. For this part, we used the over stitch. Miss Holt and Mrs Walker have been super impressed with our perseverance as this was quite tricky! Finally, we stuffed our stockings to make them 3D! 

Factual Footprints Week 3 W/B 30/11/20

We have had a busy week in English this week! We have used our skills from last week to write an independent biography about the environmental activist, Greta Thunberg. We have also written a non-chronological report about environmental issues. We used the ipads to research the factual information that we needed to include. Then, we used organisational writing features such as subheadings, paragraphs and text boxes to write our texts. Have a look below to find out what we have enjoyed about Non-fiction November.

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In Science, we have been learning about how living things can be classified in various ways. We have looked how vertebrates can be classified into reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds, insects and fish and how invertebrates can be classified into groups of snails, slugs, worms, spiders and insects. We have also looked at more specific classification groups such as molluscs, arachnids, echinoderms, insects, annelids and crustaceans. We chose a living thing and created our own top trumps cards to record their classification. 

This week, we have began to use our Design and Technology skills for our Elf Enterprise. We are focusing on textiles for our project. This week, we have been practising different types of stitching such as the running stitch and the over stitch. We have also started to design our products ready to make them next week. 

Factual Footprints Week 2 W/B 23/11/20

This week, we have been writing our biographies about David Attenborough. We used talk for writing to rehearse an introduction and we came up with actions to help us remember it. We used our research from last week to write about David Attenborough’s childhood, education, career and significant achievements. We have really enjoyed learning more about his life!
We have had lots of brave bananas in Year 4 this week! We have been solving problems involving measurements of length and perimeter. We had to use the dimensions that we were given to calculate the missing lengths in order to work out the perimeter of irregular shapes. 
We have been enjoying continuing with football in PE. This week, we have practised our passing skills. We played mini matches but we had to pass five times before we could score! We have also continued to practise our dribbling skills, making sure the ball stayed close to our feet. 

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We have written some beautiful poetry in RE this week. We used our thoughts and feelings about light from last week to write our own poems about light and darkness. Here are a few examples. 

Factual Footprints Week 1 W/B 16/11/20

This week, we have started our non-fiction unit in English. The theme for Non-fiction November this year is The Planet we Share. We are going to be writing a hybrid text including a biography, a non-chronological report and a persuasive text. This week, we have been looking at the features of biographies and began to research information about David Attenborough. We used the iPads to research information about his childhood, education, career and his achievements. We are excited to write our biographies next week! 
In History this week, we have been putting various periods in History into chronological order. We have created our own time lines including Ancient Egypt, the Mayan civilisation, Roman Britain, the Victorians, the Tudors and the Industrial Revolution to see where they were in relation to each other. 
In RE this half term, we are learning about the symbolism of light. This week, we have been thinking about why light is a powerful symbol and how it makes us feel. We have created some lovely art work using chalk pastels and shared our thoughts and feelings about light. 

Native Narratives Week 10 W/B 9/11/20

We have had a great week in Year 4! We all enjoyed getting involved with Children in Need on Friday. We all came to school in non uniform and some of us entered the dance competition with some wonderful dances!
In Music, we have enjoyed using the glockenspiels to compose our own pentatonic patterns with Mr Richards. 

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This week, we have finished our Native Narratives topic and we have been reflecting on our learning. We have had lots of fun and developed our skills in different subjects!

Native Narratives Week 9 W/B 2/11/20

We have had a lovely first week back after half term! This week we have continued with our Native Narratives learning from Autumn 1. 
We have been working super hard in English to write our own stories based on The Boy and the Tiger. We have used our plans from before half term to write each section of the story and we have included the features that we have been working hard on, including fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and speech punctuation. We have also worked on editing and improving our writing. Miss Holt is very proud of our wonderful work!
In Art, we have been continuing with our artwork inspired by the South African Street artist Sonny. Before half term, we chose one of the African animals and sketched the outline. This week, we have been adding our own tribal patterns to our drawings ready to add the texture of fur or skin next week! 

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In PE this half term, we are focusing on football. This week, we practised dribbling the ball with control by keeping it close to our feet. 
In Science, we have been learning about important vocabulary ready to create our own food chains next week. We have discussed the meaning of consumers, producers, predators and prey and thought of examples of these. 

Native Narratives Week 8 W/B 19/10/20

We have had a great final week of the half term in Year 4. Our highlight of the week was definitely our behaviour treat! We were very lucky to ask Britain’s Got Talent finalist Jasper Cherry lots of questions and see some wonderful magic tricks! We all loved it!
In English this half term, we have been looking at the story The Boy and the Tiger. This week, we have started to plan our own version of the story which we will be writing after half term. We have been thinking about appropriate characters that we could include in our stories. We have used the iPads to research different African animals and how they are used by humans. We came up with lots of interesting animals!
In Maths this half term, we have been working hard on place value and addition and subtraction. This week, we have been rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We rolled the dice to generate 4-digit numbers and then rounded them. We have also used our knowledge of rounding to estimate the answers to addition and subtraction calculations. 
In PSHE, we enjoyed our visit from the Life Education bus! We learnt all about different ways to keep ourselves healthy both physically and mentally. We also enjoyed seeing Harold the giraffe again! 
In Science, we have been creating wonderful leaflets to advise younger children how to look after their teeth! We have discussed all of the ways that we can protect our teeth from damage such as build up of plaque and tooth decay!
This half term, Year 4 have been learning about how to describe people in French, including describing hair and eye colour, personality and nationality. Miss Holt is super impressed with the writing that we have produced to describe ourselves and our family members! 

Native Narratives Week 7 W/B 12/10/20

The weeks are going by very quickly in Year 4! We have had another great week of learning. The children have really enjoyed having a go on our new trim trail this week as you can tell from the big smiles in the photos! 

In Art, we have been thinking about how to create texture in our drawings. We looked at the Sonny’s paintings of the gorilla and the wolf and discussed how the fur is very detailed and makes the paintings look realistic. Then, we had a go at drawing the fur using our pencils. 

We had a tricky task in computing this week! We used our coding skills to make the knights move around the castle. Then, we had to debug code to make the knights move in different directions. It was very tricky but we got there in the end! We all loved the challenge!

In Geography, we have been making comparisons between Darwen and Johannesburg. This week, we drew a line graph to compare the climate in both places. We looked at the average temperature in °C for each month And then plotted them on our graph. We noticed that the climate is very different in Johannesburg! When our temperature increases in the summer months, the temperature in Johannesburg decreases! 

Native Narratives Week 6 W/B 5/10/20

This half term, our British Value is Individual Liberty. We have talked about this value this week and discussed that it involves giving people the opportunities to make their own choices and think for themselves. Miss Holt asked us to work in pairs to create a structure that would stand up on its own. Here are some of our designs! 
We have done circuits with Miss Crewe this week in Gymnastics. We especially enjoyed using the ropes! We all worked very hard! 
We have been learning about Black History Month this week and we have focused on the former professional boxer Nicola Adams. We looked at all of her achievements in the sport and talked about why we think she is inspirational. 

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We have been learning about discussion texts in English this week. We have all done some fabulous writing based on our novel The boy and the Tiger to discuss the question ‘Should the boy have set the dogs on the monkey?’ 
Next week, we are going to write another discussion text independently. Our question is, ‘Is it right how humans treat animals?’ To prepare, we have had a class debate to think about arguments for and against. Watch the video to see some of our ideas! 

Native Narratives Week 5 W/B 28/9/20

We are back!


Year 4 have loved being back at school for the last couple of days. We were all excited to see each other and have enjoyed talking about what we have all been doing at home. We have had another busy week!

In Maths, we have been looking at the column method for addition and subtraction. We started this online at the beginning of the week. When we got back to school, Miss Holt challenged us with some tricky questions where we had to exchange! We have lots of brave bananas in Year 4! 
In English, we have been looking at the poem ‘The Tyger’ by William Blake. It was National Poetry Day this week and we did our own performance of the poem. Click on this link to see our performances! https://stpaulshoddlesden.primarysite.media/playlist/year-4-national-poetry-day 

We were all very excited to see the results of our Science experiment when we came back to school! Here is what we found: 

1. Water - the egg that was in the water did not change, the shell was exactly the same colour.
2. Fizzy drink (coke) - the egg that was in the coke changed a lot! The shell of the egg stained and was dark brown when we took it out. The shell was not smooth, it felt like there was sand on the shell. 
3. Orange juice - The egg in the orange juice also changed. The outer layer of the shell had started to peel off. You can see the white colour underneath but this part was still hard. 

4. Energy drink - The egg in the energy drink was not nice at all! The shell had become very soft and squishy and it had actually cracked on one side! 

5. Cordial - This egg shell had started to peel off just like the egg in the orange juice but it was not quite as bad. The egg shell looked speckled where this has started to happen. 

From these results, we decided that the energy drink would be the worst drink for our teeth and the water would be the best drink! We were surprised about the effects of the orange juice but we talked about how it is ok to have orange juice and fizzy drinks sometimes but not all the time! 

Native Narratives Week 4 W/B 21/9/20

This week, Year 4 have been learning at home. On Monday, we watched Mrs Scholes’ worship about the International Day of Peace. We then made our own pledges about how we can bring peace to our school and community. 

We enjoyed making our positivity jars this week. We have written positive messages for ourselves to look at if we are feeling down to cheer us up 😊

In French, we have done a great job of describing people (or pets) using new adjectives! We have used the two different verbs ‘avoir’ and ‘être’ in our sentences. 🇫🇷
In Geography, we have researched Johannesburg to create our own travel guides! As you can see, we found out lots of information! 
Miss Crewe sent us a video to practise our gymnastics skills. We really enjoyed it! 
In Art, we have been looking at the work of Sonny, a South African street artist. This week,we have chosen to focus on the elephant. Mrs Clitheroe sent us a video to remind us of our sketching skills such as holding the pencil lightly and using pressure on the pencil to add details. We have done an amazing job! 

As you can see, we have been super busy! As well as all of this, we have been continuing with our place value learning in Maths and looking at The Boy and the Tiger in English. Miss Holt and Mrs Walker are so proud of Year 4 for adapting to learning at home so well. 

Here is what the children had to say about their week of home learning:


Douglas - I enjoyed Art. I liked drawing the elephant. I like being able to choose which subject I do next.

Jude - I liked Art best. I like that I can send messages to my friends on Seesaw to make sure everyone is ok. 
Louis - I have really enjoyed my Maths work and guided reading.

Bella - I have enjoyed all of the different types of work. It was easy to follow and understand.

Rubee - This week, I really liked Art because I love drawing and sketching. 
Leo - I have really enjoyed my school work. There has been lots of different things to do which have been fun. Miss Holt has been there to answer any questions.

Native Narratives Week 3 W/B 14/9/20

What a wonderful week we have had in Year 4! We have been working very hard! In Maths, we have been continuing with our place value topic and have been rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. In English we have been enjoying exploring our text The Boy and the Tiger. We have really impressed Miss Holt with our fantastic writing. As you can see from the photos, we have been enjoying our playtimes outside in this lovely weather! 
This week in French, we have been practising our speaking skills. We worked with a partner to describe the hair and eye colour of ourselves and a member of our family. We had to make sure that the adjectives came after the nouns in our sentences and we also worked hard to pronounce our new vocabulary correctly. 
In Computing, we have continued to learn about coding. This week, we used Purple Mash to create our own programmes. We changed our background and added characters. Then, we used blocks of code to make our characters do different actions. We created some really interesting and effective programmes! 
This week, we enjoyed taking our Music lesson outdoors! We enjoyed playing the djembes and joining in with some African chants in the paddock. 

We have all really enjoyed our Science learning this week. Let us introduce you to our Science EGGSperiment!

We have been learning all about different types of teeth and what they do. This week, we have set up an experiment to investigate which drinks cause the most damage to our teeth. The drinks we are testing are cordial, water, fresh orange juice, energy drink and coke.


Because egg shells have similar properties to tooth enamel, we have put an egg into each liquid to see what effect they have. We are going to leave the eggs in the liquids all week to see what happens to them.


Here are some of our predictions:

Doug - I think the water will be the best drink for our teeth but I can't decide between the energy drink and the coke which will be the worst. 

Jude - The eggs might change colour.

Emily - I think the energy drink will be the worst for our teeth because it has lots of sugar in to give you energy. 

Georgia - I think the coke will be the worst for our teeth and I think the egg will turn black.

Will F - I think the orange juice will start to smell! 


We will let you know what we find out!

Native Narratives Week 2 W/B 7/9/20

This week in Science, we have been learning about different types of human teeth and what functions they have. We started off by trying to match the pictures of the teeth to their name and what we thought they did. Then, we used our model in class to talk about why teeth have different functions. 
This week, we went into the computing suite for our computing lesson. This half term we are going to be doing coding. We started off by discussing what an algorithm is (a set of clear instructions). We then made our own algorithms to tell a robot how to wash their hands properly. We did a great job! 
We are very lucky to have Mr Richards with us for Music this half term. This week, we enjoyed listening to different examples of traditional African music. We have discussed our thoughts and feelings about it and thought about how we would describe it. 
Year 4 loved their first gymnastics lesson with Miss Crewe this week! They have practised lots of different skills and worked really hard.

Native Narratives - Week 1 W/B 31/8/20

We have had a great first week in Year 4! Everyone has settled back in to school really well and we have all got used to our new routines. We have even been playing the djembes in Music this week. We experimented with the instruments to show our understanding of new musical vocabulary such as tempo, duration, dynamics and pitch. The children really enjoyed making lots of noise!