Our Learning

Treasured Tales - Week 3


In RE, we began to think about what trust was and what it meant to us. We thought about who we trusted and the reasons why we trusted them. We also explore whether trust could be a one way thing or if it need to come from everyone. 


In French, we learnt some of the vocabulary associated with Easter and also looked at some of the similarities and differences between the way we celebrate Easter in England and in France. We played our favourite game with Miss Jones, the clap click game to help us remember the vocabulary. 


In our violin lesson, we were continuing to use our first fingers to increase the range of notes that we can play on the violin and we introduced some new songs to sing and play. We are also completing our Discovery booklets which are all about music and different art forms. This week we were thinking about musicals and we enjoyed watching a bit of Oliver. The children were able to talk about lots of their favourite musicals, which was lovely to hear. 


In Computing. we started to look at green screens. We were thinking about what they are used for and how they work. We were able to think of lots of films that use green screens such as Harry Potter and Avengers. We started to think about some ideas that we could use in the coming weeks when we use the green screen in the computing suite. 


On Friday, we had a very special visitor. George is studying History and has has had some experience as an archeologist came to talk to us about Ancient Egyptian life. He talked to us about the importance of the River Nile to the Ancient Egyptians, about farming and agriculture and some of their religious beliefs. He also brought some pictures of Ancient Egyptian artefacts and we looked at what they were and what they told us about life in Ancient Egypt. We really enjoyed his visit and we learnt a lot about the Ancient Egyptians. 

Treasured Tales - Week 2


We began our History learning by exploring some Ancient Egyptian artefacts. We were able to look at them closely and pick them up and see what they felt like. In our groups we thought about what they might have been used for, who might have used them and what they told us about life in Ancient Egypt. We also had some questions about the artefacts, which we are hoping to find the answers to as we continue our learning throughout the topic. 


In French, we only have a few more sessions with Miss Jones from DACA sad over the next couple of weeks we are looking at some French festivals and celebrations with her. This week we looked at the French Revolution, what happened and how it is celebrated in France today


It was also World Book Day this week, so we got to come to school dressed as our favourite book characters. We enjoyed some time reading and sharing our books with each other and also with children in different classes. We are going to be doing some drama workshops next week based on the story The Lorax by Dr. Seuss which were are really looking forward to. 


In Design Technology we have been learning about pulleys, what they do and what they are used for. We had the chance to make our own pulleys and explore how they work

Making and testing pulleys in Design Technology.

Treasured Tales - Week 1


To start our new topic of Treasured Tales, we had a whole school STEM day. In Year 4, we explored what STEM meant and looked at all the different jobs and careers that used STEM skills - we discovered it was nearly all of them! We then completed some STEM challenges, our first one was which group could build the tallest free standing tower using only straws and tape. We worked well in our groups and there was a variety of different approaches and towers. 

In the afternoon we mixed up with children from different Key Stage 2 classes and explored some fairy tale themed STEM problems for example making something to protect Jack's golden egg in case he dropped it. 


In Science we linked the previous learning about evaporation and condensation to the part it plays in the water cycle. We created diagrams and also sang a very catchy song to help us remember the different process such as precipitation, evaporation and condensation. 


In computing we were working with Mrs Wardman and we began to create our own blogs and uploaded them to the school website - to read them go to the children's section of the website and select blogging from the menu. 


In PSHE, we used some fairy tale themed materials from the Lancashire ambulance service to help us know when we should call 999 and when we should use alternatives such as calling 111 or going to the pharmacy. 

In Art, we have been working with Mrs Clitheroe learning how to paint using watercolours.

We gave a special performance for our families to show how much we have learnt in the first term of having violin lessons.

We had a very special visitor who came to talk to us about her experiences climbing up Mount Everest to Base Camp last October. She brought lots of photos to show us and some prayer flags for us to keep.

Year 4 have been investigating databases in our Computing lessons. We used Purple Mash to find out about records and fields. We use the 'sort, group, and arrange' tools to organise the information and created a range of graphs and charts. 

Year 4 got dramatic today. We role played alternative endings to 'The Balaclava Story' by George Layton, that we have recently read. One of the characters is a boy who steals a balaclava because he wants to be like his friends. Can you spot this character in our dramas?

For Maths day, Year 4 found and measured some suitable places to put our new playground marking. Then we became designers to create our own designs.

We have been using our sewing skills to make some Christmas stockings for enterprise week.

Enjoying some games in French lessons, one of our favourites is one dice, one pencil.

Today we used ipads to explore a branching database to identify different minibeasts. The database sorts minibeasts by asking yes/no questions. 

We enjoyed our visit to Hall'ith Wood, the home of Samuel Crompton, who we have been learning about in our History topic.

We wrote acrostic poems using the word Remembrance to remember all the soldiers who have and still are fighting to make our lives better.

In Design Technology we have been practising our sewing skills. We have had a go at running stitch and over stitch.

As part of our English unit on Magazines, Year 4 have been exploring a range of magazine pages and identifying what types of non-fiction text they contain.

We have recorded a video of our performance of William Blake's poem 'The Tyger'. Please click on the 'Children' tab and visit the Video Resource Centre to view our performance. 

After being in the different drinks for a week, we have got our eggs out to see how they were affected. We were very shocked by some of the results and hopefully this will help us to make good choices about what we drink in the future.

In Science, we are investigating how different drinks affect our teeth. We need to leave the eggs in the drinks for a week to see if our predictions are correct.

We enjoyed a visit from Laura from Asikara designs. She spoke to us about her career as an African fashion designer and about different African fabrics. She also let us try on some of her designs.

French lessons with Miss Jones from DACA