Our Learning!

Summer 2 Week 5


What a busy week we have had! As well as completing some end of term assessments for English and Maths, we have also been enjoying our other lessons. In English, we have been thinking about whose fault it was that Romeo and Juliet ended so tragically. We have identified lots of characters who could be blamed and then we gave our own opinions on who we felt was to blame. We then thought about how the different characters might defend themselves from the accusations and what they might say to defend themselves and their actions. In Maths, we started to learn about volume, what it was and how to calculate it. We started off using some multi link cubes to investigate how we could work out the volume and to help us identify that although shapes may look different they can have the same volume. On Tuesday, we were very excited to work with Mrs Dixon to create the Shakespearean musical instruments that we designed from clay. We used a range of techniques to shape the clay include the pinch pot and slabbing. Mrs Dixon has taken our designs away to let them dry, we will paint them next week and then she will fire them for us. In P.S.H.E. we looked at some of the ways we will change both physically and emotionally as we grow and start to get a bit older. All of the children showed great maturity during this lesson and we were able to have fantastics discussions about it. In Computing, we continued to work with the programme Scratch and we were developing our mazes so that they were more complex and we learnt to programme our sprite to do more intricate actions. We finished the week with our sports day, all the children joined in brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was lovely to see so many of the children supporting each other and demonstrating the sporting values that we try to promote. 


Summer 2 Week 4


As usual, we have been very busy in Year 5 and we have been working very hard. In English we became journalists and we wrote a Newspaper report about the fight between Tybalt, Mercutio and Romeo. We then moved onto thinking about the potion that Friar Lawrence gave to Juliet and what the advantages and disadvantages of taking it would be. We decided that there were lots more disadvantages and it would not be a good idea to take it. Then we imagined that we had invented the potion and we had lots of fun coming up with a name for it and then creating adverts to persuade people to buy it. In Maths this week, we have been thinking about time. Firstly we looked at how to convert between different units of time. Then we started looking at bus/train time tables and TV guides looking at how to read and interpret them, we used our skills to solve some challenging problems. In History, We used our detective skills to find out what The Globe theatre would have looked like when it was first built from a sketch of The Swan theatre, which was built around the same time as The Globe. We also made a timeline of different theatres that were built during different periods of history ranging from AD70 to AD1999. On Wednesday afternoon, we carried out a Science investigation to find out which material would make the best thermal insulator. We put some hot water into cups and covered the with different materials. We used thermometers to measure the temperature every 5 minutes, to see which one stayed the hottest. We have enjoyed having some of our specialists back in school and we did some excellent work with Mrs Wardman on Scratch. We built mazes and then programmed our sprites to move through them. In our music lesson with Mrs Harty, we were learning about dynamics and learnt some new vocabulary such as forte, pianissimo, diminuendo and crescendo. 

Summer 2 Week 3


We have had a busy week of learning both in school and at home and the children have continued to impress us with their resilience and attitude. In English, we have been focusing on the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet and looking at the original version that was written by Shakespeare in old English. We enjoyed using a range of strategies to interpret the vocabulary so we could understand the text. We looked at the use of statements, questions and commands in some of the character's speeches within the scene. The we worked in pairs to act out parts of the scene, mixing the old English with more modern language. It was so wonderful to see the children throwing themselves into the acting with enthusiasm and also to see them not following gender stereotypes when choosing their roles. In Maths this week, we have started a unit on measures and we have been focused on converting between a range of different measures including m and Km, g and Kg, l and ml. We have also been solving some complex problems with a number of steps that have needed us to apply lots of different skills to solve them. As part of our Hoddlesden Globe topic, we have been doing some History and Geography lessons combined together. We have been looking at what coal mining is and the advantages and disadvantages of it including the environmental impact of it. On Wednesday in R.E. we looked at the story of Ruth and the different qualities she showed. We focused on loyalty and discussed what it meant, the children then created some fantastic pieces of artwork to reflect loyalty and what it means to them. Our P.E. has been a bit different this week as we looked at The Countryside Code to ensure that if we were completing outdoor and adventurous activities in the countryside we know how we should behave in order to look after the environment and keep ourselves safe. In P.S.H.E we identified the people we could trust and thought about what to do in situations where we felt uncomfortable. Although our specialist teachers have not been able to come into school, they have made us fabulous videos to use or have done live Zoom lessons for us to join in with, which have all been lots of fun. 


I loved this week Computing with Mrs Wardman where we were making a maze and controlling the characters to go through - Maddie 


This week I enjoyed P.E and French. In French I like spelling le rivier whilst my back was turned to the board - Alex H


This week, I enjoyed doing the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet. I also enjoyed learning about William Shakespeare - Lisa


Personally, I think doing the art was the best thing this week, because I got to work with my friends - Megan



Summer 2 Week 2


We have had another fantastic week in Year 5, despite the disruption of some children have to self isolate. Once again they have showed amazing resilience and flexibility and those pupils working remotely have done a wonderful job. On Monday we watched the opening scene from West Side Story and made comparisons to Romeo and Juliet. Then we worked in small groups to act out a section of the scene, these videos have been uploaded to the video resource centre on for you to watch and enjoy. Following on from acting out the scene, we wrote it as a story blending action, dialogue and description. In Maths we have finished our unit on position and direction by looking at reflection. This week we had a very tricky problem to solve where we had to make symmetrical kites from different triangles. In P.E. we have been thinking about maps and how they are used in orienteering. Miss Whaley put lots of equipment out on the school field and we created are own maps considering the size and orientation of the items. In Science, we were investigating ways to separate solids and we had the challenge to separate a mixture containing dried peas, beans, sugar, rice and paper clips using only cling film, foil or cardboard. We had lots of fun designing and testing our sieves to see if we could separate the mixture completely and we had to use some problem solving skills when it didn’t work straight away. On Thursday we used Scratch in Computing again and this week, we had to write programmes to make our sprits draw a shape. Everyone enjoyed it and they were able to create some complex shapes by the end of the lesson. On Friday, although Blackburn Rovers couldn’t come into school they sent us the activities to complete and we really enjoyed playing some games to improve our reaction times and our stamina, strength and flexibility inside and outside of the classroom. We also thought about some of the benefits of exercise and we wrote them in outlines of our bodies on the playground. 

Summer 2 Week 1


It has been a wonderfully bright and warm start to the half term. We started our new topic Hoddlesden Globe by learning the story of Romeo and Juliet in our English lessons. The children are really enjoying it and they are showing a good understanding of the story already. On Wednesday, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went outside to take part in a 'woosh story' where we all had a chance to act out different parts of the story together, which everyone enjoyed. On Friday, we looked at the life of William Shakespeare (who wrote Romeo and Juliet) and created a Top Trumps card for him. In Maths this week, we have continued with our position and direction unit. We recapped translation and have also looked at lines of symmetry in 2D shapes and in patterns. We looked at Ordnance Survey maps on Wednesday. We looked at what the symbols meant and also the grid references. We compared an Ordnance map of Hoddlesden which is a rural area with a Ordnance Survey map of the city London to see some of the differences between them.   In PSHE we thought about finding ways to describe and talk about our emotions, especially as they are starting to change as we grow up. Additionally, thought about the Japanese proverb 'fall down 7 times, get up 8' and how we could use this to help us in our own lives. In Science, we finally managed to go outside complete our parachute investigations. We tested them by dropping a doll from a height wearing each of the different parachutes and timing how long it took to reach the ground. In art with Mrs Dixon, we looked at some of the musical instruments that would have been played in the theatre during Shakespearean times and how they sounded. We then made some sketches of the instruments ready to start making them from clay next week. We used the programme Scratch to start our programming topic with Mrs Wardman, where we changed what our sprite looked like and wrote instructions to make it move in different ways. We had our first session with Blackburn Rovers, learning about having healthy lifestyle.  

This week I really enjoyed Computing where we used Scratch. We did algorithms and we changed the background and made our character move in different ways - Georgie


We did a fun whoosh story about Romeo and Juliet with Miss Whaley - Max


On Wednesday, I enjoyed doing Geography, because it was fun finding places on the map. We used 4 digit grid references to write where a place is - Momina


This week, I enjoyed doing art with Mrs Dixon (a specialist) all about the Elizabethan era and the music that was played in that era - James


Summer 1 Week 7


We had a great start to the week, with our second adventure morning. Even though we did get a little muddy, we had a fantastic time. We completed an alien scavenger hunt, a night line activity, and took part in lots of team building activities that we thoroughly enjoyed. It was lovely to see the children working as a team to try and complete the challenges. After our adventure morning, we then had a fantastic afternoon tasting some Chinese food! We did this in the school hall where we sat with our friends and enjoyed the different flavours, smells and textures! On our record sheet we had to take notes and rate our food. We did this so we knew which ingredients we wanted to use when cooking our final dish. Over in the classroom, this week have been securing our understanding of Mulan and how she would be feeling and thinking when she was up against the beastly Bori Khan. We have written our final piece which was a flashback where Mulan is thinking about why she is there to fight Bori Khan and what events have led up to this moment. I was really impressed with the children’s final pieces. On the other hand, maths this week has been a little different.  In Maths this week, we have been looking at 2D shapes as well as completing a maths quiz applying their knowledge from the last half term.  On Wednesday and Thursday, we began to cook our Chinese dishes. Some groups decided to make a noodle based dish, whilst others preferred a rice based dish. All the children did an excellent job peeling, chopping and stir frying and the dishes smelt and looked delicious, hopefully they tasted just as good too!  We have looked at first aid this week in PSHE and we have discussed the importance of calling 999 and who can help us. We have also explored potential injuries that can occur and how we could provide someone with appropriate first aid whilst keeping ourselves safe at the same time. In French we have been looking at directions, and we were able to write a dialogue between two people. The children used their map of the town to direct the other person to where they needed to go. In history, we looked at the fall of the Shang Dynasty and whether we would go to fight for King Di Xin if we were living in Shang times. The children debated both viewpoints. In PE, we have been improving on our spiriting techniques. We have been racing and completed some timed sprints, looking at the differences between a long distance runner and a sprinter.


I enjoyed looking at the Shang Dynasty in history – Poppy


This week I enjoyed our outdoor adventure mornings where we did some fun games and hunting – Momina


I really enjoyed the Chinese food tasting – Annabelle

Summer 1 Week 7 Photos

Summer 1 Week 6


We had an exciting start to the week, with our first outdoor adventure morning, although it was very wet, we thoroughly enjoyed it. We did some archery, firstly practicing our technique individually and the working as a team to try and hit every number between 1-20 on the target. It was lovely to see the children working as a team and helping each other out. We also did some shelter building in the woodland, which came in handy with the very rainy weather! In small groups, using tarpaulin, rope, pegs and carabiners we used the natural environment to help us build our shelters. Again, the children worked really well together and created some really effective shelters. Back in the classroom, we have been working very hard. In English, we have done some assessments so that we can see what things we have understood really well and what things we need to revisit next half term. We also looked at how Mulan was feeling and what she was thinking when she arrived at the army training camp and how this compared to some of the other soldiers who were men. In Maths, we have built on our understanding of coordinates by moving onto translation. We spent some time in the paddock creating human shapes and translating ourselves to help us understand that translation is a movement and that the shapes do not change. We have been translating shapes in a coordinate grid and drawing their new position as well as identifying how much a shape has been translated. On Wednesday, in Science, we worked in groups to make the parachutes for our air resistance investigation, we are eagerly awaiting some dry weather so we can take them outside to test them. Again, it was lovely to see the children working well together and helping each other, both within their group and across the whole class. This week in PSHE, we have been thinking about different qualities and skills people have such as communication, interpersonal and problem solving and how these skills can be applied to careers. We looked at some of the skills you would need for different careers and then evaluated our own skills to identify what careers might be good for us. In R.E. we looked at the word persecution and what it meant. We identified that unfortunately some Christians in the world today are persecuted for their beliefs and thought about how difficult that would be. We looked at one story about a particular Christian who had been treated badly because of his faith and thought about what advice would we give him. We used the story of Daniel from the Bible to help us encourage and inspire him to keep a strong faith in God. In French, we have been identifying places around town and then using a map to help us give directions from one place to another. 

This week I have enjoyed doing adventure mornings, because I have never done archery before and I found it very fun - Annabelle


My favourite thing this week was when we did the outdoor adventure day - Logan


This week, I enjoyed making our parachutes out of bin nags and investigating the thickness - Katie


This week was a good week, but the best thing was French. I enjoy it because I really love l’alphabet - Robert

Summer 1 Week 5

This week has been mental health week, and in our worship session we have been thinking about how connecting with the outdoors can be beneficial for our mental health. We spent some time outside using our mindful looking and listening skills to appreciate the natural world around us, which made us feel calmer and happier. In addition to this, we enjoyed a martial arts session earlier in the week, where we spent some time exploring Kung Fu and Tai Chi techniques. We learnt some punch, kick and blocking moves as well as some balances and set pieces. In our English lessons, we have continued our work on discussion texts thinking about whether Mulan's father should have gone after her or not, considering the reasons for and against. We have also read some more of the text taking us up to Mulan arriving at the training camp. In Maths, we have started a new topic on position and direction. We have been looking at reading and plotting coordinates in the first quadrant and the children have shown a great understanding. We have also been plotting missing coordinates to make a shape on the coordinate grid, which can be a tricky skill to master especially when the shapes are in different orientations. In History, we looked at the tomb of Fu Hao that was discovered in 1976, studying the items that were found inside, thinking about what they could tell us about Fu Hao and what it was like during the Shang Dynasty. We had a closer look at some of the artefacts and thought about what they were made of, what they were used for and what they could tell us about the period. We continued to explore the story of Daniel in R.E.  This week we looked why Daniel refused to eat the royal food and some of the food laws that Jewish people follow.  In our outdoors P.E. lesson we were sprinting and we had a go at the crouching start technique as well as pumping our arms to make us go faster. On Thursday afternoon, we thought about what things we are looking forward to when we are grown ups and also some of the things we are not looking forward to. We linked this to rights and responsibilities and we noticed that the things we were looking forward to were mostly rights and the things we were least looking forward to were responsibilities.   We discussed how in order to enjoy our rights, we would have to fulfil our responsibilities. 


I enjoyed being outside and discovering the senses of nature and how to connect with it.  I extremely enjoyed doing Maths where we learnt about angles and how to plot coordinates - Jessica


This week, I really enjoyed learning about kosher food in R.E and also I enjoyed computing - Alex T


I enjoyed doing martial arts on Tuesday and P.E. where we learnt how to start in a race - Lucas


This week, I have enjoyed doing martial arts and mental health week where we connected with nature. Also the discussion text (which was in English) was fun - Poppy

Summer 1 Week 4


Although it has been a slightly shorter week due to the Bank Holiday, we have still managed to fit a lot of learning in. In Maths, we completed our unit on decimals and how to calculate with them. We applied all the skills we have learnt over the unit to a tricky, but fun problem about bridges and their lengths. It took a lot of perseverance to work through and we had so many Brave Bananas in Year 5 who kept on going even when it was really tough. In English, we have read some more of Mulan and we began to think about whether or not she was right to go and join the army in her Dad's place. We had a discussion, where we thought about both sides of the argument using information from the text to help us. We then started to look at some discussion texts and identified their features, ready to write our own next week. On Tuesday afternoon, we continued our work on forces and air resistance in Science. We have planned an investigation into the most effective parachute. We have designed a range of parachutes, that investigate the shape of the parachute, the material they are made from, the length of the strings, the size of the parachute and the thickness of the parachute. We are looking forward to making them and testing them out. In our theme learning, for Amazing Asia, we have been looking at Chinese foods that would have been eaten during the period of the Shang Dynasty and how they compare with foods that are eaten in modern day China. We also did some research about the legacy the Shang Dynasty have left us, such as creating a calendar system and bronze castings.  In our P.E. lesson, we improved our technique for throwing the discus to enable us to throw it further. On Friday in our French lesson, we continued to learn the French alphabet and we also sang some songs to help us learn how to say left and right. We also enjoyed completing a wordsearch that contained some places around town in French.


I liked P.E. and using the discus. I also liked French and learning new words - Jacob


Science was my favourite thing this week, because we were designing a parachute- Megan


I enjoyed learning about the Shang Dynasty, but my favourite was independent writing with what the Matchmaker would say - Kayleigh


I enjoyed doing the violins and how we learnt about putting two fingers on a string. I also enjoyed learning about blogs in Computing - Kayleigh

Summer 1 Week 3


It has been another packed and exciting week in Year 5 this week. In Maths we have continued to look at calculating with decimals using both mental and written methods. We have also been looking at multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. We have been really impressed with the children’s understanding and the excellent explanations they have been writing using a wide range of Mathematical vocabulary. In English, we have read more of our text, Mulan and we have met some very interesting characters that we created wanted posters for. We also thought about how Mulan felt when she had to go and see the Matchmaker and then wrote diary extracts in role as her, after her disastrous experience. On Friday, we had a wonderful forest school session, which was all based around the story of Mulan. The children became warriors, like Mulan, complete with red headbands and mud on their faces and they thought about the qualities needed to become a warrior; loyal, brave and true. During the session, they completed some warrior challenges like an obstacle course and making their own bows to fire. Then they finished it off with some hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows, they all took part brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed it. In R.E. we read the story of the fiery furnace and thought about who the 4th figure could have been. We looked at some existing artwork that showed the event and used it as inspiration to create our own pieces of art using the chalk pastels. We began to think about Chinese food in DT, we thought about the types of food that is eaten in China and shared our own experiences of eating Chinese food. As part of our History learning, we had a closer look at the hierarchy of society in the Shang Dynasty and thought about what it was like to be in the different classes. For our Science learning, we looked at air resistance and how it is created. We began to think about how air resistance can affect a falling object and how we sometimes create air resistance to help us. On Monday, in P.E we were thinking about the different gymnastics skills of jumping, balancing, rolling and shaping. We worked in small groups to create some sequences using a variety of the skills. On Wednesday, in our athletics lesson, we were learning the technique for throwing the discuss. We had another fun French lesson with Madame Wardle, where we built up our knowledge of the French alphabet and played hangman to guess some of our names and buildings we would see around town on our way to school. 

I enjoyed the Mulan forest school and creating bows- James


This week I loved the Mulan forest school, the food technology and doing the wanted posters in English - Lisa


This week was great,I enjoyed learning about the characters of Mulan, Xianniang and Bhori Khan. I also liked P.E with Miss Whaley where we did discus - Toby


I enjoyed doing the fiery furnace pictures in R.E. - Lucas

Summer 1 Week 2


The second week of the Summer term has flown by and as usual Year 5 have been very busy. In Maths, we have continued to look at calculating with decimals, focusing on subtracting this week. We have also looked at adding and subtracting decimals, where the numbers have different amounts of decimal places in them, we have had to ensure we have lined them up correctly. In English, we went into the amphitheatre in the paddock to perform our sections of the Ballad of Mulan in the sunshine and we did a super job. The performances are all on the school website for you to watch in the video resource centre.  We have also started to read the book, Mulan this week. In the first chapter we learnt lots of things about Mulan; about her life and her personality which we then wrote in some outlines. We also explored how she felt about the Ancient Chinese lifestyle and customs, that meant she would have to marry and be a housewife in order to honour her family, even though she did not want to get married. As part of our Amazing Asia topic learning, we started our History and we looked some artefacts from the Shang Dynasty, trying to work out what they were made of and what they were used for. We learnt what a dynasty is and what the hierarchy of society was during the Shang Dynasty period. During our Science lesson, we learnt about gravity, what it is and how it affects us. With the help of Professor Brian Cox and NASA also thought about if we dropped a feather and a bowling ball from the same height, which one would hit the ground first. We were quite surprised by what happened in a vacuum when all the air was taken away. In our French lesson with Madame Wardle this week, we look at being able to say our own and other people's names and we started to learn the French alphabet. Some of us were able to spell our own names in French. We had a very interesting PSHE lesson, where we were researching interesting facts about the human body using the ipads, which we all really enjoyed and now we know lots of facts about the human body. In P.E. both our gymnastics and athletics have been about jumping. In gymnastics, we have been doing vertical standing jumps and using the vault and in athletics we have been trying to master the tricky technique of the triple jump. 

Out of this week, I have enjoyed finding out about the human body on Thursday. We learnt some interesting facts such as the liver does 500 jobs - Momina


I enjoyed learning about the Shang Dynasty in History and also learning about the Warrior Queen - Lisa


Science was fun as we learnt about gravity - Jacob


I enjoyed P.E. when we did jumping - Logan

Summer 1 Week 1 


It has been a very exciting and busy start to the new term. This week, we have been very lucky to take part in two different workshops. On Tuesday, we had cricket with Jordan, where we played lots of different games to improve our bowling, batting and catching skills, which was lots of fun. Then on Wednesday, we took part in a Chinese Lion Dance workshop. We learnt about the origins of the lion dance and what it symbolises as well as being able to take part in some lion dancing. Some of the lion heads were quite heavy, but we really enjoyed doing the dance and being able to try and scare our friends. In our English learning, we have started to look at the story of Mulan, to link in with our Amazing Asia topic. This week we looked at ‘The Ballad of Mulan’ which is the ancient poem that the story originates from. There is a lot of tricky vocabulary, which we explored to ensure we had a good understanding of the ballad. We have also worked in pairs to learn a section of the ballad to perform next week. We used some talk for writing strategies to help us. In Maths, we have continued to build our understanding of decimal numbers with 3 decimal places by looking at mental and written strategies for adding them. On Friday, with Miss Wright, we started to look at some angles. In Science, we began to look at friction and what it is. We did some activities to investigate what factors can effect friction including moving jelly from one plate to another using chopsticks and then adding some oil to see what difference it made. We were quite surprised by some of the results, where it was actually quicker and easier to move the jelly with the oil as it stopped the jelly from sticking to the plate and chopsticks. We also thought about which surfaces created the most friction, by sliding an object along different surfaces to see how far they would go. In P.S.H.E we thought about what the human body needed to be healthy and what things could cause it to be unhealthy. We gave some advice to a person who was not living a very healthy lifestyle about how they could be more healthy.  We had our first lesson with our new french teacher Madame Wardle, we played lots of games and enjoyed the lesson. Following the sad news of the death of HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, we spent some time reflecting on his life and all the things he achieved. We enjoyed finding out that he enjoyed doing oil paintings and that he redesigned Buckingham Palace. We wrote  some prayers to thank God for Prince Philip’s life and to ask him to support the Royal Family in this difficult time. 

This week, we did Science and we were learning about friction. It was so fun using jelly, chopsticks and oil - Evie


I really enjoyed French and the Chinese lion dancing - Lucas


This week I enjoyed writing a prayer for Prince Philip - James


I loved cricket and the Chinese lion dancing because the costumes were so cool - Jacob

Spring 2 Week 5

What a busy week it has been, I think we are all definitely ready for a good rest over the Easter holidays after working so hard. In Maths this week, we looked at equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages and how to convert between them. We also had another look at fractions and how to convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers using multiplying and dividing. In English, we had a new mini topic about space. In groups we imagined that the BBC had asked us to give a presentation all about the Moon as part of a new show that Professor Brian Cox was making. We had to work together to find the information to include and then write the presentation. It took us a few days, but on Thursday we gave our presentations and they were fantastic, there are definitely some natural tv presenters in the class. All the the presentations have been uploaded in the video resource centre on the website, for you to watch. We also learnt about the mathematician Katherine Johnson and the role she played in sending people into space. We enjoyed making a comic strip about her life. On Tuesday in PSHE, we had a fabulous discussion about borrowing and lending. We explored the vocabulary loan, debt, credit, mortgage and interest and discussed times when it would be appropriate to borrow money and places to consider borrowing it from. In R.E we continued to think about Easter as a victory and we created some abstract art work to reflect this. We also used chalk pastels to create some beautiful Easter cards. On Thursday morning, we had a wonderful session with Trikidz where we had the opportunity to become triathletes. We had a go at land swimming, cycling and running to feel what it it is like to take part in a triathlon. Then we took part in some relay triathlon races, which was exhausting, but also lots of fun. Then in the afternoon, we worked with Mrs Clitheroe to add some watercolour paint to the pictures of the Titanic that we drew last week, the finished results are fabulous. The Year 5 team would like to wish you all a very happy and relaxing Easter and we can’t wait to see you all again in the summer term. 


This week, I have enjoyed doing PSHE learning about credit, loan, debt and interest. It is important so we know when we are older - Momina


Doing the space presentations was fun and we did it in duos - Jacob


This week I've enjoyed a lot of things, but most of all Trikidz - Isla B


I really enjoyed when Mrs Clitheroe came and we painted with watercolours on our Titanic drawings - Ellen

Spring 2 Week 4


It has been a super week in Year 5. We have continued to learn about The Titanic in English, this week we have focused on the sinking of the ship. On Tuesday, we became journalists and wrote a newspaper report all about what had happened. We also explored whose fault it was that the ship sank, looking at the shipbuilders, the ship designer, the manager of White Star Line and Captain Smith. We had lots of very strong opinions about this. We ended the topic by writing some diamante poetry about The Titanic. On Thursday, we had our World Book Day, where everyone looked fantastic in their costumes. We spent the morning thinking about villains. We discussed who were the best villainous characters and what made them such good bad characters. We made some Top Trumps cards for some of the villains we know about. After that, we created our own villains using all the information we had gathered to inspire us to design the most terrible villains we could. In Maths this week, we have continued to look at percentages and how to calculate different percentages of amounts, which the children really enjoyed doing. We have then looked at how we apply this to a real life situation of working out new prices of sale items.  Keeping with the theme of money, in PSHE we thought about a character who had got some money for his birthday and different scenarios of how he could spend it. We tried to think about the long and short term consequences of him spending it in the different ways and which ones we thought would be best. For our Science learning, we looked at the life cycle of a flowering plant as a whole, putting together all the knowledge we have gained over the last few weeks. On Thursday afternoon, we were very lucky to have an art lesson with Mrs Clitheroe, we looked at how to draw The Titanic using perspective and the results were amazing, we have created some excellent pictures that we will be finishing next week when we paint them.  


I enjoyed learning about the Titanic and I also enjoyed World Book Day where we created our own villains - Toby


I enjoyed doing percentages and also doing conjunctions - George


This week I enjoyed doing the PowerPoint about The Titanic and doing art drawing Titanic - Lisa


I enjoyed watching the talent show entries and voting for the act we liked the most - Jessica

Spring 2 Week 3

It has been so wonderful to have all the children back in school together this week and to feel like a whole class again. The children who have been remote learning have settled back into school life brilliantly, just as if the closure had never happened. Our English topic has been all about The Titanic this week, which everyone has thoroughly enjoyed. We have focused on how amazing and luxurious the ship was for its time and what it was like on board before it sank. We have created some information posters with facts about the ship, leaflets to persuade people to buy a ticket, descriptions of the different classes and also a letter in role as a passenger. We are also looking forward to next week, where we will be looking at what happened when The Titanic sank. In our Maths lessons we have started to learn about percentages and we found this really fun. We are all confident in what percent means and how we can calculate some simple percentages such as 50%, 25% and 75%. On Monday, in PSHE we spent some time reflecting on the school closure and what things we have enjoyed (mostly having a lie in and being able to eat when we want) and what things were challenging for us such as not seeing our family and friends. In History this week, we thought about some of the reasons why the Anglo-Saxons came over to England and what the journey over would have been like, We wrote diary entries as an Anglo-Saxon to describe what it would have felt like. We also continued to learn about the reproductive cycle of flowering plants, focusing this week on seed dispersal and the different ways it can occur. We all enjoyed our P.E. session on Monday where everyone got to have a go a beach ball volleyball! We soon got to grips with the beach balls and we were able to enjoy an exciting game. As it is a very special day on Sunday we have been very busy making something to show our appreciation for all the things our Mum’s do for us. We wish all of our Mum’s, Grandma’s  and Nana’s a very happy Mother’s Day for Sunday. 

I’ve loved Maths and English, but most of all being able to see all my teachers and friends again - Isla G


My favourite part of the week was learning about Titanic and describing the different classes - Alex T


I loved PE this week because we got to use the beach balls. I also loved Maths learning about percentages - Katie


Doin the Titanic topic and the percentages in Maths is fun - George

Spring 2 Week 2


This week we have had a very busy and enjoyable week. Our topic for English this week has been ‘Heroes, Health and Hygiene’ and we have been researching about micro-organisms and important scientists such as Alexander Flemming and Louis Pasteur. On Tuesday, we made information leaflets designed to inform younger children about micro-organisms and their different characteristics. We focused on using child-friendly language and persuasive features to make our leaflets appealing to read. The teaching staff in Year 5 have been very impressed by the children’s ability to include the grammar features we have looked at in the lesson in their work. We have also discovered our new favourite song ‘ The micro-organism song’ which has helped us to remember all the important things about micro-organisms and we have all found it very entertaining. In Maths, we have been looking at decimals this week and we have learnt how decimals show parts of a whole one just like fractions. We have been comparing decimals and converting decimals into fractions which we have done incredibly well. In Science, we have been recapping the parts of a flowering plant and their different functions. On Monday we looked the reproductive process of pollination and we completed a scavenger hunt out on the playground in the sunshine which the children thoroughly enjoyed. In our History lesson, we looked at the where the Anglo-Saxons came from and we investigated where they came from and drew a map to show the seven kingdoms which they ruled. Our learning objective in art was to be able to sketch a perspective landscape looking carefully at the different proportions and details of the objects. In PE we have made fantastic progress with our throwing and catching skills and our ability to play a game of rounders. 

Doing the leaflets (about micro-organisms) and also art looking landscapes. I enjoyed watching Danny the Champion of the World at lunchtime and doing cricket rounders in PE. - Lily 


Working hard this week, I have enjoyed looking at micro-organisms and making posters about them. - Isla 

I loved making the colourful big NHS poster that had a lot of information about the NHS. On Monday, I loved doing the scavenger hunt for the plants. Listening about the Anglo-Saxons was fun too! - Alice 


This week my favourite thing was the scavenger hunt in science. Finding a clue, they were hidden all over the playground and we had to figure out what part of the plant it was talking about. - Luca 

Spring 2 Week 1


Our first week back in school has been very busy and also lots of fun. Year 5 have loved continuing to read the text Danny the Champion of the World in our English lessons. This week we found out some of the different methods Danny’s Dad used to catch the pheasants such as the horse hair stopper and the sticky hat method, then we created our own guide to catching pheasants.  We have also been predicting what could happen next in the story to the different characters and we came up with some brilliant ideas! All the staff in Year 5 were completely blown away by the imagination and attention to detail that the children included, as well as the different grammar features that we have been looking at. On Friday, we created our own book trailers for the story using our computing skills to create presentations with animated text, images and sound. We have completed our unit on fractions this week and we are so proud of how the children have grown not only in skill, but in confidence too. Over the week, we have been multiplying fractions and mixed numbers as well as finding fractions of amounts. We have also shown great confidence in tackling some tricky problems involving fractions. On Tuesday, we all enjoyed starting a new History topic about the Scots and the Picts and learning lots of information about who they were and where they came from. As well as this, in PSHE we looked at how the media can send mixed messages about smoking in particular about smoking in young adults. In Science, we started to look at the different parts of the flowering plant and what their functions are in the reproductive process. In art we looked at our sketching skills using different techniques to draw a part of an object using a viewfinder. 


History has been amazing because I found out things I did not know before - Poppy


This week, I have enjoyed writing what happened to Danny’s Dad because I felt like I was using my imagination - Robert


I enjoyed art because we got to learn new skills and methods on how to sketch - Katie


I really enjoyed making a book trailer for Danny the Champion of the World - Lucas

Spring 1 Week 6


This week, we have had lots of fun in Year 5. In our English lessons, we have been reading Danny the Champion of the World and studying some of the characters to describe what they are like. The book talks about pheasant poaching and we realised we didn't know very much about pheasants, so we did some research to find out about pheasants and then made some digital information texts. We have continued to look at fractions in Maths and we have been adding and subtracting fractions that have different denominators as well as mixed numbers. We have solved some very tricky problems involving fractions over the week and all the staff in Year 5 have been blown away with how well they have done! On Tuesday, we explored the most famous painting in the world, The Mona Lisa and we gave it a modern twist by adding some line drawings to her head and in the background. The artwork that was produced was spectacular. In Science we have been investigating shadows, how they appear to move and how their size changes each day. At the beginning of the week, we found out about where in the world different foods grew and how this is connected to the climate zones they are in. For computing this week, we designed our own emojis and created PowerPoint presentations all about us to celebrate what amazing people we all are. In PSHE, we thought about different types of drugs both legal and illegal and how they can affect our bodies. We identified that some drugs such as medicines, can be helpful, but if they are used in the incorrect way they can be harmful. We also had our behaviour treat on Wednesday, a virtual African singing and dance workshop, which was lots of fun. It was fantastic to see the children in school and at home joining in with the different dances and chants so enthusiastically.  We have had a super half term, we can't wait to see what we can achieve next half term! 


In Computing, I liked making our own emojis and making a PowerPoint about ourselves - Maddie


This week I loved doing Maths and learning about fractions. I have also enjoyed playing basketball with the whole class at lunchtime - Theo


I really enjoyed making an information text about pheasants in English - Luca


I liked the Science on shadows using the chalk on the playground - Evie

Spring 1 Week 5


It has been a bit different for Year 5 this week, as we have all been at home remote learning. Although we have missed seeing each other in person, we have done lots of live lessons over Zoom and it has been wonderful to see and hear everyone every day.  We are so proud of the children, for being so resilient and getting on so well with their remote learning at very short notice. In English, Art and Computing, we have had the theme inventors and inventions. We have learnt about some famous inventors such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Ada Lovelace and Steve jobs and how their inventions have changed the world. We also came up with our own inventions and the children blew our socks off with their creativity and ideas, I will be looking out for them on Dragon’s Den in the future. We have also looked at advertising techniques and we have written some amazing adverts for our inventions using a whole range of different persuasive skills. In Maths we continued to look at fractions. We have looked at comparing fractions with the same and with different denominators and we have also been adding fractions with the same and then with different denominators by finding the lowest common denominator. Again, the children amazed us with how well they have understood this. In PSHE we have been thinking about dilemmas with our friends and this week, we focused on peer pressure from friends and some strategies that we could use to help. In R.E. we looked at the parable of the Prodigal Son and created emotion graphs for the different characters at different points in the story. For Science this week, we began to think about some of the different planets in our solar system (other than Earth) and we did some research all about them. Even though we have been at home, we have been keeping active with some P.E. looking at volleyball with Mr Hassey and some circuit training with Mrs Winward. We have also enjoyed using some online apps and games such as Bedrock Vocabulary, Learning by Questions and a new Maths game called Prodigy. Well done Year 5, you have all done an amazing job this week.


Surprisingly, I really liked doing gymnastics. We did circuit training. I managed to do the whole thing with no stopping - Momina


I have enjoyed making our inventions and writing the scrip for the invention advert- Robert


I have enjoyed English, because we have been learning about different inventions, which I now think is really cool - Katie


I have enjoyed doing the fractions the most - Max


I enjoyed the Art learning and writing a biography about Leonardo Da Vinci - James


This week I have enjoyed learning about inventions and especially us making our own invention - Kayleigh

Spring 1 Week 4


I can’t believe another week has passed, we have been working so hard and everyone has done some wonderful work both in school or from home. We have been tackling the tricky area of fractions in our Maths lessons. Everyone has worked so hard and they have shown super understanding of equivalent fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers. We even enjoyed learning how to convert improper fractions into mixed numbers and vice versa. We started a new mini topic all about inventions in English. We learnt about some significant inventions that have had a huge impact on the world like the wheel and clocks. We also had great fun learning about things that were invented by accident and what the accidents were. To fit in with the work we have been doing in English, Miss Dobie did some close up artwork looking at the inner parts of a clock and how to shade. In Science, we have been thinking about the moon and why it appears to change shape in the sky over a month. We learnt lots of Scientific vocabulary and what it means such as waxing and waning. On Monday, for our Geography learning we looked at the lines of latitude and longitude on the Earth, including the Equator, The Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer as well as the Greenwich Meridian. For our volleyball lesson, we looked at hitting the ball down as well as starting to play a game.  Mrs Wardman set us an exciting Computing task, where we had to make a word cloud using words to do with kindness. We had some wonderful creations. 

This week, I really enjoyed our Computing where we made word clouds - James


I loved learning about things that were accidentally invented and writing our information - Evie


This week, I have loved doing Maths changing an improper fraction to a mixed number - Theo


I liked learning about the moon because it was challenging - Isla B