Our Learning!

Spring 2 Week 1


Our first week back in school has been very busy and also lots of fun. Year 5 have loved continuing to read the text Danny the Champion of the World in our English lessons. This week we found out some of the different methods Danny’s Dad used to catch the pheasants such as the horse hair stopper and the sticky hat method, then we created our own guide to catching pheasants.  We have also been predicting what could happen next in the story to the different characters and we came up with some brilliant ideas! All the staff in Year 5 were completely blown away by the imagination and attention to detail that the children included, as well as the different grammar features that we have been looking at. On Friday, we created our own book trailers for the story using our computing skills to create presentations with animated text, images and sound. We have completed our unit on fractions this week and we are so proud of how the children have grown not only in skill, but in confidence too. Over the week, we have been multiplying fractions and mixed numbers as well as finding fractions of amounts. We have also shown great confidence in tackling some tricky problems involving fractions. On Tuesday, we all enjoyed starting a new History topic about the Scots and the Picts and learning lots of information about who they were and where they came from. As well as this, in PSHE we looked at how the media can send mixed messages about smoking in particular about smoking in young adults. In Science, we started to look at the different parts of the flowering plant and what their functions are in the reproductive process. In art we looked at our sketching skills using different techniques to draw a part of an object using a viewfinder. 


History has been amazing because I found out things I did not know before - Poppy


This week, I have enjoyed writing what happened to Danny’s Dad because I felt like I was using my imagination - Robert


I enjoyed art because we got to learn new skills and methods on how to sketch - Katie


I really enjoyed making a book trailer for Danny the Champion of the World - Lucas

Spring 1 Week 6


This week, we have had lots of fun in Year 5. In our English lessons, we have been reading Danny the Champion of the World and studying some of the characters to describe what they are like. The book talks about pheasant poaching and we realised we didn't know very much about pheasants, so we did some research to find out about pheasants and then made some digital information texts. We have continued to look at fractions in Maths and we have been adding and subtracting fractions that have different denominators as well as mixed numbers. We have solved some very tricky problems involving fractions over the week and all the staff in Year 5 have been blown away with how well they have done! On Tuesday, we explored the most famous painting in the world, The Mona Lisa and we gave it a modern twist by adding some line drawings to her head and in the background. The artwork that was produced was spectacular. In Science we have been investigating shadows, how they appear to move and how their size changes each day. At the beginning of the week, we found out about where in the world different foods grew and how this is connected to the climate zones they are in. For computing this week, we designed our own emojis and created PowerPoint presentations all about us to celebrate what amazing people we all are. In PSHE, we thought about different types of drugs both legal and illegal and how they can affect our bodies. We identified that some drugs such as medicines, can be helpful, but if they are used in the incorrect way they can be harmful. We also had our behaviour treat on Wednesday, a virtual African singing and dance workshop, which was lots of fun. It was fantastic to see the children in school and at home joining in with the different dances and chants so enthusiastically.  We have had a super half term, we can't wait to see what we can achieve next half term! 


In Computing, I liked making our own emojis and making a PowerPoint about ourselves - Maddie


This week I loved doing Maths and learning about fractions. I have also enjoyed playing basketball with the whole class at lunchtime - Theo


I really enjoyed making an information text about pheasants in English - Luca


I liked the Science on shadows using the chalk on the playground - Evie

Spring 1 Week 5


It has been a bit different for Year 5 this week, as we have all been at home remote learning. Although we have missed seeing each other in person, we have done lots of live lessons over Zoom and it has been wonderful to see and hear everyone every day.  We are so proud of the children, for being so resilient and getting on so well with their remote learning at very short notice. In English, Art and Computing, we have had the theme inventors and inventions. We have learnt about some famous inventors such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Ada Lovelace and Steve jobs and how their inventions have changed the world. We also came up with our own inventions and the children blew our socks off with their creativity and ideas, I will be looking out for them on Dragon’s Den in the future. We have also looked at advertising techniques and we have written some amazing adverts for our inventions using a whole range of different persuasive skills. In Maths we continued to look at fractions. We have looked at comparing fractions with the same and with different denominators and we have also been adding fractions with the same and then with different denominators by finding the lowest common denominator. Again, the children amazed us with how well they have understood this. In PSHE we have been thinking about dilemmas with our friends and this week, we focused on peer pressure from friends and some strategies that we could use to help. In R.E. we looked at the parable of the Prodigal Son and created emotion graphs for the different characters at different points in the story. For Science this week, we began to think about some of the different planets in our solar system (other than Earth) and we did some research all about them. Even though we have been at home, we have been keeping active with some P.E. looking at volleyball with Mr Hassey and some circuit training with Mrs Winward. We have also enjoyed using some online apps and games such as Bedrock Vocabulary, Learning by Questions and a new Maths game called Prodigy. Well done Year 5, you have all done an amazing job this week.


Surprisingly, I really liked doing gymnastics. We did circuit training. I managed to do the whole thing with no stopping - Momina


I have enjoyed making our inventions and writing the scrip for the invention advert- Robert


I have enjoyed English, because we have been learning about different inventions, which I now think is really cool - Katie


I have enjoyed doing the fractions the most - Max


I enjoyed the Art learning and writing a biography about Leonardo Da Vinci - James


This week I have enjoyed learning about inventions and especially us making our own invention - Kayleigh

Spring 1 Week 4


I can’t believe another week has passed, we have been working so hard and everyone has done some wonderful work both in school or from home. We have been tackling the tricky area of fractions in our Maths lessons. Everyone has worked so hard and they have shown super understanding of equivalent fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers. We even enjoyed learning how to convert improper fractions into mixed numbers and vice versa. We started a new mini topic all about inventions in English. We learnt about some significant inventions that have had a huge impact on the world like the wheel and clocks. We also had great fun learning about things that were invented by accident and what the accidents were. To fit in with the work we have been doing in English, Miss Dobie did some close up artwork looking at the inner parts of a clock and how to shade. In Science, we have been thinking about the moon and why it appears to change shape in the sky over a month. We learnt lots of Scientific vocabulary and what it means such as waxing and waning. On Monday, for our Geography learning we looked at the lines of latitude and longitude on the Earth, including the Equator, The Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer as well as the Greenwich Meridian. For our volleyball lesson, we looked at hitting the ball down as well as starting to play a game.  Mrs Wardman set us an exciting Computing task, where we had to make a word cloud using words to do with kindness. We had some wonderful creations. 

This week, I really enjoyed our Computing where we made word clouds - James


I loved learning about things that were accidentally invented and writing our information - Evie


This week, I have loved doing Maths changing an improper fraction to a mixed number - Theo


I liked learning about the moon because it was challenging - Isla B





Spring 1 Week 3


It has been an extremely busy (but fun) week in Year 5! We have been continuing our mini project on Deadly creatures in English and Geography. We identified Australia as a country that has a large number of deadly creatures living there, we did some research and then made an information booklet all about the creatures that live there and the environments that they live in. For our English learning, we used what we had learnt about existing deadly creatures to design our own creature and we did a super job. They were so imaginative and extremely deadly, I would not like to come across one! We then wrote some fact files about our creatures to tell people about them and we also imagined we were an explorer who had spotted one and wrote an eyewitness report. In Maths this week, we started to look at fractions. We have been looking at the different parts of the fraction and different ways to represent them. On Friday we started to look at equivalent fractions which we will build on next week. Miss Dobie did some art on Tuesday looking at different patterns on animal skin and the children recreated them with watercolours. In Science we looked at how the Earth rotates on its own axis and how this causes us to have day and night. We have also been improving our volleyball skills by looking at the underarm serve and a bump pass, we are really enjoying using the beach balls to practice with. We looked at the parable of The Good Samaritan in RE and rewrote it in a more modern day setting, some of the children’s ideas were fantastic and their parables were a joy to read.


I really enjoyed the English this week, creating our own deadly creature the explorer Daisy McDougall - Evie


I enjoyed doing the Science learning this week, about how the world turns and we get day and night - Jack


I enjoyed re-writing the parable of The Good Samaritan in and modern way. I also enjoyed doing the Zoom lessons - Alice


I loved doing the Australia booklets and doing the research - Jacob

Spring 1 Week 2


We have had a busy and fun week both in school and through remote learning. We started a two week topic on ‘Deadly Creatures’, which the children have all engaged really well with. In English we have read a variety of different information texts about lots of different deadly creatures such as tigers, king cobras, mongooses and the blue ringed octopus. We loved all the different facts about them and lots of us were very surprised to learn that a mongoose would defeat a cobra. We have made some information posters, Top Trump cards about them and then used everything we had learnt to create some (very tricky) quizzes about them.  Towards the end of the week, we looked at a poem called The Tiger Dance and we explored what some of the vocabulary meant. We then wrote our own poem in the same style, but about a different deadly creature. In Geography we looked at the climate zones across the world and what it is like to live in them. We found out about some of the plants and animals that live there as well as why people visit them. In Maths, we have moved onto dividing and the children have amazed me with how well they have picked up the written methods of division and how well they are able to apply them to reasoning and problem solving activities. We loved doing our PE lesson this week. We are going to be learning about volleyball and to get us started we practiced using beach balls, which was lots of fun although we found them quite difficult to control to begin with! On Friday afternoon, we had a real treat, to join a virtual celebration worship and to see all the remote learners and the other classes and their teachers. In R.E. We started to look at parables and what we could learn from them. We started with the parable of the unforgiving servant and thought about it could help us in our own lives. It has been a super week and I am looking forward to continuing with our learning next week. 


I enjoyed keeping the beach ball up in PE for volleyball- Max


I enjoyed looking at the poem ‘The Tiger Dance’ and writing our own poems about deadly creatures - Lily


I enjoyed doing Top Trumps cards about the King cobra and mongoose and also learning that in a fight the mongoose can beat a cobra - Lucas


I enjoyed making posters about deadly animals and making pictures of the climate zones - Maddie

Spring 1 Week 1


I think it is safe to say, this week has been the strangest week we have ever had in school. Our return to school after the Christmas break was definitely not what we were expecting. The children have been amazing and we are so proud of how well they have coped with the changing situation and even a snow day to end the week. We have been doing blended learning, with some children in school and some children completing remote learning from home. The effort that all the children have put in and the quality of the work they have produced has been outstanding. 
We started with some PSHE and setting ourselves some New Year goals to achieve both in school and at home. We discussed what the lockdown meant for us and how the children were feeling with the new lockdown in place. We identified some positives (mostly to do with having a lie in!) as well as negatives and also any worries or concerns we had. In Maths, we continued to work on using written methods of multiplication to multiply 2 digit by 2 digit numbers. For English, we read Adrift in New York, which told us what happened to Grace and Catherine from Below Deck: A Titanic story, that we really enjoyed reading for Guided Reading in the Autumn term. We designed postcards from New York and also front covers for the new story, with lots of children taking on the challenge of drawing the Statue of Liberty with superb results. We started our new topic in R.E. and were thinking about people who have taught us and what qualities they showed. We then created our own ‘Super Teacher’ thinking about what they would look like and the qualities they might show. On Thursday, with Mrs Walsh, we looked a some winter poetry and how snowflakes were formed. This inspired us to design our own snowflakes thinking about their symmetry. Friday was a snow day and lots of us enjoyed playing in the snow, having snowball fights and making snowmen.


Autumn 2 week 7


It has been an even busier week this week to finish off the term, it has been so busy that we forgot to take as many photographs as usual. We have been finishing our learning about life cycles in Science. We looked at the human life cycle and then compared the life cycles of different living things. On Wednesday afternoon, we all really enjoyed watching the pantomime Covidella, we enjoyed joining in with the booing and cheering. During our Thursday learning, with Mrs Clitheroe, we have helped the elves work out the perimeter of shapes to repair the workshop sign. We have also worked on different reindeer pens for the model village and there were some very interesting designs as they could only be within a certain perimeter range, to fit in the relevant space. In English, we wrote our own World War 2 poems, based on the model of 'The Alphabet Poem' and tried to convey the impact of The Blitz within our writing: linking with our work within history. We thought about a range of issues within our PSHE learning: in order to begin to understand that the information we see online, is not always true or accurate. On Friday we had a lovely festive day, making Christmas cards and completing some Christmas themed puzzles. The highlight of the day was when we all opened our Secret Santa gifts and guessed who had got them from us, there were some really thoughtful gifts. 

Autumn 2 Week 6


What a busy week we have had in Year 5, it has been like Santa’s workshop as we have been making our products for elf enterprise. Once we had the design we needed to think about how we could make the reindeer’s nose light up. We spent some time looking at circuits using bulbs, batteries and wires. Then we looked at how to create a simple switch for the circuits using two paper clips and a strip of paper. We realised that the batteries and wires would be too bulky for our tree decorations, so we looked at using alternative equipment such as copper tape and flat batteries. On Wednesday, we created a production line in order to make the products efficiently, with the children working on a specific part of the reindeer. We were then able to add the bulbs for the noses and the circuits to the beach, they have been very temperamental and have really tested our understanding of circuits and at times our patience! Any orders will be sent home next week. We had lots of fun writing our advertising blurb for Santa’s Shining Buddy and lots of the children showed a natural flair for this. We could have some advertisers of the future amongst our class. 

We have also enjoyed our last cricket and gymnastics sessions with the specialists this week. We have learnt lots of skills over the half term including batting, bowling and fielding in cricket. In gymnastics we have learnt different types of rolls and balances as well as creating our own sequences. 
We have also been filming our Christmas videos throughout the week, which the children thoroughly enjoyed especially the music video. Look out for them on Seesaw and the school website next week once they have been edited. On Friday, we had our Christmas dinner, which was different to usual, but just as delicious. We all pulled our crackers and sang along to some Christmas songs. 


Out of the whole week, I enjoyed doing the Christmas lip synching and pulling Christmas crackers at the Christmas lunch time - Momina


The things that I have enjoyed this week were making Santa's Shining Buddy and singing - Georgie


I have enjoyed violins, Elf Enterprise and well mostly everything - Isla G


The thing I enjoyed doing was multiplying numbers by each other to get 999 - Max

Autumn 2 Week 5


We have had a very festive week in school as we have entered the month of December and the season of Advent. The children loved coming into school on Tuesday to find all the Christmas decorations were up. We even had a sprinkle of snow on Friday to add to our excitement. 
This week in Maths, we have started looking at different strategies to multiply mentally and also using the grid method as a written method of multiplication. We then turned into teachers to ‘mark some work’ finding the mistakes that had been made. For English we have been preparing to write a biography about Sir Captain Tom Moore. We thought about what questions we would ask him and what information we would need to include. On Friday we did some research to find out the information we needed and made some notes. Sadly, we have finished our Guided Reading text about The Titanic. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this text and have shown such enthusiasm for it. We have also really enjoyed our History learning this week, continuing to look at World War Two. We had a historical debate thinking about whether Great Britain should have got involved in the war. We also looked at some primary and secondary sources about evacuation and we thought about how it would feel to be a evacuee. On Thursday, we looked at some poetry and imagery about The Blitz and then created some fabulous artwork to show the night sky. We started our Elf Enterprise work by looking at some existing products to help us then design our own products. We have started to create some initial designs ready to create next week. 

In History, I have loved learning about evacuees - Isla B


This week I liked doing art, making silhouettes with Mrs Clitheroe - Logan


I loved designing our product for enterprise - Alice


On Friday, I enjoyed finding out who my secret Santa is. Their name is...... - Robert

Autumn 2 week 4


It has been another busy week in school for Year 5. We have started a new English unit about biographies. We loved playing guess the biography at the start of the week. We have been looking at the biography of the environmental activist Paul Watson, which had a lot of challenging vocabulary in it and thinking about whether his actions were good or not. We have also continued to learn about World War 2, we have found out why it happened and which countries were involved. We even went into role as the prime minister, Neville Chamberlain and wrote a speech declaring war. In Maths, we have been multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 and writing our own problems. On Wednesday in Computing, we started to add sounds to our Powerpoint presentations using sound effects and also pieces of music.
Within our Thursday learning, we have been very busy within our maths learning, working on calculating perimeter. In English, we have continued our unit of poetry and have looked at a variety of poems to identify some of the various features. In our Mind-Up activity, we looked at using mindful looking to help us to look really carefully at details. For this, we looked at a small part of our shoe, to pay attention to creases, tears and stitching. in our PSHE learning, we listened to a story of 'The Red People' and how many other people came to their land. We considered how everyone was welcomed because of the various qualities they could offer and we then had to think about the differences within our own society. The children completed a jigsaw piece to look at we can all live harmoniously, thinking about kindness, compassion, tolerance and many other important values. It was an exciting afternoon, where the children enjoyed using their violins in their music lesson. They did such a great job and did so well to remember so much from what they were taught in Year 4!


At school, I have enjoyed Computing adding sounds to my PowerPoint page - Kayleigh


In History, I enjoyed learning how World War 2 started - Alex H


I enjoyed doing the jigsaw puzzle piece in PSHE - Lisa


My favourite thing this week was doing the 5 lives game in cricket - Logan

Autumn 2 Week 3


In our Thursday learning, we have started a new unit on poetry that will link to WW2. We watched a short, emotive animation in which the children were able to try and imagine the feelings of the soldiers and they did really well with this. In maths, we have looked at measuring the perimeter and have had to apply some accurate measuring skills to assist us. In our PSHE learning, we have looked at injustice and considered the issues Rosa Parks faced. The children were provided with various scenarios to consider whether they were fair and just and there was lots of discussion around this. In music, the children continued to rehearse the Basketball Rap and also came up with their own clap rhythm at the end of the session: writing and drawing out their musical pattern on to a board and then performing them to others in the class. 
This week we have really enjoyed our Maths learning. We have been looking at square and cube numbers as well as multiplying numbers by 10 and 100. We have been able to apply our skills to some challenging problems and we have written some super explanations in our reasoning. Our Guided Reading text is all about the Titanic, which we have loved reading and we have enjoyed finding out what it was like in the different classes. On Friday, we imagined we were the main character Grace and we wrote a letter home to describe our experiences, we lots of children found really fun. We began our new History topic this week, by looking at some secondary sources and seeing what they could tell us. We are looking forward to learning more about World War 2 next week. In Science, we have been looking at the life cycle of a sea turtle. We then used this knowledge in our computing. We created PowerPoint presentations to show the life cycle using photos and animations. 

This week I enjoyed Computing because I liked adding the different effects and I liked learning about the life cycle of a turtle - Toby


I enjoyed writing a letter to Auntie Nora in Guided Reading - Ellen


I enjoyed the Maths and Science. I also enjoyed reading A Long Walk to Water in English - Scarlet


I enjoyed doing listening posters with Miss Dobie in PSHE - Momina


I enjoyed the Maths - Theo









Autumn 2 Week 2


We have had another week that has been very busy in school, but it has also been a lot of fun. In Maths we have moved onto multiplication and we have enjoyed learning about multiples, factors and prime numbers and we have shown some great problem solving skills. We are really enjoying the text we are reading in English and this week we have been thinking about the characters and how they would be feeling at the different points in the story. On Friday was made some storyboards to show what we thought might happen next in the story. On Tuesday we used a range of different materials including oil pastels and matchsticks to make some African tribal masks with Miss Dobie, we loved making them. In PSHE we have continued to think about the qualities of a good friend and how we can show them to each other. In Computing, we had lots of fun creating some PowerPoint presentations all about ourselves to recap some of the skills we learnt in Year 4 so we are ready to move onto some new ones. Wednesday was Remembrance Day and as well as observing a 2 minutes silence at 11am, we took some time to reflect in the hall surrounded by the silhouettes of soldiers, it was very powerful and made us think about the sacrifices they made.  We have completed work on our research in geography and our information texts about the Masia Mara National Park, in Kenya and have added some of these to a class display. Within some of our maths learning, we have been interpreting two-way tables and we learnt 'The Basketball Rap' within our music learning.  It was fun using clap rhythms throughout the session and we did really well to follow the various stages and rest phases. Friday was Children in Need day and we had two competitions; the best dressed and the best dance, It was wonderful to watch all the entries to the dance competition and see how much effort the children had put into them. 


I enjoyed doing prime numbers and factors - James.


The best thing was cricket and Children in Need - Jacob


This week I have really enjoyed doing the African tribal masks with Miss Dobie - Megan


I enjoyed making PowerPoints in Computing and gymnastics- Maddie

Autumn 2 Week 1


It's been a very busy week back after half-term and we have continued our theme of native Narratives. With Mrs Clitheroe, we have researched the different landscape and animals of the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya using the ipads and we have used some of our research in writing an information text in English. Within our maths learning, we have been reading an interpreting tables and we enjoyed a great music lesson with our lovely teacher from the Blackburn with Darwen music service. We have tackled some really tricky problems in our Maths lessons, where we have applied our addition and subtraction knowledge and we have also started looking at using our inverses. In English we have started a new text called A Long Walk to Water, this week we have been getting to know the characters and what their lives are like. We are really enjoying it and we are looking forward to seeing what happens next. We are very lucky to be working with a cricket coach and Miss Crewe for gymnastics in our P.E. Lessons this half term. We had a recap of some of our previous gymnastics skills this week so we are ready to learn some new things next week. In our cricket session we were learning how to bowl and played some games where we had to aim for the wickets. In Computing, we have started to look at multimedia presentations and we spent some time exploring some of the different types of media we can use such as sound and videos. On Friday we went up to the war memorial to lay some of our remembrance rocks before Sunday. While we were there  we took time to reflect and show our thanks to the soldiers who lost their lives for us. 


I enjoyed doing the cricket and inverse operations in Maths - James.


I enjoyed doing wanted posters for Salva in English and going to the memorial - Lily. 


This week, I enjoyed making things to put around the village to cheer people up - Luca. 


I liked it when we did music with Miss Dobie - Max.

Week 8


We started the week off in an exciting way, with a visit from the Life Education Centre, although we couldn't go in the van like we usually do, we still saw Harold the Giraffe and enjoyed the session. During the session we looked at how our bodies work, how medicines, tobacco and alcohol can affect our bodies and how to say no in an assertive way. In Geography, we have continued to research Kenya and the Masai Mara, we loved learning all about The Great Migration that happens each year. In PE we completed our rock and roll dance topic by choreographing our own routines and then performing them. Look at the video resource centre to see some videos of their performances. In R.E. we were thinking about people who inspire us and the different ways that they inspire us. It was lovely to hear about a wide range of people who are inspiring the children such as Marcus Rashford, David Attenborough and J.K.Rowling. Then on Friday afternoon, we were very excited for our behaviour treat, a Zoom call and performance from Britain's Got Talent finalist Jasper Cherry. First he answered some of our questions and then he did a performance of some of his magic tricks with some of us helping to choose the cards. 


I enjoyed helping Jasper Cherry with his magic - Jack


This half term, I really enjoyed writing an information text about the African Rainforest, because I learnt so much. I didn't even know the African rainforest existed before this - Luca


My favourite thing out of the whole half term is doing ing sentence starters in English. I am proud of my writing - George


This half term, I really enjoyed writing about Journey to the River Sea and researching about Kenya. - Jessica


Through the half term I have really enjoyed doing the Science about dissolving and the rock and roll dancing - Poppy


I enjoyed the Life Education Van coming this week - Lucas

Week 7


It's been a busy week and on Thursday, with Mrs Clitheroe, we have started to write our information text on Kenya, including the Masai Mara National Park, using a beautiful book called the Wonder Garden as our inspiration and text model. We have used our geography session to use the ipads and research the questions we wanted to find out about Kenya and we have really enjoyed this. Within some of our maths learning, we have been reading line graphs with increasing accuracy. We have also enjoyed our music lesson, where we have been learning about body percussion. We have doing some PSHE about friendship and how we need to build friendships like a wall, not knock them down. We had lots of wonderful ideas of ways we can be a good friend and make our walls stronger. On Wednesday in P.E. we started to introduce some lift work with our partners as part of our rock and roll dancing. Once again I was really impressed with how mature the children were and how well they looked after their partners. For R.E. this week, we have been thinking about the challenges that we can face as Christians. We have looked at the work William Tyndall did and the challenges he faced when translating the Bible to English. On Friday afternoon we were very excited to try out the new trim trail and learn how to use it safely. 

I enjoyed learning about William Tyndale and how he sacrificed his own life for God - James


I loved the PSHE because I liked learning about the friendship wall - Katie


I enjoyed the Kenya research with Mrs Clitheroe, I learnt some amazing facts - Jessica


I enjoyed doing the dance and lifting my partner - Kayleigh

Week 6

This week we have been celebrating Black History Month in our worships and some of our English lessons. The children really enjoyed learning about some influential people who havemade a difference to the lives of others such as Rosa Parks and Marcus Rashford. It was lovely to see their enthusiasm for the subject area and how some of them did some extra research in their own time on Seesaw. We focused on Marcus Rashford, looking at the issues he faced when he was a child and how he has recently campaigned to ensure free school meals continued throughout the School holidays. We loved creating a Top Trumps card all about him. We also spent some time looking at our digital footprint and ways to keep safe when using the Internet, we thought about different scenarios that could happen and what would be the best things to do. I was blown away with both their maturity and skills this week in PE. As part of our Rock and Roll dancing, we had to do some boy/girl partner work and although some were a bit embarrassed to begin with, they soon started to enjoy it and choreographed some super dances together. On Thursday we did some Geography with Mrs Clitheroe, who added some artistic flair by getting the children to write their research questions about Kenya in different fancy fonts, which the children really enjoyed doing. In English we have started to look at some information texts about the African rainforests and we used the iPads to find out the meaning of some tricky vocabulary and then we played a memory matching game with them. 

I liked doing the Geography, because I enjoyed writing out the questions in fancy fonts around Kenya so we can answer them in later lessons. I’m so excited - Megan


I enjoyed making a Top Trumps card for Marcus Rashford - Jack

I enjoyed dancing and working with a partner and performing it - Annabelle 


I enjoyed learning about Black History Month about Rosa Parks and Marcus Rashford - Evie

Week 5


This week, we have really enjoyed our guided reading. Our text has been all about King Richard III, how his remains were discovered in a car park in Leicester and also about what he allegedly did in order to become the King (which horrified us!). We have loved hearing about the Tower of London and I think lots of the children are hoping they can go and visit it in the near future. In Maths, we finished off our unit on place value by looking at negative numbers and Roman Numerals, which everyone enjoyed working on. We carried out our Science investigation into whether or not all white powders are soluble, some of the results were not what we were expecting. We have started to use the tag rugby belts in PE and we had lots of fun trying to catch each other and grab the tags. In computing, we moved away from using the spreadsheet on Purple Mash and began to use Microsoft Excel. We had to write all of our own formulas, to calculate the cost of the stationary order, without the formula wizard and we did a fantastic job. This week, we also did some PSHE about our physical, mental and emotional health and things we can do it keep it in good health. The children came up with some great ideas for this and really impressed me with their awareness of their mental, emotional and physical health.

Week 4


We have had another busy week in school with lots of wonderful learning taking place. We have been looking at and analysing some poems about the rainforest in our English lessons this week and on Friday we performed them for each other with actions, sound effects and expression. Earlier in the week, we were using the iPads and laptops to help us find the meaning of some of the vocabulary in the poems. In Maths, we were very excited to learn about numbers up to millions, I think we have some aspiring millionaires in the class! We have been rounding and comparing them and then we started to think about adding and subtracting powers of ten. We have continued to build up our rock and roll dance skills and this week we became choreographers as we created and performed our own routines using elements from the electric slide and hand jive. I was really impressed with how well the children were able to write their own formulas in spreadsheets to calculate the area of a rectangle . Previously we had been using a ‘formula wizard’ to write the formulas, but they were able to write their own quite quickly and accurately.  In Science we were thinking about dissolving and soluble and insolvable white powders, we have planned an investigation that we will do next week. We have also begun to think of some designs for our own musical sculptures inspired the ones we have been looking at, the children came up with some imaginative ideas that I am looking forward to developing further with them. 

I have enjoyed Science this week and I am looking forward to investigating if they’re soluble or insoluble - Maddie


I enjoyed performing the rainforest poems - Annabelle


I liked the 10 fascinating facts about Africa on the iPads - James


My favourite lesson this week was Art. I really liked designing our sculptures - Alex T

Week 3


We have had another busy week in school. In Maths, we have been focusing on numbers with hundred thousands, including comparing and ordering them. We have tackled some challenging problem solving activities and we have seen lots of brave bananas in our lessons. In English, we have continued with our novel Journey to the River Sea and we have met more of the characters. We really enjoyed using strips of paper to create timelines of the events in the story so far and how they made the character feel. We have increased our understanding of spreadsheets this week and created our own spreadsheets to convert a recipe from g into Kg using the formula wizard. In PE, we have continued to look at passing and catching the rugby ball and we had lots of fun doing hand jives on Wednesday’s dance session. We explored some of the different names for the Bible and came up with some of our own to reflect that the Bible is flawless, that it stands for ever and is a lamp unto our feet. On Friday, we were lucky enough to be part of a children’s literature festival where we were able to join in a virtual workshop, run by the illustrator Ursula Hurst, using Microsoft Teams. Ursula talked to us about the process of illustrating a book and then we created our own character to illustrate in a mini book, we really enjoyed it. 

‘I have really enjoyed Maths. I especially liked the problem where we had to work out what numbers the letters were. I loved trying to work it all out and figure out the numbers.’ Layla


I really enjoyed doing the illustrating on Microsoft teams because it was fun and helpful.’ Ellen


This week I really enjoyed computing because I liked converting g to Kg. I also really like the Maths when we figured out letters room numbers 1-5. This week has been amazing. Toby


‘I really enjoyed learning about Rosh Hashanah in worship because it’s learning about another religion.’ Lucas

Week 2


We have made it through our first full week back in school, we were all very tired by Friday and we are ready for a rest over the weekend. This week we have been working hard in lots of curriculum areas. In Maths we have been looking at numbers up to 10,000 and we have also been rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We have started our novel Journey to the River Sea in English and we have learnt lots of things about the main character Maia. We started to learn about formulas and spreadsheets in computing and we created our own spreadsheets that would convert Cm to M. We have also started our PE units of tag rugby and dance. We had lots of fun starting to learn some rock and rock dance moves (as you can see in the pictures below). We have done some Geography with Mrs Walsh, where we were looking at some maps and identifying human and physical geographical features. In French we have recapped greetings and ways to introduce ourselves. We loved exploring some special books in RE, thank you to everyone who has brought their own special book into school to share with us. 

Week 1

It has been wonderful to welcome the children back into school this week and to see them in person rather than virtually. They have adapted brilliantly to the new routines and systems we have put in place to keep us safe. 

We began the week by thinking about our different experiences during the school closure and how being back in school would be different to learning at home. We also spent some time reflecting on how we had changed since the start of Year 4. Then we thought about what things we would like to achieve in Year 5 and set ourself some goals and targets to work towards.  From there we started to think about our aspirations for the future such as what kind of career we would like to have and what kind of place we would like to live in. 

On Friday, we eased ourself back into some Maths and English by recapping some of the skills we learnt in Year 4. Then we started our new Science topic about materials by thinking about the vocabulary associated with the properties of materials and what it means.


We have had a wonderful start to the year. Well done Year 5!