Our Learning!

Autumn 2 - Native Narratives

Week 4

This week in English, we have been researching Jane Goodall as part of Non-Fiction November's theme, The Planet We Share. We are writing a non-fiction magazine page for children to explain who Jane Goodall is and the impact that she has had on our planet. During our Geography lessons, we have started looking at geographical terms such as latitude, longitude, equator, northern/southern hemispheres, tropics of Cancer/Capricorn and Arctic/Antarctic circles. We used an atlas to identify these features. We are also pleased to announce that we have persevered and finished our bags for Design & Technology! Our sewing skills have really progressed and we are very proud of the results. In MindUP this week, we have been practising Mindful Seeing - we looked at things in detail to help us to observe the things around us. Another busy week!

Week 3

This week, we have started our fractions unit in Maths...the children either love them or hate them! We have started with equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions, making good use of our knowledge of factors. In English, we have started our Non-Fiction November topic, linked to the theme The Planet We Share. Our focus environmentalist is Jane Goodall, who is an expert on chimpanzees! We will be looking at the work she has done towards helping our planet.

In our other lessons this week, we have mainly been making our bags in Design & Technology...our project is coming together! We have sewn on the pocket on which we did a design using a batik technique (based on African patterns) and we have joined our material using either a running stitch or an overstitch. The bags are looking great!

Week 2

We have been very productive in Year 6 this week! In English, we have started writing our own version of an extract of our focus text, The Girl of Ink and Stars. We have been practising blending action, dialogue and description to make our writing exciting to read and to create suspense. In Maths, we have started looking at the order of operations (BODMAS) to allow us to solve calculations correctly. We have been developing our cricket skills in P.E. and we practised our batting skills this week.

Our Art work has linked to African patterns and we have designed a simple pattern that we are creating using a batik process. We have improvised our technique...we are not using hot wax but we have experimented with glue and candle wax! These act as a resist to stop the dye going onto the material underneath. The patterns we have created will then be sewn onto the bag we are making in Design & Technology, using our joining skills! We are upcycling - we are going to use old clothing or material and make it into something even better!

Practising our batting and fielding!

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Week 1

We have settled back into our routine after a well earned rest during the half term break! This week in English, we have gathered the content for our own version of part of our focus text, The Girl of Ink and Stars. We also used a picture prompt to help us to focus on Remembrance Day. We thought about how the picture made us feel and what the soldiers in the picture would have been thinking and feeling. In Computing, we started a programming unit with Mrs Wardman, writing and debugging algorithms. Our new P.E. topic is Tag Rugby and started off by practising our skills relating to holding, throwing and catching the ball. 

We also visited the war memorial at the top of Bayne Street. We put our painted rocks on the steps and learnt a bit about the names on the memorial from Mrs Robinson.

Autumn 1 - Native Narratives

Week 8

It has been an exciting week in Year 6! We had a Life Education session on Monday where we discussed making decisions, including difficult choices that we may have to make as we get older. We were also happy (and a little bit sad) to see Harold the giraffe for the last time in our primary school career!

Later in the week, we got our bike helmets and high visibility vests on and took to the streets of Hoddlesden! The Bikeability course developed our skills when riding our bikes on the road. We practised in the school playground before applying our skills out on the roads. Despite the rain on the second day, we finished the course and were still smiling when we got back to school! Everyone did really well - the instructors were very impressed.

On Friday afternoon, we had our behaviour treat for this half term…an online visit from Jasper Cherry! The Britain’s Got Talent magician showed us some amazing tricks and we asked some questions about what he does. What a fantastic way to end the half term smiley

Week 7

The weeks are flying by in Year 6 and we have had another fantastic week of learning! In English, we thought about a character’s feelings and collected synonyms to develop our vocabulary. We also wrote a monologue as a character, using rhetorical questions and short sentences for effect.

In Maths, we have been developing our multiplication skills, using both mental and written methods to solve multiplication calculations. Our PSHE lesson focused on healthy, positive friendships. We imagined we were radio presenters and gave advice to people who were having problems with their friendships. As always, our drama was very entertaining! In History, we researched other kingdoms so that we could compare them to the Kingdom of Benin, thinking about time periods, trading and achievements.

Carl Linnaeus and the Linnaean classification system were the focus of our Science lesson. We discovered the impact that Carl Linnaeus had on Science and the way that the world classifies living things.

We have been continuing our MindUP sessions, focusing on mindful smelling and tasting. We do Core Practice after playtimes and lunchtimes to help us to refocus our brains, concentrating on our breathing rather than the noises around us.

As part of our British Values worship about Individual Liberty last week, we designed and created a structure with a partner so that we could practise expressing our ideas and listening to the views of others.

A Week in the Life of Year 6...

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Week 6

This week, we have enjoyed starting to learn about batik (a dye technique using a wax resist) in Art. We practised the technique by using oil pastels and watercolours; we used the oil pastels as the resist to stop the paint getting to the paper, like the wax stops the dye getting to the material during the batik process.

In French, we learnt the French vocabulary for clothing. In our R.E. lesson, we discovered what a pilgrimage is (a journey made to a sacred place as an act of religious devotion) and we researched the religious pilgrimages that the followers of Christianity, Judaism and Islam undertake throughout their lives.


Throughout the week, we have been learning more about Black History Month. Our person of interest is Harriet Tubman, a slave who escaped and led other enslaved people to freedom. In English, we wrote a ‘Wanted’ poster with a twist and described all of her positive traits.

A Week in the Life of Year 6...

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Week 5

This week has flown by! In English, we have produced a fantastic hybrid text about the Kingdom of Benin, including a non-chronological report and an explanation text. We were going to do a recount but then we were inspired to write a discussion text! In Design & Technology, we applied the skills we learnt last week and joined two pieces of material using a running stitch and an overstitch. In Science, we created our own new animal that we could classify using a classification key. There were some weird and wonderful creatures! In Art, we looked at African patterns, using them to inspire our own patterns.


It was National Poetry Day on Thursday and this year’s theme was vision. We read some poems together and then wrote our own versions, based on those models. We learnt and performed our poems…performing in front of the camera always gets a mixed response! Watch some of our performances here.

A Week in the Life of Year 6...

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Week 4

We have had another busy week in Year 6, laughing and having fun along the way! In English, we have started looking at non-fiction texts in preparation for writing our own hybrid text. We have chosen to include a non-chronological report, a recount and an explanation in our text about the Kingdom of Benin (linked to our History learning).

In Science, we used a classification key to sort invertebrates before putting our scientist hats on and designing our own! We created a classification key to sort the different types of vertebrates (mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles). We were very impressed with our scientific brains!

In Design & Technology, we have been practising our stitching so that we will be able to join materials.

A Week in the Life of Year 6...

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Week 3

We have had another great week in Year 6…it’s like we have never been away! In English, we have enjoyed reading and analysing a poem by a Nigerian poet called Niyi Osundare. The poem is about the rain and contains lots of similes, metaphors and personification. We have written our own version of the poem, changing the tone of the poem to a more positive view of the rain.

We also watched a session of the Blackburn Virtual Children's Literature Festival where we enjoyed a poet sharing his own poems...he was very entertaining!

Our Art learning involved looking at the significance of animals in the Kingdom of Benin. The Obas (the kings) were compared to animals such as crocodiles and leopards to demonstrate their position as king. We decided which animal we thought best represented the Oba and sketched a picture of it, using the skills we have learnt in previous Art lessons.

As part of our Science learning, we spent a bit of time in the great outdoors! We looked for living things in the local wooded area so that we can classify them (group them) in our next Science lesson. We think the noise we were making scared most of the bigger animals off but we saw plenty of minibeasts!

We have also spent lots of time reading this week…we love to read together!

We are VERY proud of our amazing poems! We used the poem But Sometimes When It Rains by Niyi Osundare as a model for our own poems but changed the mood of the poem to a more positive one! We used lots of similes, metaphors and personification.

A Week in the Life of Year 6...

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Week 2

We have had a FANTASTIC first full week back in Year 6! The children really have got back into the swing of things and we have enjoyed our learning.

In History, we looked at a timeline and placed the time periods that we have learnt about on it, including the Kingdom of Benin. By doing this, we could see that some of the different time periods happened at the same time, and not one after the other!

In R.E., we started to look at our own life journey so far. We thought about events that were significant to us, such as losing our first tooth, starting school etc.

We were really pleased to be able to start Music lessons with Mr Richards again and Gymnastics with Miss Crewe! Mrs Scholes managed to get some super action shots of balances and jumps during Gymnastics.


Watch our video here.

Year 6 is BACK!

What a fantastic few days we have had - the fun, laughter (and a bit of work) have returned to St Paul's! In Year 6, we have spent a lot of time discussing our time away from school, the pros and cons of lockdown and what we have enjoyed most about returning to school. The overwhelming response was related to being back with our friends and school staff...it is so good to be with each other again. We have particularly loved playing together as a class at playtime and lunchtime (it made Mrs Scholes feel all warm and fuzzy inside). 


Welcome back and well done, everyone smiley


(Apologies for the lack of photographs from these first few days - we have been too busy catching up with each other! Mrs Scholes will take more next week)