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Blended Learning

Spring 1 Week 2

What a busy week we have had in Year 2! All children have worked so incredibly hard and I am so proud of them. The highlight of my day is working with the children in school and seeing all the learning taking place at home on SEESAW.


In our English, we have been listening to and enjoying some inspirational stories. We have written character descriptions, used persuasive language during role play and discussed emotions. We have been exploring equal and unequal groups in Maths. As well as this, we have used and created our own arrays.  In Geography, the children have helped Miss Marsden learn some facts about Hoddlesden and Darwen. The children have created some brilliant posters and videos showing places to explore. In Science, we have learnt what plants need to survive. The children also LOVED their gymnastics session with Miss Crewe! In RE, we listened to the bible story 'The Little Children and Jesus' and created a piece of artwork about the story.


It is lovely to see all your smiling faces in school and on Zoom and I look forward to more learning next week!

Blended Learning

Spring 1 Week 1

Hello and Happy New Year to you all!   

We hope you and your family have managed to enjoy the festive break and you all remain safe and well.  

Despite it not being a normal start to the Spring term, Year 2 children have impressed me with their fantastic attitude towards learning and resilience both at school and those at home, remote learning. A huge thank you for your cooperation and understanding during the challenges of this week and for continuing to upload your child’s learning onto SEESAW. It has been lovely to see!


In school, we had a lovely discussion about what they have all been up to during their Christmas break. It certainly sounded like Father Christmas needed extra space on his sleigh for all the wonderful presents he delivered. As well as working hard on our Maths and English, children have been encouraged to enjoy the snow as much as possible.


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Autumn 2 - Week 6


What a brilliant week Year 2 have had! The children have planned, prepped and created their enterprise product incorporating their DT skills of using wheels and axles. In computing they put their animation skills to the test and made an advert animation of their snowman product. You can see a few of these on https://www.stpaulshoddlesden.org.uk/year-2-stall/

We also had Christmas dinner on Christmas jumper day! It was so much fun!


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Autumn 2- Week 5


What an amazing week we have had! This week we have began to develop our understanding of money in maths, looking at the value of coins and notes and any misconceptions we might have. We also starting our Elf Enterprise planning! The children are focussing on using a DT skill of wheels and axles to create a Christmas product to sell. They’ve spent the week doing lots of research on products that already have wheels and axles before designing ideas we could make.

We had a visit from the Elf!!! The children were so excited to show him all the good choices they’ve been making. It was even more exciting because of all the snow we had! Year 2 loved getting on their wellies and playing in the snow.

Week 5

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Autumn 2- Week 4
We’ve had an incredibly busy week in Year 2 this week! In science we investigated which materials were waterproof so we could start to make an astronaut suit. As it is non fiction November we have been looking at an urban designer- Jan Gehl, and we decided to try his career and design our own sustainable city! We entered a virtual orienteering competition and had lots of fun having to work out and follow routes. 
Look at our pictures below to see what else we’ve been up to!

Autumn 2-Week 3

This week we have been developing our understanding of animations in computing! Year 2 had great fun creating flick books to show how images can move before investigating how to do it taking photographs on the iPads. We also investigated different materials and their properties in science! We became scientists and researchers to explore what properties an astronauts suit needs to have when they’re up in space! We’re then going to experiment which materials will be the best next week!

Week 3

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Autumn 2- Week 2

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This week Year 2 have been brave bananas in maths, applying a new method for adding two 2 digit numbers when solving problems! We’ve also started our new topic called ‘Factual Footprints’ where the children have looked at chronological order when creating a timeline.
It was also Children in Need! We had lots of fun showing off our outfits and creating dance videos to raise lots of money for charity!

Autumn 1- Week 8

Year 2 have had a brilliant first half term back to school! Children have developed their mindfulness skills in our MindUP lessons, allowing them to gain a greater insight into their feelings and how our brain creates them!
Have a look at our half term video showing lots of our indoor and outdoor learning focussing on English, Phonics, Maths, Geography, PE, Art, PSHE and so much more!


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Autumn 1- Week 7

This week we used our geography and science skills to look at different habitats we might find in Africa and the range of different animals that will live there! We went on a virtual safari through the different areas and then created a giant African continent!
We have been working on our problem solving skills in maths and looking at using our resilience to work out the question in different ways!

Autumn 1-Week 6

We have had a very busy week in Year 2 this week! We’ve been focussing on Black History Month and the life of Claudia Jones in particular! The children learnt all about her life and then created acrostic poems on carnival headdress templates! 
We’ve continued to develop our animal masks in art, looking at using modroc to blend and build materials together.

Our British Value this half term is Individual Liberty. The children have been looking at what it means and they can use it. They expressed their opinions and views to create a den in class!

Autumn 1- Week 5

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This week was National Poetry Day! Year 2 have been focussing on dragons in their PE dance this half term so we decided to learn more about them through the poem ‘Have you seen a dragon?’ The children used their dance and voices to create expression in this performance!

Autumn 1- Week 4


It’s been another busy week in Year 2 this week! We’ve began looking at how the savannah as a habitat compares to this we found in our local area last week. In art, children have been observing different patterns on an animal and then creating detail by using watercolour paints!
Our focus for English this week has been non fiction information pages. The children have researched all about a hyena and then created their own information pages which look fabulous!

Autumn 1- Week 3


This week Year 2 have been focussing on their place value in maths and being brave bananas to try and solve lots of problems! 
Children have been finding places in our local area on maps and looking at symbols, ready to start comparing it to our African country, Kenya, next week.

In music we began using Djembe drums and practising an old beat called ‘The King Is Coming‘, which used to be played in some African countries when the King was coming to visit towns and cities!

Autumn 1- Week 2

We’ve started to focus on Africa and African animals in particular this week! Moving on from our transient art, children began to look at animal patterns and how to create different lines for their edges. We’ve also been doing lots of outdoor learning, looking at our local habitats and using maps to identify what we have in our local areas.

Autumn 1- Week 1

Year 2 had a brilliant first week back to school! We did lots of outdoor learning and began investigating our new theme, Native Narratives!