Our Learning

Autumn 1- Week 4


It’s been another busy week in Year 2 this week! We’ve began looking at how the savannah as a habitat compares to this we found in our local area last week. In art, children have been observing different patterns on an animal and then creating detail by using watercolour paints!
Our focus for English this week has been non fiction information pages. The children have researched all about a hyena and then created their own information pages which look fabulous!

Autumn 1- Week 3


This week Year 2 have been focussing on their place value in maths and being brave bananas to try and solve lots of problems! 
Children have been finding places in our local area on maps and looking at symbols, ready to start comparing it to our African country, Kenya, next week.

In music we began using Djembe drums and practising an old beat called ‘The King Is Coming‘, which used to be played in some African countries when the King was coming to visit towns and cities!

Autumn 1- Week 2

We’ve started to focus on Africa and African animals in particular this week! Moving on from our transient art, children began to look at animal patterns and how to create different lines for their edges. We’ve also been doing lots of outdoor learning, looking at our local habitats and using maps to identify what we have in our local areas.

Autumn 1- Week 1

Year 2 had a brilliant first week back to school! We did lots of outdoor learning and began investigating our new theme, Native Narratives!