Our Learning

Spring 2 - Week 5

Reception has been busy this week exploring our indoor and outdoor provision, and we had a visit from 'the bitbats' alongside our alien theme. The bitbats spaceship crashed into the big tree outside of school and have lived in our classroom for the week. The children have seen the bitbats running across the classroom and they have even entered a "dance competition" with them. They used the telephone to call planet Zog (where the bitbats live), and they made spaceships so the bitbats could go home. 


In our understanding the world lesson, we looked at the similarities and differences between the rooms in our houses and our friend's, which the children really enjoyed. In the creative area, they made their own house and in the outdoor provision, they designed and built a house together. 

Indoor Provision 

In continuous provision, the children are encouraged to follow their own interests when learning in the classroom. They have enjoyed exploring the classroom in the hope of seeing a bitbat as well as playing families in the home corner. They have loved playing with the dogs, feeding them, letting them sleep and walking them.

Outdoor Provision 

The outdoor area has been well-loved this week. Alongside the alien theme and helping the bitbats get home, the children loved playing doctors, teachers, and police officers. They used bricks and planks to build different constructions, and have designed and built a house, roads, walls, and a swimming pool. 


We made a trip down to the trim trail this week, and the children enjoyed running around and climbing the ropes to help build their gross motor skills. 

Spring 2 - Week 4

Wow what a busy week we have had! This week the EYFS children had plenty to look forward to as we enjoyed judging the talent show entries for Comic Relief's 'Red Nose Day', we had a non uniform day on Friday where we wore red to highlight this cause and have raised an amazing £330.10 across the school. Thank you very much for your kind donations!

On Thursday we finally were able to celebrate World Book Day altogether, and we absolutely loved seeing the creativity of all of your fantastic costumes!


Here are the amazingly talented EYFS children in action!....

Comic Relief Entry - Ninja

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Comic Relief Entry - Lamb Lullaby

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Comic Relief Entry - Singing Star

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Comic Relief Entry - 'Let it Go'

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Comic Relief Entry - A Future Gymnast

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Shark in the Park

This week the children decided that they would love to learn more about sharks! Following their interests, we developed our Literacy and Understanding the World lessons around this. The children have learnt all about ocean habitats and compared this to where we live, creating their own habitats through small world. Whilst in the ocean, they encountered pirates, and built their own ships and defences through construction and roleplay. We knew that X marked the spot when following a treasure map. They enjoyed playing a game of 'Shark in the Park!' outdoors where they had to demonstrate balance and co-ordination, negotiate space and find a place of safety on a plank or in a tyre whenever a shark was spotted!

Learning is Limitless

The learning does not stop there. In Maths, the children have explored printing and constructing with 3D shapes by exploring their properties. We even had a replica of "Darwen Tower". We have separated the treasure from the trash, identifying real and nonsense words in Phonics. Fish swam through the ocean in the outdoor sandpit. We chopped wood, built dens and balanced and wobbled across assault courses built from the children's imagination using tyres and planks. 


Here is a snapshot of the learning that took place... 

Hoddlesden St Pauls World Book Day

Everyone was so excited for our very own World Book Day this Thursday! Each costume was uniquely wonderful from Cruella Devil to Wonky Donkey, Buzz Lightyear to the Gruffalo, The Cat in the Hat and Cinderella. The children and adults looked incredible. We held our own character fashion show where the children were able to show off their costumes and tell us a little bit about their characters. 


Well done everyone for your efforts and enthusiasm! It was a great day. Here are some of the photographs...

Spring 2 - Week 3

We have all been super excited this week for the children return to school following 8 weeks of remote learning! It has been lovely to see all of their smiling faces as they catch up with their friends and teachers once again. The children have embraced the opportunity to learn collaboratively through continuous provision with their friends both indoors and outdoors. This week our theme was based around the book 'Owl Babies'. The EYFS team have observed the children developing their knowledge and understanding of the world, exploring habitats and building nests for owls. We have developed our art and design skills by printing using foil in Maths and our speech and language in Music by pronouncing some very tricky tongue twisters!


Let's find out more....

Owl Babies

In the book 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell, we learn about a family of Owls. The owlets wake up one night to find their mother has gone, they worry about where she may be, when their mother returns the owlets are overjoyed. The baby owls recognise that although Mummy has to go and hunt and provide food for the family she will always come back for them. The book is useful for settling children who are anxious about returning to school. In our Literacy Development sessions, we discussed our families and how we have spent a lot of time with our close family during lockdown. We drew our family members and wrote their names. We were able to name the characters from Owl Babies, Sarah, Percy, Billy and Mummy and draw and write a speech bubble for each character.


The children were excited to learn more about owls and we researched different owls and their habitats, their food and how they build their nests. Through continuous provision the children applied and developed their knowledge indoors building owl nests using twigs, wool and feathers and outdoors using tyres and large sticks. They pretended to be mother owls swooping and searching for food including mice, insects, fish and birds to feed to the baby owlets. We explored printing using foil, using a pom-pom to create a feather effect when painting the owl babies. 

Continuous Provision Indoors

Alongside our theme, the children are encouraged to follow their interests when learning in the classroom. We have loved observing the children express themselves through painting, drawing, construction and roleplay. This week in EYFS the children have decided to make their own pull out books, to draw treasure maps, to recreate scenarios (particularly pretending to be the teachers and enforce the classroom rules which was hilarious!) and have enjoyed relaxing, reading and reconnecting with their friends.

Outdoor learning

In EYFS we love to learn outdoors whatever the weather! This week we donned our waterproof clothing to head outdoors and our imaginations flowed. Alongside our fantastic owl nests, we observed cooking in the mud kitchen, writing and mark making on the chalk boards, and a swimming pool being carefully constructed in the sandpit, whilst being careful not to allow the water to seep into the sand. The children completed a water challenge to make the boats float without directly putting water into the tray and to enable to fish to swim to the pond. 


Whilst being at home, the children had missed the opportunity to climb and explore on the trim trail, so we also made sure to take a trip down to the field to climb and explore! 

Spring 2 - Week 2 - Blended Learning

On Thursday 4th March it was World Book Day, and all of this week our learning focus has centred on our favourite books and authors. Reading for pleasure increases attainment, can result in increased empathy and can improve mood and wellbeing. We have recognised why books are relevant, fun and can change our lives! We have enjoyed listening to stories read by our teachers and parents through our 'Mystery Reader scheme', thank you very much to everyone who took part!

Our Favourite Books

Through our Literacy development sessions, we have thought about our favourite books and who our favourite characters from books are. We enjoyed drawing detailed pictures have even been able to describe and label these using adjectives! We were introduced to the story of 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson who is one of Miss Briggs' favourite authors. We sang the Gruffalo song and watched the Gruffalo short film to help us to identify the adjectives used to describe the Gruffalo in more detail. We then challenged ourselves to create our own mythical creatures. Let's take a look at some of the pictures...

Safaa's Favourite Book Character

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Outdoor Learning

The children have been delighted with the warmer weather this week and were keen to explore learning outdoors. They have enjoyed cooking in the mud kitchen, baking delicious treats including 'scrambled snake', 'roasted fox' and 'owl ice-cream'. To wash these down the mixed 'coca-cola' and 'hot chocolate'. We even performed on stage using props and making our own costumes out of fabrics.

We love developing our gross motor skills and keeping our bodies active through using the bikes, the climbing wall and travelling in and out of the obstacle course.

Maths Development

In our Maths development sessions this week, we have been introduced to the composition of the numbers 9 and 10. We have practised making 9 and 10 in different ways, using objects and numicon and we have created images using black dots. The children can recognise the numerals 9 and 10 and have looked for these in the environment. The children applied their new knowledge to order the numbers from 1 to 10 and could even recognise the mistake when a cheeky giraffe arrived, to mix the numbers around! We finished the week with a game of numbers to 10 bingo which the children were very good at!

Spring 2 - Week 1 - Blended Learning

This week in EYFS the children have loved learning all about the theme 'Big Bad Bugs'. Together, we have researched a variety of minibeasts, talked about their distinguishing features and found out some exciting facts. We listened to a range of stories about minibeasts and even went on a mini beast hunt! Shall we find out more...

Mad About Minibeasts

The children have loved finding out interesting facts about minibeasts, from spiders to woodlice, caterpillars to stick insects, ladybirds to slugs and snails and many, many more insects and small creatures. They drew pictures and crafted their favourite minibeasts, applying their phonic knowledge to segment to spell and label them. The children prepared their very own mini-beast checklists ready to go on a bug hunt. We pulled on our overalls and our wellies and ventured outdoors. We didn't expect to see many minibeasts due to the weather, however, between us all we were pleasantly surprised! Fortunately, the children knew where to look... in dark, damp places under logs and leaves and beneath stones. This week, we have seen a millipede, several spiders and worms, a slug, a beetle, an ant, a woodlouse and even a newt! 


The children used their new found knowledge of minibeast habitats to create minibeast hotels for the minibeasts to visit and reside in. We made these both in the classroom and at home and the children had lots of fun.

The Lifecycle of a Butterfly

We were able to describe the stages of the lifecycle of a butterfly using the appropriate scientific vocabulary. We made our own paper plate lifecycles to help us to describe this.

Egg > Larva (Caterpillar) > Chrysalis - Pupa > Butterfly

Freddie - The Lifecycle of a Butterfly

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Maths Development

In our Maths Development sessions this week, we have been measuring height, length and time. The children used various units of measurement to compare height using the vocabulary taller and shorter, length using the vocabulary longer or shorter and measured time naming and ordering the days of the week. We even challenged ourselves to discover how many times we could complete various activities within one minute. The children are going to explore height further by planting their own seed and monitoring its growth.

Expressive Arts and Design

This week, in our virtual Art and Design lesson with Miss Clitheroe, we were learning about the 5 different types of lines. The children were able to explore drawing or creating horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curved and zig-zag lines using a range of resources. We loved completing this activity, and the children became confident at recognising each type of line, even if the words were a little tricky to pronounce! :)

Spring 1 - Week 6 - Blended Learning

We have reached the final day of the first half of the Spring term! This term has been slightly unusual, as we immersed ourselves into blended learning, with some children learning in school and some children learning from home. The EYFS Team would like to say a huge thank you to all of the children, parents and carers who have worked incredibly hard this term. You have ensured that blended learning ran smoothly and seamlessly. We hope that we will all be reunited once again, in the near future.

  As a reward for all of the wonderful learning this term, this morning we had a special virtual visit to Yew Tree Farm! In preparation for this, this week the children have transformed themselves into Farmers! They have discovered all of the hard work Farmers complete each day, taking care of animals, fruits and vegetables and maintaining their farm equipment - especially the tractor!

Shall we find out what we got up to 'Down on the Farm'....

A Virtual Trip to Yew Tree Farm

The children have been eagerly anticipating their trip to the farm all week! We spent lots of time researching about life on the farm and the children were able to think of many questions, that they would like the farm to answer during the tour.

A question for the farm...

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A question for the farm...

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Yew Tree Farm

The children absolutely loved the visit to Yew Tree Farm. We were able to meet the chickens, ducks and geese. We found out that the hens lay one egg per day! We met the pygmy goats - Fed them and learnt about their cheeky antics. Emmy wanted to know why the goats had tags on their ears. We found out that this is so we can identify them, if they are lost or stolen. We met the sheep and Maisie the Shetland pony - Tabitha wanted to know whether she could ride her!.

We were fortunate to meet the four little piglets and all of the rabbits and guinea pigs on the farm, which we all agreed were very cute. The tour then ended with a lovely story. We had a wonderful time!


Here are some snapshots from the Zoom...


Designing and Maintaining our Farms

The children thought carefully about all of the animals, crops and scenery they might see on a farm. We played the game 'A Year on the Farm', to consider all of the hard work farmers have to do all year round, in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, to keep the farm running smoothly. We had to feed and care for the animals, plough the fields, harvest the crops, maintain the tractor and complete many more important jobs. We listened to the traditional song 'Old Macdonald had a farm', to prompt a discussion about all of the animals we might see on a farm. The children then set to, designing a map of what they would like to include on their own farm, which would make people want to visit. They created farms at home and in the classroom, and built and designed tractors in construction, junk modelling and outdoors. Two of our remote learners, Max and Joseph, were able to tell us about their very own farm animals, 'Coco' the horse and the sheep.

Meet the Sheep

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Meet Coco the horse!

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Building a Garage for our Tractor Outdoors

We love learning outdoors in EYFS, and after spending lots of time creating tractors indoors, the children decided to build a large garage to maintain the tractor in, outdoors. "We're mechanics! We're building a garage to fix the tractor. We need to build a big barn and use lots of tools". The children use wooden planks, cones, sticks and outdoor construction materials to build their garage. They demonstrate high levels of engagement and excitement throughout. "You are not allowed inside, it's not safe", the children prevent anyone from entering a high risk area! The children demonstrated brilliant teamwork!