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Our Learning Journal 21/22

Spring Term 1

Spring Term 1 - Week 3


Well done to all of our reception children for another wonderful week in school.  In the EYFS provision the children have particularly enjoyed exploring our frozen outdoor area, creating jungle animal masks then using these in role play, building amazing structures in the construction area and reading/retelling jungle themed stories in the reading area. 

During phonics we have been consolidating our learning up to now of the the phase 2 and phase 3 sounds, especially ch, th, ai, and igh.  Our tricky words this week have been; are and like.  We have all done fantastic writing, practicing these graphemes in words and sentences.  This week's focus in maths has been the composition of numbers to 5 in three groups and working out how many objects are hiding from a set amount.  We had another wonderful Gymnastics session with Mrs Winward, developing our balance, control and coordination across benches and through different movements.  Our French sessions with Madame Wardle have continued  - this week continuing to learn the names of fruit in French through lots of fun games.  In our expressive arts and design session, we have been drawing tigers, using graphite pencils.  We have explored the graphite pencils, creating different marks, before drawing our wonderful tigers with the photographs to help us. 


Spring Term 1 - Week 2


This week, as well as practising the phase 2 and phase 3 sounds we have already learned in phonics, we have learnt some new phoneme/grapheme's: ee and ai. Our tricky words this week are all and her.  We have all done fantastic writing, practicing these graphemes in words and sentences. We tried really hard to write about our Forest school session this week and also writing the names of animals in the jungle.  This week's focus in maths has been the composition of numbers to 5; creating equal and unequal groups; and spiting items into two groups and saying how many there are altogether.  We had another wonderful Gymnastics session with Mrs Winward and have continued our French sessions with Madame Wardle - this week practising the names of fruit in French.  We had a wonderful time on our weekly welly walk that took us through the woods, over and under fallen trees and into the stream.  In our expressive arts and design session, we have continued to look at the work of the artist Henri Rousseau. We have looked at his paintings of jungle animals surrounded by jungle leaves and trees. We talked about some of the animals being camouflaged.  The children were asked to choose an animal, cut it out and stick it onto their paper and then surround or camouflage the jungle animal in the jungle.  We used the skills of colour mixing greens in last week’s session to create the colours we needed and looked at real photos of jungle trees and leaves to help us paint them.


Forest School Session 

What an amazing time we had at our wild one adventure with Louise, on Wednesday! 

First we had a woodland story time where we listened to the story ‘Monkey Puzzle’ bu Julia Donaldson.  This is one of our favourite books so we joined in with lots of the repeated refrains and predicted the next pages!  We then received our jungle binoculars which we camouflaged using items foraged from the woodland.  Using our jungle binoculars we followed the trail, searching for jungle animals.  At the end of the trail we found a tiger lay in the trees and to see the tiger we had to get up a steep hill. We used a rope and alternated pulling using both our hands to navigate up the hill.  Once we got to the top of the hill, to spot the friendly tiger we used the Jungle mud slide to get us back down the hill!  We trekked back to the campsite to end our jungle adventure with marshmallows around the fire and confidently remembered our fire safety rules around the fire pit. 

A wonderful morning in the woods! 

Our jungle forest school session

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Spring Term 1 - Week 1

After a wonderful Christmas break, we have started the New Year and Spring term with lots of fun in our EYFS class. We have spent this week settling back into school, learning our new routines and continuing to build relationships with our peers. 
We have started talking about our whole school theme - Amazing Asia, and our focus text The jungle Book and other Asian themed books. We have begun to exploring our newly enhanced provision, with a jungle small world and school role play.


This week, as well as practising the phase 2 and phase 3 sounds we have already learned in phonics, we have learnt some new phoneme/grapheme's: no, th. Our tricky words this week are you and they. 
We have all done fantastic writing, practicing these graphemes in words and sentences. In maths we have started our new ‘Alive in 5’ theme, looking at numbers 0 to 5 and different ways we can represent these numbers.  During maths group sessions we have also really enjoyed singing wobbling soldiers and clapping, marching and tapping out different numbers all the way up to 20.  We have also started our Gymnastics sessions with Mrs Winward and have continued our French sessions with Madame Wardle. 

Here is what we have most enjoyed this week:

Lucy "I liked playing with my friends"

Jessica "I liked playing Mummy and Daddys in the home corner"

Brooke "I enjoyed doing the lines with Queenie when we write the animals names"

Alex "I like cutting and drawing with Theo"

Evie "Playing lego, building a castle"

Nancy "I like playing in the home corner, schools.



Autumn Term 2

Autumn Term 2 - Week 7

Autumn Term 2 - Week 6


We have had a very exciting and festive week, which has included our Nativity filming (The Whoops-A-Daisy Angel), Christmas jumper day and Christmas Dinner! 


We have had lots of fun in our provision this week. In the writing area we have been creating christmas cards, labelling winter clothing and exploring the resources available. In our creative area this week we have been particularly interested in cutting and sticking to create classroom decorations such as paper chains and snowflakes. We have really enjoyed the nativity scene in our reflection area, acting out using the small world nativity characters. In the malleable area we have been exploring water and ice with small world arctic animals and different tools to support our fine motor skills (such as pipets). 

This week, as well as practising the phase 2 and phase 3 sounds we have already learned in phonics, we have learnt some new phoneme/grapheme's: y, z & zz. Our tricky words this week are me, we and be.  We have all done fantastic writing, practicing these graphemes in words and sentences too! 


We can't wait for another wonderful week in school, before we break up for the Christmas holidays next Friday 17th December at 1.15pm!  

Autumn Term 2 - Week 5

Our Christmas Wild One Adventure

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Autumn Term 2 - Week 4


We have had another great week in EYFS Reception Class. 

This week, in phonics we have focussed on: l, ll, f, ff. We have practised the sounds through lots of wonderful games and we have also applied our phonics learning to our mark making and writing activities. 


In the indoor and outdoor provision this week we have particularly enjoyed: role playing teachers and doctors; collecting autumn leaves using the litter pickers and brushes; cutting, sticking and mark making in the new post office area; painting using the water colours in the creative area; and constructing and exploring the dinosaurs in the construction area. 


We have also been trying really hard during our Christmas Nativity practise and we can't wait to share this virtually with our families! 

Autumn Term 2 - Week 3

What an exciting week we have had in EYFS Reception Class. 

In provision we have been enjoying: exploring water through our fine motor skills; role playing a doctors surgery; building towers in the construction area; and creating words in playdough using our early letter and phonics knowledge.  During our expressive arts and design session we have been creating candle holders using clay. 

On Friday, to raise money for Children in Need we have dressed up in spotty/Pudsey themed outfits and have enjoyed a range of fun activities! 

Children in Need 2021

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Wednesday Welly Walk

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Autumn Term 2 - Week 2


It has been another busy week of exploring in our EYFS Reception Class. 


In provision we have been exploring making sound and playing musical instruments alongside our peers, we have also re-used rice, lentils and glitter from our sensory tray and our milk bottles to create our own musical shakers - after creating our shakers we decorated them in the creative area. Many of us were very excited about FIREWORKS, after a busy weekend of firework displays and events. We have mark made our own fireworks using different resources and mediums such as paunt and oil pastels in our EAD session with Mrs Dixon. This interest also lead us to some writing opportunities - writing firework sounds and words!  We talked with our partners about the sounds fireworks made as well as words to describe the sounds and worked hard, using our early phonics and letter knowledge to match phones with graphemes, as well as some of us writing words to describe what sounds fireworks make such as ‘pop’ ‘fiz’ ‘crash’.  We have been creating cvc words in phonics, using phoneme frames. We use our sound fingers to sound out phonemes in words and finding the matching graphemes to build the words - some children then practised writing the words!  In our maths area we have been counting objects up to 10, using our fine motor skills we have selected water beads to count by placing them in the numicon holes - we have then counted the amount and matched the number to a numeral turtle! 


We have enjoyed creating poppy pictures for Remembrance Day, using paint and glitter to create our own representations of the poppies. We have spoken about Remembrance day, why we celebrate Remembrance Day and what people do on Remembrance Day to Remember the soldiers who fought for our country.  Together we created our class poppy for the memorial service. 


Wednesday's Welly Walk


We had a lovely walk around the local woodland area, we talked about how to keep safe on our walk, we explored the woodland, we painted poppies on trees for Remembrance Day and ended with our snack outdoors and exploration of the paddock.

Autumn Term 2 - Week 1


We have had a busy first week back at school.  This week we have celebrated Diwali and also talked about bonfire night - why we celebrate this and how to keep safe.  This half term is filled with lots of celebrations and we will be providing the children with many opportunities to explore these events and share their own interests, alongside the ‘Factual Footprints’ whole school theme where we will be focussing on DINOSAURS!  This week in the provision the children have enjoyed mark making rangoli patterns, role playing doctors, creating cities in the construction area and enjoying pretending to book us all holidays at the children’s computer desk! 


Here is what the children have said about their week:


Oliver says: "I loved playing with Ethan, making a giant theme park - in the construction area"


Brooke says "I liked playing in the home corner with Queenie"


Bobbi says "I like playing in the office"


Jessica says "I liked the tunnel where the ribbons were" (Outdoor adventure)


Bodhi says:  "I liked playing in the construction area, we built a tower that the Pterodactyl protected"

This half term we have started our reading sessions - to promote and inspire the children’s love for reading. 

During these sessions we have a group going to the library, a group sitting to read in the reading area, the whole class on the carpet exploring Miss Clayton’s book baskets and individual children reading their reading books with teachers.  What a lovely atmosphere with all the children engaged in wonderful stories. 📖 

Wednesday 3rd November - Outdoor Adventure - THE HIGHWAY RAT!


First, we first arrived into the woods we sat to listen to the story ‘The highway Rat’ bu Julia Donaldson. 

Next we made our own nature sword - just like the highway rat’s! To make our sword we had to search for a stick and a leaf, after we had found the perfect resources we sat to carefully push our stick through the leaf to create our sword. 

We then journeyed along the highway (Hoping not to run into the highway rat)!  The highway was marked out with purple ribbons which we had to look for to help us navigate the highway and even took us through a dark tunnel!   At the end of the highway we found a CAVE, we chose two brave children to enter the cave to search it (hoping to find some delicious treats).  They found some marshmallows!!

We journeyed the marshmallows back to our camp, sat around the fire pit for some calm time in the woodland to roast our marshmallows over the fire pit.  We talked about how to make sure we were safe around the fire, for example not to run near the fire and if it was not your turn to stay sat down and not go past the red bricks. We also talked about when it was our turn we had to go towards the fire on our knees and make sure we held our stick with our marshmallows on out in front of us over the fire and not get to close. 
We all did a fantastic job roasting our marshmallows, being brave and safe around the fire!

Finally, to finish off our Highway Rat adventure we had a dance in the woods. 🌳 

What an amazing afternoon with wonderful outdoor explorers! 🤎💚⭐️

Take a look at our adventure…

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Autumn Term 1

Autumn Term 1 - Week 6


This week we have loved exploring our provision. Every morning we have been visiting the big playground apparatus and trim trail to support our physical development - clambering, climbing, balancing and running.


We have been focussing on African animals this week, listening to the story of The Ugly Five as well as  Non-Fiction animal books. We have talked about the animals, described the animals and have all worked very hard to create a page for our ‘Amazing African Animals’ Class book. 

This week, as well as practising the sounds we have already learnt in phonics we have learnt some new sounds: e, u & ck. 

St Paul’s Pumpkin Patch
This week, the children in reception class have enjoyed exploring our own little ‘St Paul’s Pumpkin Patch’. The children have been exploring the pumpkins through their senses, as well as carrying, collecting and rolling the pumpkins around the paddock. This has also presented the children with lots of opportunities for role play, talk and imaginative play with their peers. What a wonderful time we had! 

Pumpkin Patch

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Autumn Term 1 - Week 5


This week, exploring our indoor and outdoor provision has been lots of fun. We have had a wonderful time outdoors, exploring the water and rain with our peers! We have made bubbles in the puddles, created our own flowing water and floods, and explored the resources in the outdoor area.  We have built shelters from the rain and obstacle courses using the tyres and planks. 
We have especially enjoyed role playing teachers - taking the register and teaching phonics to each other. In maths we are learning to recognise up to 5 items without counting them. This is called subitising. we have been using our autumnal loose parts such as conkers to practise our subitising. 


For Harvest we have been exploring vegetables - printing repeating patterns with vegetables in the creative area and exploring vegetables to create observational drawings in the mark making area. Some of us decided to turn our vegetable drawings into vegetable people! 

Physical Education 

Our P.E session was lots of fun.  We began by independently exploring the hall floor and benches with our bean bags.  We used our bodies to balance and control the beanbags when walking, hopping, crawling and moving around the room and on the benches.  After this, we continued practising our throwing and catching skills using the bean bag in small groups.  To finish we all had an exciting game of beanbag musical statues where we had to try really hard to control the beanbag to keep it still when the music stopped!  Well done reception - wonderful listening, moving and joining in.👏⭐️

Take a look at our wonderful week...

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Autumn Term 1 - Week 4


This week we have had another busy week enjoying our indoor and outdoor provision.  

We have loved our daily routine of going to the trim trail in a morning to support our physical development - already our coordination, control and confidence is showing an improvement when going around the apparatus. Our provision has been enhanced this week with themes of doctors, medicine making, princesses and castles because our our shared love for the books ZOG and Zog and the flying doctors! We also had an exciting visitor that was found in our outdoor area - A speckled Frog! 🐸 We put the frog in a box so we can observe from a distance and we also decide to draw observational pictures of the frog! We all took a long time carefully looking and drawing different parts of the frog that we could see and commenting on the frogs colour. 


In phonics we have been practising our previous weeks sounds: s a t p i n. Also we have learnt some new sounds this week: d m g. We have been practising blending for reading and letter formation too!


In P.E we have continued to explore our beanbag skills and control. We have enjoyed throwing and catching with partners, playing beanbag musical statues and follow the leader where we all took turns to lead our group, balancing the beanbag on different parts of our body! 

Monday 20th September - Life Education Visit


Today Life Education has been to our class to help us learn ‘All About Me’. 

We have been talking about our bodies, parts of our bodies, what is inside our bodies and what they do - such as ears for listening, eyes for seeing and heart for pumping our blood around our body. We talked about what helps our bodies to work such as food to give us energy and that adults sometimes give us medicine to make us feel better. 😊

We also had a lovely visitor - Harold the Giraffe!

To finish the Life Education session, Harold sang us his ‘Healthy, Happy Harold’ song. 

Harold is a little theatrical, which we all found very funny - as you can see. 🤣

Life education video

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Autumn Term 1 - Week 3


We have had a brilliant second week in EYFS class. The children have continued to build relationships with peers and have explored the continuous provision with confidence.  

This week we have especially enjoyed the story of The Gingerbread Man, drawing our favourite characters from the story, creating our own gingerbread men in the playground area and mark making around our own bodies and decorating to create our own life-sized gingerbread men! 

This week in phonics we have been learning our phase two sounds; p, i, n. We have also been recapping our previously learnt sounds; s, a, t. The children have been fabulous in our phonics sessions, doing great listening and following instructions. We have also been practicing forming our sounds and mark making in glitter, sand and chalk to develop out gross and fine motor movements. 

This week in P.E we have been developing our CONTROL, moving, travelling and balancing a beanbag on different parts of our bodies and we have also been playing some games such as crocodiles in the river! 

Autumn Term 1 - Week 2 - Our first full week in school


The children have settled well and have come into school with confidence and enthusiasm. Many special friendships have started to form and the children are fantastic at exploring and selecting activities in our indoors and outdoors provision.  Miss Clayton has been so impressed at the children’s listening and involvement in their carpet sessions such as phonics, mark making (pencil control), French and worship.  The children have been absolutely fantastic in the big hall at lunchtime and have loved exploring the big playground and apparatus outdoors on the yard. 

On Friday we have all had a fantastic P.E session, showing wonderful listening and physical movements. 

First we started by moving and freezing in different ways around the hall such as big moon steps and tiny mouse steps.  Then we practiced our balancing bean bag skills, using different parts of our body to walk and balance the bean bag. We also had a go at aiming and throwing our bean bags into hoops.  To finish our P.E lesson we expressed ourselves to music through movement around the hall and had a stretch.  Well done Reception for a fantastic P.E session and first full week. 👏⭐️ Superstars! 

Some ‘best bits’ from our first week in EYFS class...

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Autumn Term 1 - Week 1 - Transition days


The children have enjoyed their first two days in school this week.  The whole class have enjoyed exploring our indoors and outdoors provision, meeting their new peers, eating lunch in the hall and playing on the big playground! 

It has been great to observe the children interacting and becoming more familiar with the environment and each other. We can already see some special friendships forming and their great individual characters shining through. We are so proud of our EYFS class! 

Your new EYFS indoor provision...

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Start children off on the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it.
- Proverbs 22:6