Our Learning Journal 21/22

Autumn Term 1

Autumn Term 1 - Week 4


This week we have had another busy week enjoying our indoor and outdoor provision.  

We have loved our daily routine of going to the trim trail in a morning to support our physical development - already our coordination, control and confidence is showing an improvement when going around the apparatus. Our provision has been enhanced this week with themes of doctors, medicine making, princesses and castles because our our shared love for the books ZOG and Zog and the flying doctors! We also had an exciting visitor that was found in our outdoor area - A speckled Frog! 🐸 We put the frog in a box so we can observe from a distance and we also decide to draw observational pictures of the frog! We all took a long time carefully looking and drawing different parts of the frog that we could see and commenting on the frogs colour. 


In phonics we have been practising our previous weeks sounds: s a t p i n. Also we have learnt some new sounds this week: d m g. We have been practising blending for reading and letter formation too!


In P.E we have continued to explore our beanbag skills and control. We have enjoyed throwing and catching with partners, playing beanbag musical statues and follow the leader where we all took turns to lead our group, balancing the beanbag on different parts of our body! 

Monday 20th September - Life Education Visit


Today Life Education has been to our class to help us learn ‘All About Me’. 

We have been talking about our bodies, parts of our bodies, what is inside our bodies and what they do - such as ears for listening, eyes for seeing and heart for pumping our blood around our body. We talked about what helps our bodies to work such as food to give us energy and that adults sometimes give us medicine to make us feel better. 😊

We also had a lovely visitor - Harold the Giraffe!

To finish the Life Education session, Harold sang us his ‘Healthy, Happy Harold’ song. 

Harold is a little theatrical, which we all found very funny - as you can see. 🤣

Life education video

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Autumn Term 1 - Week 3


We have had a brilliant second week in EYFS class. The children have continued to build relationships with peers and have explored the continuous provision with confidence.  

This week we have especially enjoyed the story of The Gingerbread Man, drawing our favourite characters from the story, creating our own gingerbread men in the playground area and mark making around our own bodies and decorating to create our own life-sized gingerbread men! 

This week in phonics we have been learning our phase two sounds; p, i, n. We have also been recapping our previously learnt sounds; s, a, t. The children have been fabulous in our phonics sessions, doing great listening and following instructions. We have also been practicing forming our sounds and mark making in glitter, sand and chalk to develop out gross and fine motor movements. 

This week in P.E we have been developing our CONTROL, moving, travelling and balancing a beanbag on different parts of our bodies and we have also been playing some games such as crocodiles in the river! 

Autumn Term 1 - Week 2 - Our first full week in school


The children have settled well and have come into school with confidence and enthusiasm. Many special friendships have started to form and the children are fantastic at exploring and selecting activities in our indoors and outdoors provision.  Miss Clayton has been so impressed at the children’s listening and involvement in their carpet sessions such as phonics, mark making (pencil control), French and worship.  The children have been absolutely fantastic in the big hall at lunchtime and have loved exploring the big playground and apparatus outdoors on the yard. 

On Friday we have all had a fantastic P.E session, showing wonderful listening and physical movements. 

First we started by moving and freezing in different ways around the hall such as big moon steps and tiny mouse steps.  Then we practiced our balancing bean bag skills, using different parts of our body to walk and balance the bean bag. We also had a go at aiming and throwing our bean bags into hoops.  To finish our P.E lesson we expressed ourselves to music through movement around the hall and had a stretch.  Well done Reception for a fantastic P.E session and first full week. 👏⭐️ Superstars! 

Some ‘best bits’ from our first week in EYFS class...

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Autumn Term 1 - Week 1 - Transition days


The children have enjoyed their first two days in school this week.  The whole class have enjoyed exploring our indoors and outdoors provision, meeting their new peers, eating lunch in the hall and playing on the big playground! 

It has been great to observe the children interacting and becoming more familiar with the environment and each other. We can already see some special friendships forming and their great individual characters shining through. We are so proud of our EYFS class! 

Your new EYFS indoor provision...

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