Our Learning!

Les moyens de transport!

In French this half term, our new topic is Le transport. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary and this week we have been using it in our writing. We have used adverbial phrases to write sentences in the past and future tense to say where we have been or where we will go and how we got or will get there. 

Investigating reflection of light

Investigating reflection of light 1
Investigating reflection of light 2
Investigating reflection of light 3
Investigating reflection of light 4
Our new topic in science this half term is light. This week, we have been investigating how light travels and how it reflects. For this investigation, we used a mirror and a piece of card with a slit cut out of it. We used a torch as our light source and observed the rays when the light reflected off the mirror. 

Our Batik T-shirts

Our Batik T-shirts 1
Our Batik T-shirts 2
Our Batik T-shirts 3
Our Batik T-shirts 4
Here are some of our outcomes from our Native Narratives topic. We created a batik design on our pockets and we have sewn them on to our t-shirts using back stitch!

Native Narratives Poetry

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Have a look at the poems we have written in English this half term! We have looked at poetry by Hussain Manawer and based our own poems on The Girl of Ink and Stars.
In PE this half term, we have been doing street dance. You can see the video of our performance on the children's tab under video resource centre.

A visit from a fashion designer!

We are lucky to have had Laura from Asikara designs to come and visit our class this week. Laura has showed us African materials and designs and talked to us about her career in fashion. We loved seeing her batik designs and explained to her how we have been using batik in our learning in the classroom this half term.

Designing a pattern for Batik

Designing a pattern for Batik 1
Designing a pattern for Batik 2
Designing a pattern for Batik 3
Designing a pattern for Batik 4
In art, we have been thinking about our designs for our textiles product. We have designed the pocket where we will be using Batik to achieve a pattern. You can see from the pictures how our designs have evolved and changed after evaluation to be more suitable for the technique of Batik. 

International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace 1
International Day of Peace 2
International Day of Peace 3
International Day of Peace 4
International Day of Peace 5
International Day of Peace 6
We have enjoyed taking part in a yoga session today to celebrate International Day of Peace. We all felt very relaxed afterwards!

Looking for living things at the Millennium Green

Today, Year 6 walked to Millennium Green to explore the habitat and find living things. We found lots of creatures such as, flies, lady birds, spiders, caterpillars and snails. We have talked about how living things can be classified according to their characteristics and we are ready to create classification keys in our science lessons!

African Music Workshop

African Music Workshop

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We had to listen to the tempo that Mr Richards set when he played the drum.

Textiles in Design and Technology