Our Learning!

Sport Relief

Year 6 enjoyed dressing up as their sporting heroes for Sport Relief on Friday! 

The History of Greek Music

We are very lucky to have had a visitor in Year 6 this week. George Blackwell came in to talk to us about the history of Greek music. He told us all about the traditional instruments that were used in Ancient Greece and how these are related to the Greek Gods. 

Exploring musical elements

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This week in Music, we have been exploring the different musical elements. Mr Richards chose children to come to the front and lead the class by playing a beat on the djembe. The leader who was chosen had to change the dynamics and tempo and the rest of the class listened carefully and played the glockenspiels in the same way. We have also been working hard trying to play a traditional Greek melody! 

English Drama

This week in English, we have continued to look at the character of King Minos in our Greek myth. We have used drama to take part in hot seating where we asked the King questions about his thoughts and feelings to use in our writing. 

World Book Day

Year 6 have enjoyed celebrating World Book Day this week! We have been reading with other classes and sharing our favourite books with each other. Here are some of our costumes! 

Historical Timeline

This week, we have been looking at a timeline of History including different time periods which we have studied throughout school. We arranged periods such as the Ancient Egyptians, Vikings, Romans and Victorians on the timeline to see where in History they happened. We then added Ancient Greece to understand where it was in relation to these periods.

Exploring Scratch!

This half term, Year 6 are doing coding in their computing lessons. This week, we explored the program Scratch. We looked at how to change the background and make the sprite do various actions including moving and speaking. We are looking forward to learning lots of skills to be able to design our own games! 

R.E - Freedom poetry

This half term in R.E, Year 6 have been learning about Exodus and why it is a significant event in Jewish and Christian history. This week, we have discussed the theme of freedom which is at the heart of the Jewish festival of Passover and thought about what freedom means to us. Here are some of the poems we have written about this theme. 

Watercolour paintings

This week, we have used our new skills to start our final piece of artwork. We started with the sky and the mountains mixing colours to create particular light effects. They are looking great! 

Survival of the fittest

As part of our Evolution and Inheritance topic in Science, this week we have looked at the theory of natural selection. We have conducted an experiment to test which type of beak would be the most effective for a bird to get enough food and survive. We used different materials to represent the different types of beak: a toothpick, a peg, a bulldog clip, a spoon and a hair clip. We tested which one would be the most effective at picking up types of food such as seeds, and worms (strawberry laces)smiley 


This week in Science, we have been looking at the information that we can get from fossils about living things. Olivia brought some fossils in to show us! 

Debate - Should Mowgli stay in the jungle?

This week, Year 6 have had a class debate. We split into two sides (for and against) and thought of arguments to support our viewpoint. 

Art - Watercolours

This week, we have started to create our watercolour landscapes of the Karst mountains in China. We have been focusing on mixing colours to create a calm atmosphere in our paintings.

Science - Adaptation

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Our topic in Science this half term is Evolution and Inheritance. This week we have been looking at adaptation and how animals survive in their environments. We have researched the adaptations that the characters of The Jungle Book have to survive in the jungle. Here are some of our videos about the adaptations Baloo, Bagheera and Shere Khan have. 

The Jungle Book - Drama

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We have started looking at our new text in English, The Jungle Book. This week, Year 6 have used drama to summarise the key events. The children thought of actions to represent the events and performed them using intonation in their voice to create dramatic effects. 

Chinese calligraphy

We have started looking at our new topic Amazing Asia by exploring the art of Chinese calligraphy. Here are some of our attempts at drawing the symbols!

Chinese Ribbon Dancing


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Year 6 enjoyed learning about Chinese Ribbon Dancing in their workshop. They learnt about the story of the Jade Emperor and where ribbon dancing comes from and put together a brilliant performance! 

Enterprise jingle

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We have thought about how we can encourage people to buy our products. We have been writing catchy jingles to persuade our audience to buy our decorations. Here is one written by Charlie G. 

Enterprise Week

Year 6 have been busy making Christmas decorations for enterprise week. We have even been making our own pompoms! We have also used our maths skills to calculate the costings and what profit we could make. 


Year 6 have been using Computer Aided Design (CAD) to design a remembrance display. They used our new software called 2D Primary to transfer their sketches of soldiers on to the computer. 

French speaking

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This week in French, we have used our new vocabulary to take part in a role play with a partner. We role played buying a train ticket at a station. In the conversation between the ticket officer and the customer, we included a greeting, saying where we wanted to go, and saying how much it would cost. We have tried really hard with our pronunciation!

Sketching a design based on research

In design and technology, Year 6 have been designing a remembrance display. We have researched current memorials and remembrance displays and looked at designs which include the silhouettes of soldiers. We thought about which designs would be the most suitable for our display thinking about things such as making it eye catching, making it a sturdy structure and not making it too detailed and complicated. Based on our research, we have sketched our own soldier silhouette designs.


In PSHE this week, we have been learning about democracy and we have held a mock election in our class. Each party created a manifesto to convince the audience to vote for them. They thought about how they could improve things such as health care, education, emergency services and the environment in our country. The parties presented their policies to the class and each group had a vote. 

WWII Dance

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In PE this half term, we are doing World War II dance. Here are some videos of our exploration of 'The Jitterbug'. We practised the basic moves and then created our own sequence in partners. Enjoy!


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Les moyens de transport!

In French this half term, our new topic is Le transport. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary and this week we have been using it in our writing. We have used adverbial phrases to write sentences in the past and future tense to say where we have been or where we will go and how we got or will get there. 

Investigating reflection of light

Our new topic in science this half term is light. This week, we have been investigating how light travels and how it reflects. For this investigation, we used a mirror and a piece of card with a slit cut out of it. We used a torch as our light source and observed the rays when the light reflected off the mirror. 

Our Batik T-shirts

Here are some of our outcomes from our Native Narratives topic. We created a batik design on our pockets and we have sewn them on to our t-shirts using back stitch!

Native Narratives Poetry

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Have a look at the poems we have written in English this half term! We have looked at poetry by Hussain Manawer and based our own poems on The Girl of Ink and Stars.
In PE this half term, we have been doing street dance. You can see the video of our performance on the children's tab under video resource centre.

A visit from a fashion designer!

We are lucky to have had Laura from Asikara designs to come and visit our class this week. Laura has showed us African materials and designs and talked to us about her career in fashion. We loved seeing her batik designs and explained to her how we have been using batik in our learning in the classroom this half term.

Designing a pattern for Batik

In art, we have been thinking about our designs for our textiles product. We have designed the pocket where we will be using Batik to achieve a pattern. You can see from the pictures how our designs have evolved and changed after evaluation to be more suitable for the technique of Batik. 

International Day of Peace

We have enjoyed taking part in a yoga session today to celebrate International Day of Peace. We all felt very relaxed afterwards!

Looking for living things at the Millennium Green

Today, Year 6 walked to Millennium Green to explore the habitat and find living things. We found lots of creatures such as, flies, lady birds, spiders, caterpillars and snails. We have talked about how living things can be classified according to their characteristics and we are ready to create classification keys in our science lessons!

African Music Workshop

African Music Workshop

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We had to listen to the tempo that Mr Richards set when he played the drum.

Textiles in Design and Technology