Our Learning

Spring 2 - Week 1 - Blended Learning

This week in EYFS the children have loved learning all about the theme 'Big Bad Bugs'. Together, we have researched a variety of minibeasts, talked about their distinguishing features and found out some exciting facts. We listened to a range of stories about minibeasts and even went on a mini beast hunt! Shall we find out more...

Mad About Minibeasts

The children have loved finding out interesting facts about minibeasts, from spiders to woodlice, caterpillars to stick insects, ladybirds to slugs and snails and many, many more insects and small creatures. They drew pictures and crafted their favourite minibeasts, applying their phonic knowledge to segment to spell and label them. The children prepared their very own mini-beast checklists ready to go on a bug hunt. We pulled on our overalls and our wellies and ventured outdoors. We didn't expect to see many minibeasts due to the weather, however, between us all we were pleasantly surprised! Fortunately, the children knew where to look... in dark, damp places under logs and leaves and beneath stones. This week, we have seen a millipede, several spiders and worms, a slug, a beetle, an ant, a woodlouse and even a newt! 


The children used their new found knowledge of minibeast habitats to create minibeast hotels for the minibeasts to visit and reside in. We made these both in the classroom and at home and the children had lots of fun.

The Lifecycle of a Butterfly

We were able to describe the stages of the lifecycle of a butterfly using the appropriate scientific vocabulary. We made our own paper plate lifecycles to help us to describe this.

Egg > Larva (Caterpillar) > Chrysalis - Pupa > Butterfly

Freddie - The Lifecycle of a Butterfly

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Maths Development

In our Maths Development sessions this week, we have been measuring height, length and time. The children used various units of measurement to compare height using the vocabulary taller and shorter, length using the vocabulary longer or shorter and measured time naming and ordering the days of the week. We even challenged ourselves to discover how many times we could complete various activities within one minute. The children are going to explore height further by planting their own seed and monitoring its growth.

Expressive Arts and Design

This week, in our virtual Art and Design lesson with Miss Clitheroe, we were learning about the 5 different types of lines. The children were able to explore drawing or creating horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curved and zig-zag lines using a range of resources. We loved completing this activity, and the children became confident at recognising each type of line, even if the words were a little tricky to pronounce! :)

Spring 1 - Week 6 - Blended Learning

We have reached the final day of the first half of the Spring term! This term has been slightly unusual, as we immersed ourselves into blended learning, with some children learning in school and some children learning from home. The EYFS Team would like to say a huge thank you to all of the children, parents and carers who have worked incredibly hard this term. You have ensured that blended learning ran smoothly and seamlessly. We hope that we will all be reunited once again, in the near future.

  As a reward for all of the wonderful learning this term, this morning we had a special virtual visit to Yew Tree Farm! In preparation for this, this week the children have transformed themselves into Farmers! They have discovered all of the hard work Farmers complete each day, taking care of animals, fruits and vegetables and maintaining their farm equipment - especially the tractor!

Shall we find out what we got up to 'Down on the Farm'....

A Virtual Trip to Yew Tree Farm

The children have been eagerly anticipating their trip to the farm all week! We spent lots of time researching about life on the farm and the children were able to think of many questions, that they would like the farm to answer during the tour.

A question for the farm...

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A question for the farm...

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Yew Tree Farm

The children absolutely loved the visit to Yew Tree Farm. We were able to meet the chickens, ducks and geese. We found out that the hens lay one egg per day! We met the pygmy goats - Fed them and learnt about their cheeky antics. Emmy wanted to know why the goats had tags on their ears. We found out that this is so we can identify them, if they are lost or stolen. We met the sheep and Maisie the Shetland pony - Tabitha wanted to know whether she could ride her!.

We were fortunate to meet the four little piglets and all of the rabbits and guinea pigs on the farm, which we all agreed were very cute. The tour then ended with a lovely story. We had a wonderful time!


Here are some snapshots from the Zoom...


Designing and Maintaining our Farms

The children thought carefully about all of the animals, crops and scenery they might see on a farm. We played the game 'A Year on the Farm', to consider all of the hard work farmers have to do all year round, in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, to keep the farm running smoothly. We had to feed and care for the animals, plough the fields, harvest the crops, maintain the tractor and complete many more important jobs. We listened to the traditional song 'Old Macdonald had a farm', to prompt a discussion about all of the animals we might see on a farm. The children then set to, designing a map of what they would like to include on their own farm, which would make people want to visit. They created farms at home and in the classroom, and built and designed tractors in construction, junk modelling and outdoors. Two of our remote learners, Max and Joseph, were able to tell us about their very own farm animals, 'Coco' the horse and the sheep.

Meet the Sheep

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Meet Coco the horse!

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Building a Garage for our Tractor Outdoors

We love learning outdoors in EYFS, and after spending lots of time creating tractors indoors, the children decided to build a large garage to maintain the tractor in, outdoors. "We're mechanics! We're building a garage to fix the tractor. We need to build a big barn and use lots of tools". The children use wooden planks, cones, sticks and outdoor construction materials to build their garage. They demonstrate high levels of engagement and excitement throughout. "You are not allowed inside, it's not safe", the children prevent anyone from entering a high risk area! The children demonstrated brilliant teamwork!

'What the Ladybird Heard'

To support our Literacy Development, the children were introduced to the text 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson. The children were impressed with the ladybird's clever plan to save the prize cow from the thieves! They enjoyed drawing the farm animals from the story and writing captions for what each animal might have said. We also thought about how thankful the farmer would have been to the Ladybird, and wrote her a special thank you card.


Tilly loved the story so much, that she created a mask for every single animal and re-enacted the story!

Tilly performing 'What the Ladybird Heard'

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Moving Like an Animal

In a special Physical Development session this week, the children explored moving like an animal to develop their gross motor skills. We were able to hop like a bunny across the room, and take large strides to stomp like an elephant. We could walk like a crab from side to side, pinching our fingers in small motions. We then made our bodies slither like a snake, wiggling from side to side as we moved. We imagined we were galloping like a horse, taking large strides across an open field, and soared across the room flapping our arms gracefully like a bird. The children had great fun repeating each action!

George - Moving like an animal

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Benjamin - Moving like an animal

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Spring 1 - Week 5 - Blended learning

To coincide with Mental Health week, the learning for the children in EYFS has followed the theme 'Over the Rainbow'. The children have discussed how it is important for our health and wellbeing that we take care of our brains just as much as our bodies. Both at home and in school, the children have explored colours and have used this as a tool to explore our emotions and discuss our feelings. The children have studied a range of songs and texts to support their learning. Shall we take a look at what we have been up to...


'I Can Sing a Rainbow'

To begin the week, the children practised singing the song 'I Can Sing a Rainbow' to support them to consolidate and name all of the colours. They explored creating their own rainbows by either drawing, painting or creating a collage. They applied their phonic knowledge to support them to label the rainbow. The children then listened to 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas. They were able to recognise how we may associate colours with our thoughts and feelings, and use these to express our emotions. We drew colour monsters and coloured these in with the appropriate colours to reflect how we were feeling. We used yellow for happiness, pink for love, blue for sadness, black for fear and green for calm. We discussed how sometimes we may feel a range of emotions all at the same time for different reasons and that this is okay. 

"I Can Sing a Rainbow" by George

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'While We Can't Hug' 

We listened to the story 'While We Can't Hug' by Eoin Mclaughlin, and discussed how things are a little bit different at the moment with some children learning from home and some learning from school. The children created a storyboard of the main events of the story. We talked about how we may not have seen our close friends or family for a little while and how we might feel. The children were optimistic about the future: they understand that whilst we cannot see each other at the moment, there are many other ways we can show each other we care. We wrote postcards to those whom we miss and in our key worker time on Zoom we told our friends something we like about them. 

The Composition of 6,7 and 8.

In our Maths lessons this week, the children have looked closely at the composition of the numbers 6,7, and 8. They have enjoyed playing memory games recognising and matching cards representing these numbers. They have explored creating the numbers on a domino and sorting them into the correct group. We used the ladybird model to find each of the possible ways to represent 8 and at the latter end of the week we discovered one more and one less than each number.

The Walking Rainbow

As part of our Science and Understanding the World development, the children have put their science goggles on this week and completed some practical experiments. Firstly, the children explored the capillary effect by creating a walking rainbow. They added food colouring to four glasses of water, leaving 3 empty glasses in between and built a bridge between each glass. They observed the liquid climb up the bridge defying gravity to fill the other cup. As the primary colours mixed they created a beautiful and bright rainbow effect! 

  The second experiment involved mixing a pattern of skittles and M&Ms in water and observed the colours diffuse and create a rainbow pattern across the water. We were all amazed! 

Pip's Walking Rainbow

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Spring 1 - Week 4 - Blended Learning


"If you go down in the woods today,
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go down in the woods today,
You'd better go in disguise!

For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain,
Because today's the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic."


In Week 4 of Remote and Live learning, the children in EYFS have been enthralled in our Teddy Bears' Picnic topic. Every child has put so much emphasis into planning and preparing for the big event. Let's find out what we have been up to...


Picnic Preparations

In our Literacy development sessions this week the children have been making preparations for our Teddy Bears Picnic event. They have chosen their favourite teddy bears to attend as guests. We have discussed why they are special to us by having conversations with our EYFS Key Workers and peers. Some of us have even used technology to video call our family and friends to talk about their favourite teddy bears!

Once the children had selected their picnic guests, they set about applying their phonic knowledge to write invitations. The children had to think about 'who' we were inviting, 'what' the event was, 'when' the event would be and 'where' this would take place. The children ensured to make their invitations appear as attractive and inviting as possible to make the guests wanted to attend. 

 The preparations did not stop there... the children have segmented to spell place labels for their teddies, and have baked and prepared a variety of delicious food ready for the event.

The Teddy Bear Picnic

The children in EYFS were overjoyed when Thursday arrived and it was Teddy Bear Picnic day! After all of the hard work and preparations the live and remote learners came together via Zoom to celebrate. All of the remote learners attended the Zoom with their picnics set up in the background, all family members and teddy bear guests were in attendance. The live learners sat around a picnic blanket with our classroom teddy bears, a virtual slideshow of their teddies from home and lots of delicious food to eat!


We began the picnic by singing the classic 'Teddy Bear Picnic' song. The children had worked very hard practising the lyrics and supporting actions. They then tucked into their picnics, whilst we were fortunate to talk to every family remotely and hear all about their preparations and teddy bear guests. Finally, we finished the picnic with a good old game of hide and seek, but this time it was the teddies who were hiding all around our homes and classrooms. Luckily, we found them all! The EYFS team felt so proud of every child for their attitude and involvement. 

Maths Development

This week in our Maths lessons the children have explored weight and capacity through lots of fun and practical activities. They have compared the mass of objects using the vocabulary 'heavier' and 'lighter' by becoming human balance scales. We began to use the words 'full', 'nearly full', 'empty' and 'nearly empty' to help us understand the concept of capacity. The children explored measuring capacity by filling containers with soil, pasta, cereal and other household objects to identify which held the most and the least. At the end of the week, we even got to practise measuring ingredients to make our very own playdough for use in the classroom and at home!

George's Capacity Experiment!

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STEM - The Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

This week's UTW Technology task was to use a camera to take pictures. The children were tasked with going on a 'Rainbow Scavenger Hunt' to find something red, yellow, orange, green, purple and blue and to take a picture of as many of these they could find. They could then either make a presentation or print these to make a book. The children loved this task and would love to share with you what they found...

Tilly's Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

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Spring 1 - Week 3 - Blended Learning

The children in EYFS have excelled this week in their remote and blended learning, the continued effort from both children and supporting adults at home has made the EYFS Key Workers so proud. This week, in continuation of our 'Traditional Tales' topic, the children have studied the classic tale 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. Shall we take a look at some examples of the activities we have taken part in...

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This week the children have listened to the traditional tale 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears', they began by discussing their favourite part of the story and drawing a picture. Throughout the week in Literacy, they thought about the definition of questions and statements and practised responding to and asking questions, described settings and even practised using 'adjectives' to describe their favourite characters! The live learners enjoyed exploring our enhanced provision to continue and develop roleplay scenarios from traditional tales.


The children have loved their first full week of Live Phonics lessons with Mrs Bass and Miss Briggs and are making good progress developing the skills of blending to read and segmenting to spell through games and application activities.

Porridge Tasting

When Goldilocks enters the Three Bears cottage, her first discovery is three 'delicious' bowls of porridge upon the kitchen table (or so she thought). With intrigue, Goldilocks cheekily tastes each bowl... As part of our Understanding the World development, the children in EYFS also were able to explore tasting different flavours of porridge, describing and making comparisons about the taste. The children discussed the ingredients, and supported making the porridge. They added 1 teaspoon of sugar to one bowl and 1 teaspoon of salt to the other. The children used some interesting vocabulary to describe the flavours such as 'delicious, sugary, sweet, salty, like seaweed and... horrible and disgusting!'. Let's find out which they preferred in some pictures and home videos...

Maths Development

In our Maths lessons this week we have delved deeper into the composition of numbers to 5. We have explored composing numbers to 5 within two and three groups, and representing this on a five frame. Towards the latter end of the week, we used our problem solving skills to describe the composition of numbers when part of the number was hidden.

Creating a Treasure Map

As part of our Understanding the World learning this week, the children were given the opportunity to create a simple treasure map. The children thought about where their maps would start and end, clearly marking this on the map. They described the different landmarks they would like to see along the way, designing and labelling their maps. Some of the remote learners really got into the spirit of hunting for treasure by dressing up as pirates! We thought they looked absolutely incredible! 

Spring 1 - Week 2 - Blended learning

Well done for completing another fantastic week of live and remote learning. All of the key workers in EYFS have been so impressed by the level of participation and involvement from all of the children. Let's take a look at some examples of the wonderful learning we have seen this week...


Literacy Development

This week in Reception the children have had a wonderful time learning about the traditional tale 'The Gingerbread Man'. The children listened to the traditional tale and discussed 'who' the characters are in the story. The children used their knowledge of the story to produce some beautiful story maps to sequence the events and to use as a visual aid for retelling the story. The children have enjoyed revising their phonic sounds and applying their knowledge both inside the provision and at home. 

Maths development

The children have embraced the Maths learning this week as we have focused on mastery and consolidation of numbers to 5. The children enjoyed singing nursery rhymes to aid counting backwards and identifying one less, comparing quantities pictorally and in the environment to identify more and less. The children really engaged in their live Zoom lesson where they observed the teddy bears compete in a bean bag activity to score points and order their points from most to fewest, and enjoyed applying this in the provision and at home. Finally, at the latter end of the week the children explored sharing through teddy bears picnics. We had so much fun! 



Excitement and Engagement with Learning

Throughout the week, both the live and remote learners have shown such a buzz about learning! The children particularly enjoyed their expressive arts and design activity to bake their very own gingerbread men. They did so well to listen to the instructions and follow each step correctly. The activity helped to arouse some really interesting discussions about weight when preparing the ingredients and comparing quantities. The children had such fun! They loved completing the gymnastics activity with Mrs Winward and are going from strength to strength with their gross motor development. Here are some additional photographs of our learning...

Spring Term 1 - Week 1 - Blended learning


Happy New Year to everyone and welcome back to Hoddlesden, St Paul’s!


Although it has been an unusual start to the Spring Term, we would like to thank you all for the enthusiasm and commitment to learning you have shown this week! We may have noticed that things are a little bit different in school, with some of us learning in the classroom and others learning at home but we have all worked hard together (children, parents and teachers), to take part in our activities and most importantly make learning fun!


This week we have demonstrated through Tapestry lots of wonderful learning. In Phonics, you have revised the sounds h, b and f and applied these through games, and activities both indoors and even outdoors in the snow! In Maths, we learned how to describe the properties of triangles and circles, created pictures and went on exciting shape hunts to spot these in the environment. You were able to tell your teachers the position of a teddy in different places around your home using positional language.


At home and in school we were lucky to be able to have fun playing in the snow, building snowmen, making snow angels and searching for natural materials to make transient art. At school, we even got to taste hot chocolate when we came back inside to warm ourselves up - delicious! We saw so many lovely pictures of you all having fun!


On Friday, we were super lucky that we were all able to meet together as a class and join our teachers on Zoom for a live story time, to listen to the story 'Ten Little Lights'! 


We hope you have all had a wonderful week. Make sure to take a look at some of the pictures below of this weeks learning. We are proud of you all for trying your best in these unusual times. Have a big firework clap! 


Best Regards,


The EYFS Team

Autumn 2. Week 7

The week before Christmas

The children have had a lovely last week at school, before their Christmas break. They have engaged in a wide range of festive activities and fun celebrations. 


Elf Enterprise

The children finished off their Elf Enterprise project this week, by packaging the Christmas trees, decorating the bags and sealing the handles with ribbon. The children and the staff members have been overwhelmed with the feedback and the children are very thankful for all your kind purchases. 

Christmas cards

The children usually have their Expressive Arts and Design lessons, led by Mrs Clitheroe, although this week the children were very surprised to have their lesson taught to them via a virtual message. Mrs Clitheroe modelled to the children how to create a Reindeer print Christmas card, using their hand to create the face. The children really enjoyed this activity and took great care making them for their family members. 

They finished off the cards by sticking in a Christmas message, and writing 'love from.....' and their name underneath. 

Covidella Pantomime

This week, to reward the excellent behaviour EYFS show, they have been rewarded with a virtual Pantomime. Covidella and the masked ball was provided to us by MTA, a London-based drama school and was enjoyed by all the children this week. The children had the opportunity to watch this pantomime from the comfort of their classroom, with drinks and treats to enjoy in between. 

Our message from Santa

On Thursday the children had a very exciting message from Santa. Unfortunately, this year, he was unable to visit us as normal, although he sent us a virtual message to wish the children a very happy Christmas and to remind them to stay safe over the Christmas break. He was also spotted on the CCTV system to drop lots of presents off his sleigh for the EYFS children. The children ran onto the playground to find a present for everyone waiting for them. 

Autumn 2 Week 6


Over the past few weeks the children have been working very hard in their gymnastics lessons with Miss Crewe. They have been putting all their moves, stretches and positions together in a sequence to create their Christmas performance. 
They have been able to perform a number of positions, including; tuck, pike and straddle position. As well as perfecting their forward rolls, which some of the children were very nervous about in the beginning. 
Miss Crewe was very impressed with the children’s listening and attention each week, and their commitment to the performance. 


I’m sure you will all be as impressed as we are.
Merry Christmas from all of the EYFS team. 

Gymnastics Christmas Performance

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Elf Enterprise

The children have had a lovely week creating their Christmas tree pine cones for the Elf Enterprise project. We are overwhelmed with the response and the children are very pleased with the number of orders they have received. The children have been using their excellent painting skills, with their delicate brush strokes, to ensure that every section of the pine cone is covered in green paint. These will be sent out from next week.


Physical Development

This week the children have enjoyed going on the trim trail on the playground. This has been great to develop the children's gross motor skills, as well as their balance along the track. The children enjoyed the activity, with many conquering fears along the way. 

Expressive Arts & Design

This week, using our EAD skills in colour mixing, we have used our knowledge of dark to lighter colours in the initial steps of Christmas card making. Using a sponge to paint with, we applied a range of paints and resources to create a wintery night sky and snowy ground.





The Nativity

This week the children have been working hard on their nativity performance and filming it in our very own stable. The children have all done very well and should be very proud of themselves. We cannot wait to share the performance with you. 


This week the children have been looking at the new graphemes: y, z, zz, and qu. The children have played lots of practical activities this week to help with their learning. They even got the opportunity to play the teacher and test their friends knowledge of the tricky words. 

Next week we will be consolidating all of our phonetical knowledge, ready to start a new set after Christmas.

Autumn 2 Week 5

Expressive Arts & Design

Mrs Clitheroe and the children focused on colour mixing on Monday, by experimenting in making a colour darker by adding black. The children discussed how the darker colour becomes a shade of the starting colour and they worked on developing their skills in holding the long paintbrushes more confidently. There was some careful brush strokes made-along with learning how to load the paintbrush more sensibly with paint. 

Exploring the snow ☃️❄️🌨

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Mathematical Development:

This week we have been focusing on the number 4. We have been practising forming the number 4 correctly, exploring how we can make 4 out of counting blocks and also looking at rectangles and squares, as these have four straight sides and four edges. By focusing on a specific number each week, the children will gain the skills and understanding to subitise sets of objects for a particular number, 4 in this case. They will also gain a greater understanding of the principles of 1 more and 1 less. 

Elf Enterprise

This week the children received a very exciting message from Santa, who asked the children to help him create a product, which they could sell to anyone in the world. The product needed to be festive, be something people would want to buy and be a handmade product. 

The children looked at various different options of what they would like to make, they considered what they have in their own house for decorations. They then decided on a product and begin to draw what they thought it would look like. From next week the children will be designing and making these products, ready to sell. 

Nativity Practise

The children have been working very hard this week, practising for their upcoming nativity. Thank you to all who have been practising their lines and songs at home, we are very impressed with your hard work. 

The children have been trying on their costumes this week and making sure that the performance perfect ready for filming next week. This will be filmed and sent out to parents by the end of next week.