Our Learning

Autumn 2 Week 4

This week Mrs Bass’ Phonics group are focusing on the reading activity ‘bad dog’. Today we have been playing popcorn pop 🍿 with the words on the sheet and the phase 2 tricky words. We then explored the text playing teaching partners. The children are excited to show their families some of the activities that we play in school. 


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Autumn 2 Week 3

We have had a very busy week this week, learning all about Diwali, the festival of lights.

To begin with, we shared the Diwali story all about Rama & Sita, which the children enjoyed acting out in our new role play area, dedicated to the celebration of Diwali. 



In phonics we have been learning the new phonemes; ‘ff, l, ll & ss’. We have been looking at words that contain these sounds, writing words and orally blending the sounds to read short sentences. We have also looked at two new tricky words; ‘no’ and ‘go’ and thinking of sentences that include these words. 



Whilst looking into the celebration of Diwali, we noticed that lights and candles are a very significant to the celebration. Therefore, we created our own tea light holders out of salt dough, by carefully following our recipe and instructions.




Mathematical Development 

In mathematics we have been looking at the numbers 1 2 3 and the understanding that all numbers are made up of smaller numbers. We have been making towers out of counting cubes, using number shapes to investigate which smaller numbers combine to make 1 2 3. We have also been looking at number rhymes to help us write our numbers. These are fantastic ways for the children to remember how to form their numbers. 


Rangoli inspired artwork

EYFS had a great afternoon of EAD, creating Rangoli inspiration designs using many different resources to represent Rangoli artwork. Some children worked collaboratively to share their ideas and there was lots of careful work, where the children considered their designs. Using the common circular shapes and colours, the children came up with some amazing work, using a wide variety of resources to achieve their desired effect!l


Autumn 2 Week 2


This week, with Mrs Clitheroe, we have looked at printing poppies in our EAD learning. For printing, we used a range of different vegetables: sprouts, carrots and potatoes, and finger printing for the centre of the poppies. Mrs Clitheroe was really impressed with how eager we were to join in with the task and with the wonderful prints that we made. She was impressed with how well we handled the vegetables to get the best print and how we tried to use a range of different types of vegetables as our tools within our work!


We walked up to the Hoddlesden War Memorial to place our Remembrance Rocks in preparation for Remembrance Day. We talked about how the War Memorial and Poppies help us to remember those who have lost their lives in wartime. The children demonstrated great compassion and respect on the visit, we are very proud of them all. ‘We will remember them’



On Wednesday we had a very exciting forest school session, we went on a journey to explore the story of Stickman!  We explored the forest with our Rainbow Elf, starting off at Stickman’s family tree where we saw Stickman, his stick lady love and his stick children!  Then we went for a jog to the park where there was a dog trying to play with the stick man and stick man ended up being thrown into the river.  Next we made nests for the swans to make sure they stayed nice and warm, then we visited the stream and played pooh sticks. We explored a little area of the stream and listened to the water flowing down. 
Finally, we enjoyed marshmallows and hot chocolate by the fire and then even did an exciting stick dance. 
We were amazing nature explorers and all joined in with the activities using our good listening to the instructions from Louise the rainbow elf! 

Stick Man Adventure

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On Friday we have had a fantastic day and raised lots of money for Children in Need! We enjoyed watching the dance entries, walking a catwalk to show off our outfits and having a class Pudsey colouring competition!

Children In Need Dance Competition

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Autumn 2 Week 1


What a great first week back at school! We have shared the story ‘Don’t Hog the Hedge’ as part of our Literacy Development and explored lots of new vocabulary. We learnt about hibernation and investigated the different woodland animals in the story. In Phonics we are been listening carefully to hear the phonemes that we have been taught and orally blending the sounds for reading. We have been learning how to form our letters correctly and we have also looked at the tricky words ‘the’ and ‘I’.


Within our first expressive arts and design with Mrs Clitheroe, we had an enjoyable session creating our own bonfire pictures using moveable resources, similar to transient art. It was important to look at the shape of a bonfire and where we see the different flames. It was interesting to discuss the different colours in the flames and to create these by overlaying different tissue paper and crepe paper pieces: these were torn into different sizes and lengths.


In the role-play area we have loved exploring the fire station and pretending to be firefighters. We have thought about how to keep safe and we have attempted to write lists to tell others about keeping safe on Bonfire Night. In the continuous provision children have enjoyed creating fireworks using a variety of different media and musical instruments

Autumn 1 Week 8


This week EYFS have been exploring the text ‘The Colour Monster’. This book is all about our different emotions and feelings. The children have engaged eagerly in a range of activities in the provision and have enjoyed sharing their own experiences of emotions and feelings. The children have created monster gloop and monster playdough adding different colours, scents and objects to make their own colour monster. They have used marbles dipped in paints to create different effects and they have used drawing tools to create their own monsters. As a class we have enjoyed singing various songs about our emotions and we have explored a game all about matching feelings on the interactive whiteboard.


On Tuesday we had a visit from the Life Education team, the children listened carefully and engaged well whilst learning all about their bodies, keeping fit and how to live a healthy lifestyle. There has been lots of rain this week so the children have loved playing in the outdoor provision exploring the puddles and making splashes! Also this week we are extremely proud of the children for how well they have been respecting each other and developing a true sense of friendship and good teamwork.


Now it’s time to enjoy a well deserved break! Make sure you take time to relax with your families and we are already looking forward to welcoming you back on Monday 2nd November. We will post some activities on Tapestry that you can access over the week.

Autumn 1 Week 7


This week EYFS have continued to explore ‘Handa’s Surprise’ as part of our Native Narratives learning and Black History Month. The children have thoroughly enjoyed retelling the story and have engaged enthusiastically in the provision activities. They have used their senses to describe the fruits in the story and they have made fruit kebabs that they enjoyed at snack time. The children chopped up the fruit to create printed patterns and they have used oil pastels to draw pictures of their  favourite animals in the story. 

This week the children have been talking about the different things we can see all around us in the outdoor environment, now that it is Autumn. They had lots of fun cutting open a pumpkin using different tools and then taking home seeds to plant. The children have also enjoyed going on a conker hunt. They then used the conkers to create different effects with paint. 

The children have taken part in lots of outdoor learning this week and are becoming experts at putting on their own wet suits and wellies!

What another lovely week EYFS, keep up the good learning!

Autumn 1 Week 6 

This week we have been exploring the text ‘Handa’s Surprise’ as part of our Native Narratives learning and Black History Month. The children have been acting out the story using props and materials, sequencing the main events and exploring the animals and fruits in the story. 


The children found Africa on the large world map that Joseph brought in and asked questions about Africa. We have looked at different media to find out more and learn about what life is like in different parts of Africa. 


In Maths the children have been exploring patterns. We went on a woodland walk to find natural objects to help create patterns in our outdoor area. we got very muddy but we had lots of fun!


In Phonics we have started to explore the phonemes and graphemes in Phase 2. We have been sharing our learning at home and on Wednesday our families can learn all about how we teach Phonics in school. 

Autumn 1 Week 5

This week the children have been developing their listening skills to hear sounds in the environment, clap rhythms and explore familiar sounds as part of their Home Learning. The children will continue to develop their Phase 1 Phonics as we begin to explore Phase 2 next week. 

The children have been recognising and forming numbers in the indoor and outdoor provision using different objects and writing tools. In French we have been counting up to 10 and practised our favourite counting song with Kirsty. The children have also had the opportunity to share this with their families at home. We have loved seeing the updates on Tapestry. 

We have also been developing our fine and gross motor skills in Gymnastics and through cutting activities in the creative and malleable area. Next week we will use knifes and folks to practise our chopping skills. 

The children enjoyed exploring Harvest and have deceived to create a fruit and vegetable shop in our role-play area. We are looking forward to the grand opening! 


Our first full week in school...

The children have settled well and have all come into school with confidence and enthusiasm. Many special friendships have started to form and the children are experts as selecting activities in the continuous provision. In the outdoor area this week a group of children built a den with Ms Kershaw and created a campfire using natural resources. Mrs Bass has been very impressed at the children's mark making as they have started to practise pencil control


On Thursday afternoon the children explored the French garden in our virtual BilinguaSing session. We began by saying 'bonjour' to everyone and our teacher Kirsty. We sang rhymes and counted up to ten in french. The children have been completing their first Home Learning tasks by counting and hearing sounds. 

Gymnastics: Miss Crewe is extremely impressed with the EYFS children who have taken part in their first gymnastics session. The children listened well and followed the instructions to jump, hop, balance and create shapes. The children will need to come in their sport kit every Tuesday and Friday as part of their Physical Development learning. Please ensure all items of clothing and shoes are labelled with your child’s name. We are practising to take our jumpers and shoes on and off ready for Gymnastics. The children have impressed Mrs Bass so far. What a great morning! 😁

The children have enjoyed a session with our French teacher Jude this morning. We said hello, learnt animal names, our body parts and listened very carefully. Mrs Bass was very impressed with her wonderful class!

The children have enjoyed staying for lunch this week and we are very fortunate to have a wonderful outdoor environment to eat.

Transition: The children have enjoyed their first two mornings in school and have been introduced to the whole class. It has been great to observe the children interacting and becoming more familiar with the environment and each other. We can already see some special friendships forming and their great individual characters shining through.

Transition: The EYFS children enjoyed 2 stay and play sessions where they could explore the environment, listen to stories, meet the Key Workers and enjoy some fruit and milk at snack time.

Our indoor and outdoor provision...