Photographs and our learning

EYFS investigated a talk box this week where we found lots of interesting objects to explore. We talked about the objects we had chosen and decided that our talk box was all about Spring! We shared our thinking in talk partners and wrote down what we already know and what we want to find out next in our learning...

Sport Relief 2020! We learnt all about why we were raising money for Sport Relief in our class worship, dressed up as our favourite sports people and ran around the yard 3 times! We showed great resilience and determination.

We used Mini Mash to create garden designs on the interactive whiteboard. We learnt all about animations and how to develop our drag and drop skills.

World Book Day was so exciting! We dressed up as our favorite book characters, explored the story of The Lorax by Dr Seuss and shared our favorite books from home with Year 6!

Shrove Tuesday... We cooked our own pancakes, added toppings, tasted our creations and finally we developed some instructions on the learning table to help our families learn how to make them. They were delicious!

Gymnastics with our specialist Miss Crew! She was very impressed with our balancing and travelling skills.

Treasured Tales

When we came into class this morning we found some footprints and a letter from Jack?


We wondered...


Who is Jack?


Where does he live and why has he been into our school? 


The letter said he will be coming to visit us very soon!

Spring 2 Treasured Tales

Week 5

This has been another fun and exciting week in EYFS! We have been writing about who Mowgli met in the jungle and have been learning actions to help us to remember the story really well. All of the children in school were lucky enough to have a martial arts session early in the week and the children in EYFS learnt skills in falling safely to protect heads and noses. They showed great enthusiasm for their learning and the Sensai was really impressed with them-well done!

The classroom has become a travel agents and airport all in one-with the children arranging the chairs to form an aeroplane. The children have been making tickets to go on holiday as you can’t board the aeroplane without a ticket! We’ve been thinking about what clothes we would take on holiday to Asia and have been practising our folding skills for packing the suitcases…so, if you need help with the laundry this week, there are some good little helpers for you!

Our outdoor learning has focused on using musical instruments to replicate moving through the jungle and as the different animals from the story of The Jungle Book. This has been really enjoyable and alongside this, we have been using a Bollywood style ‘Wake and Shake’ in the morning to get us moving in time to music. It has been good fun for the children too, following the Indian food link by making chapatis with Mrs Naylor; the children got to roll, pat and shape the bread.

The children have shown a real interest in the sounds of the birds they can hear around school. They have been making birds’ nests in the creative area and have made their own bird feeders to place outdoors. We can’t wait to see what birds come to feast on the creations-and we have our bird spotter sheet to help us identify them.

In construction, the children have made some amazing homes for Baloo and we have thought about how other animals could show Shere Khan how to be a good friend.

Amazing Asia-India


The weeks are whizzing by and the learning in class has been great this week. We were introduced to the story of The Jungle Book, in preparation for the school workshop on Tuesday, and enjoyed recognising the characters around the school hall and then creeping up on Shere Khan. We looked at the map to find where India is, and know that it a long way away from where we live. The children have been recognising a wider range of shapes and using the interactive whiteboard to decorate different shapes in a variety of ways. There has been a great focus on the value of courage within all aspects of our learning-especially in dealing with fear and stepping outside of our comfort zone. We have looked at what makes a good friend and have been working on our skills in working together and being there for each other. Today, we have tasted Tiger bread as an English bread and naan bread as an Indian bread and used a pestle and mortar to mix dried chilli and cumin together-some of us didn't like the smell! Below, are a selection of photographs from the week.

Amazing Asia-China

What a fun week we’ve had in EYFS! We have been extremely busy doing lots of work around China and celebrating Chinese New Year. There has been excellent dragon making skills and super chop-stick skills for picking up our woollen noodles…and then today in eating our egg noodles. We enjoyed a lion dance with lots of instruments-so it was very noisy but lots of fun! The children enjoyed a celebration party trying prawn crackers and noodles and then pulled some funny faces when smelling soy sauce, garlic and chilli.The children have been enjoying the story of The Tiger who came to tea and this will lead us nicely in to our new story of The Jungle Book next week.


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Welcome back to all the children for the new year! We have had a great week, where the children have shown great independence with a lovely attitude to their learning. There has been lots of focus around our homes and where we live, which will lead us in to looking at homes in Asia over the coming weeks. Our focus story has been The Tiger Who came To Tea, which has brought about lovely discussions around what he has eaten, where he has come from and where he went to! Our outdoor learning has helped us greatly with our team work skills as we have built homes together. The children have worked really well to share their ideas and they are also considering what new learning they could choose to do. 

Merry Christmas from the EYFS team!

This week has been extremely busy and all of the children have enjoyed the various activities that we have experienced. Thank you all, for your continued support, and we wish you all a wonderful Christmas. Have lots of fun! 



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nativity photostory 2019.wmv

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A Big Well Done!

Well done to all of the children in their rehearsals and the various nativity productions we have performed. All of the children did a brilliant job and we are extremely proud of them all. Luckily, we had some tasty gingerbread biscuits for the children to enjoy with their milk, as a treat for doing such a great job! Please enjoy the photo story that shows our costumes and some learning this week...

BRRRRRR, the weather has got a little colder…but that hasn’t stopped us learning outside! We have been creating igloos with the ice that we have broken up, discussed why we have ice and we have even been making ‘ice soup’ in our mud kitchen. It has been fun trying to collect ice with different sized scoops and tools and then we have been painting with the melted water and collected water in the different outdoors containers. There has been some excellent house building taking place and a little workshop has been created outside in the cabin.


Our indoor learning has been just as busy…and it’s only Monday! Between nativity song rehearsals, we have been writing all about the cup-cakes we baked for Fred Squirrel, playing kindly alongside others and sharing ideas within a small group. We have been thinking about what difference we can make on our own in showing kindness and compassion and have been showing help to others when zipping up waterproofs, putting our gloves on and sharing our lovely school resources.

We have been enjoying a range of activities over the past week, and wanted you to see some of the fun things we have been up to...such as: painting poppies, reading with our friends and enjoying books, making up our own stories and most importantly, Fred Squirrel had his 4th Birthday! His card was brilliant! 

Autumn Term 2

What a busy week we have had in EYFS! There has been lots of fun in our classroom as Fred Squirrel asked for the children's help in building a new tree house. Poor Fred's house had blown down...but luckily, we have had lots of amazing designs being drawn out and others being constructed within our indoor and outdoor provision. As it's Autumn, lots of leaves have fallen off the trees in our park role play area, and after a walk in the park, you can stop by and have a snack in our park cafe! Lots of little hedgehogs have been in class too, so woodland creatures seem to like being at Hoddlesden St Paul's too! We have enjoyed using Phonicsplay to help us with our phonics learning and some of the interactive resources can be accessed by clicking on this site:

Apparently, Fred Squirrel has a birthday coming up next week, so we look forward to celebrating with him in our classroom.

Something strange has been occuring in our paddock!

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First week of school

Well done to all of the children, parents and carers for an exciting and successful first week in EYFS. It has been a very busy week with lots of new changes to adapt to, and the children have coped with each one brilliantly. We thank you for all of your support this week and hope that the children have come home excited each day and shared some of what they have done. This has included: building, cooking in the mud kitchen, creation of dinosaur lands and a great deal of splashing in the water. Whilst we have full waterproof clothing available for all of the children to access the outdoor provision at all times, we don’t have wellies for them to wear. With this in mind, please send a pair into school, clearly named, and they can go on the self-access trolley.