Headteacher: Mr Christopher Dugdale
Deputy Headteacher- Mrs Adele Bass 
Class Teachers 

Reception: Mrs Adele Clitheroe & Mrs Adele Bass 

                   Mrs Joanne Walsh on Wednesdays

Year 1: Miss Kirsten Riding 

Year 2:  Mrs Sarah Holmes 

Year 3: Miss Katie Coulton 

Year 4: Mrs Helen Bullen & Mrs Joanne Walsh (Thursdays)

Year 5: Mrs Gemma Scholes 

Year 6: Miss Rebecca Holt

Mr Jason Newsham (currently seconded)
Miss Jennifer Greenwood
Classroom Support Staff
Mrs Elizabeth Fenwick 
Mrs Gillian Walker 
Mrs Virginia Blackwell 
Mrs Nicola Heston- King 
Miss Nicole Warburton 
Miss Megan Doherty 
Mrs Jill Kershaw 
Whole School Sports Lead 
Mr Liam Hassey 

Curriculum Specialists 

These members of staff will support in the curriculum development, enhancement and delivery on a weekly basis across school. They will work with the class teachers to ensure staff subject knowledge and skill application is outstanding. 

STEM- Mrs Catherine Wardman 
Art & Design- Mrs Adele Clitheroe 
Music- Mr Matt Richards 
Drama- Miss Nicole Warburton 
Gymnastics- Miss Catherine Crewe 
Go Beyond Before & After School Club Staff 
Mr Sean McIver
Miss Nicole Warburton 
Mrs Nicola Heston-King
School Administration Team 
Mrs Joanne Mackey (School Business Manager)
Mrs Jolan McAuley  (Business Administration) 
Mrs Nicola Clarke (Office Administration) 
Miss Demi-Leigh Barton (Office Administration Apprentice)
Buildings and Site Maintenance 
Mrs Kerrie Hannah (Cleaner)