Values Committee

'I like being in the Values Committee because you get to organise and lead worships.'


'The Values Committee decide what we do for our school. We give teachers ideas for when they lead worship in class. We lead worship at the end of every term and represent our school in the community. It is important for me to be part of this committee because God is important to me and I want to share His love with others.'


'What I like about being part of the Values Committee is that we get to spot people showing our values.'


'Performing worships is my favourite part because it is brilliant.

'I like being in the Values Committee because we lead worships, represent the school and help children learn about the Bible.'


'I like being in the Values Committee because we get to create worships for the school.'


'We have good fun practising the worships.'


The Structure of the Church of England- Linked to our School and Church Community

Our Worship Committee have pledged to learn more about the structure of the Church of England over the summer term. 

Journeys -A Christmas Worship by the Values Committee

Creative Worship at St.James Over Darwen

Sharing ideas for worship

We Remembered the Soldiers at the War Graves