ONLY £2 PER CARD! 

Do you want to create joy this Christmas? Then you should buy these epic, handmade Christmas cards! Each card will be unique and made just for you! 


Buy our cards made just for you, they are the perfect card for your friends and family! Their arms can move and wave, you wont find that in the shops this Christmas! 


A wonderful Christmas card with an elf, not only that the bells jingle and the ribbon glitters. Don’t miss out! 


A super Santa or elf with moving parts, if you don’t get one you are definitely missing out! 


It’s a festive Christmas card which is sure to brighten anyone’s Christmas. Each card is hand made with love and Christmas cheer. 


Do you want to spread Christmas joy? If so, get an absolutely fantastic Santa card or an elftastic elf card! You will love the magical moving parts and jingle bells! 


Do you want a Santa or elf handmade, Christmas card that waves? It has jingle jangle bells on the hats and Santa has a fluffy beard! The festive message inside reads, ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!’ with the rest left blank for a message of your choice. It also comes wrapped beautifully with an envelope so you can send Christmas cheer to your friends and family! 




“Amazing elf cards for you and your friends, it wont be Christmas without one!” 


“Cool, magic Christmas cards, just for you. When you get one for yourself magic will happen too!” 


“Funky Father Christmas cards for you! Amazing Elf cards to enjoy with your friends too.” 


“Fabulous, fun festive cards for you, don’t forget one for your friends too!”


Please request the quantity you require. Payment is cash only and no change can be given.