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Our teacher is Mrs Bowling

We are lucky to have Mrs Blackwell and Mrs Bell helping with our learning.

Mrs Walsh teaches us all day on a Monday.


Mrs Bowling by Calum

Mrs Bowling is a very unique teacher. When I think 'teacher' I think 'work, work, work' but Mrs Bowling, although we do have to do work, helps us to understand and get ready for Year Six and that's what we love about Mrs Bowling.


Mrs Blackwell by Etta

Mrs Blackwell, you're so amazing and helpful - I could thank you every day. You come in and help us in English and you do a good job every day so well done for all your help and your persevere in everything. Thank you so much!


Mrs Walsh by Ethan

Mrs Walsh is one of my favourite teachers. It comes to a Wednesday and I usually look forward to the day. She is a wonderful character, she is very encouraging and helpful and she's always there to explain. She is very kind and friendly with a heart filled with joy and is always there when you are not really filled with joy.