Our teacher is Mrs Scholes and our Teaching Assistant is Miss Dean. Mrs Allen is also supporting us in our learning this year.


Mrs Scholes


"Mrs Scholes is a lovely teacher who has very high expectations of us this year. She also likes everything nice and tidy. Her personality is quite bubbly and kind."  Izzy


"Mrs Scholes has high expectations and also loves tea."  Ruby


"Mrs Scholes has high expectations and she loves a cup of tea with a piece of cake."  Olivia


"Mrs Scholes is very particular in what she wants us to do in lessons. She makes it clear and fun in what she is saying."  Joseph A.


"Mrs Scholes has high expectations for us that we mostly keep. She is also very nice and is always laughing."  Harvey


Miss Dean


"Miss Dean likes Science and Art. She doesn't mind helping us when we're stuck."  Ashton


"Miss Dean is very kind and she comes around the classroom to check that we understand our work. She is always laughing."  Emily


"Miss Dean is supportive and helpful."  Noah


"Miss Dean is very helpful and she is kind."  Joshua


Mrs Allen


"Mrs Allen is a very good helper when you are struggling."  Ruby


"She is very good at R.E. and she is very helpful and kind."  Megan


"Mrs Allen is wonderfully kind and if you need help she is always there to guide you. She is full of laughter and jokes and she is really funny."  Isobel