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Class Worships

Parent Voice- Year 1 Harvest Worship 


"I thought they were amazing. Incredible singing, confident speaking and acting... loved it. Very proud"


"It was well thought out and no too long so each child had the opportunity to shine if they wanted to"


"Amazing singing and signing for year 1. Working in an SEN school I think it's amazing that Makaton is encouraged in our school, wider communication as they grow us hugely beneficial not only to themselves but other community members"


"This assembly was so inclusive and gave every child the chance to shine. The children were so engaged and understood that harvest is about giving thanks and sharing what they have. Thank you for all the effort you put into this special event."


"The performance was really well done. I liked how everyone was included even if they didn’t have speaking parts - I think this is really important. The teachers did a fantastic job organising and getting the children ready for their performance. Thank you to the children and staff who made this possible!!"


"My child spoke about the preparations quite a lot in the lead up and I can tell he really enjoyed participating. The children appeared very prepared, confident and happy. Well done teachers for all your efforts."

Our Christian value this half term is Courage. As part of our class worship this week, we all looked at overcoming fear. Year 5 found some synonyms for the word 'courageous' and wrote free verse poems about overcoming fears. They are all fantastic! Here are a few examples:

St Paul's Church Worship - 21.11.19

St Paul's Church Worship - 21.11.19


Sue from St Paul's Church came to share worship with us this morning. We thought about how we can make a difference in our world and we sang about it...we love Sue's songs!

Year 4 Class Worship - 06.11.19 (Remembrance)

Year 4 Class Worship - 06.11.19


This is what the visitors thought of our class worship about Remembrance!


"This is our first visit to an assembly. As grandparents, we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. It is also good that the children remember the history of the wars. It is a tribute to the teaching staff and the pupils' behaviour was excellent. Thank you for the experience - well done to everyone."


"I love the work that the school does in history that involves the children in memories. Always a pleasure to watch the children in worship."


"Thank you for a wonderful worship about Remembrance Day. This is a subject very close to my heart and the children did a fantastic job of honouring our fallen soldiers."


"What a thoughtful and well-prepared worship. Everyone did so brilliantly - thank you for inviting us."


"It's important that we never forget those who fought for our freedom. So pleased to see that Year 4 has learned about how Remembrance Day celebrates an important day for many. Great job!"



Year 2 Class Worship - 10.10.19 (Native Narratives)

Year 2 Class Worship - 10.10.19


This is what the visitors thought of our class worship about our Native Narratives learning!


"A wonderful performance by all the children. The confidence of Year 2 has grown over the years."


"Amazing performance, Year 2! You have all learnt so much. You should be really proud!"


"Wow!! What a fantastic performance Year 2!! I loved listening to the story of The Ugly Five and the music! You all performed really well and you should be very proud of ourselves. A brilliant morning."


"Absolutely brilliant!! They all did amazing and I loved the story. Very well done to everyone."


"Fantastic performance, Year 2. It was absolutely brilliant to watch and the confidence in the children has grown. Well done."

Year 3 Class Worship - 26.09.19 (Harvest)

Year 3 Class Worship - 26.09.19


This is what the visitors thought of our class worship about Harvest!


"As always, an excellent class worship. Lots of facts and information with confident voices and children - well done!"


"A brilliant assembly. I was particularly impressed by the signing. Well done everyone."


"Beautiful Harvest worship by all of Year 3. Well done making the gorgeous apple pies :-)  Yummy!"


"What a wonderful worship, Year 3! I could hear everyone's voices loud and clear. Everyone including Miss Coulton and Mrs Walker must have worked super hard to put it all together. The apple pies were delicious - I think there are some aspiring chefs. Well done everyone."


"All the children did a great job and sent a great message out."



'Wow! What an amazing Worship. All of the children were amazing, so confident. It was a really emotional and beautiful start to Christmas.'


'Beautiful performance. The children have come such a long way. Thank you to all of the staff and children for their efforts.'


'Just beautiful...It brought tears to my eyes.'

EYFS Production

Still image for this video

Year 4 Class Worship- Our Learning and Wonderful World

Some of our lovely comments: 

'Such a pleasure to see the work year 4 have been doing coming to life!' 

'Lovely class worship, nice to see the slide of your water experiences' 

'Loved it! The theme of love and respect is a message to take forward for everyone, thank you.' 

'Thank you for delivering such an interesting range of topics and themes that have kept my child interested throughout the school year.'

Year One Summer Worship

What our parents said about our worship...


"Brilliant Worship! All so confident and well behaved"

"So much effort into today's worship. Everybody was so good! Well done Year 1"

"Lots of effort gone into a lovely worship. It was so wonderful! Well done to all the children and staff in Year 1"

EYFS Spring Class Worship

EYFS Spring Class Worship April 2018

Parent/carer comments:


'It was lovely to see the children flourishing. The Worship was interesting and very well put together. Well done everyone.'


'An amazing Worship. Well done to all the children.'


'How much you have all grown!'


Lovely Worship. Amazing to how the children have developed over the last few months.'



Y5 Easter Worship - Easter around the world

Year 3 Rock and Roll Worship

Matthew 7:24


Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.

Placing our Challenges at the Cross

EYFS Advent Worship to celebrate te birth of baby Jesus!

Parent Comments:


'The religious content was truly magical and the children were fantastic.'


'What an amazing worship. The songs and actions were fantastic.'


'A beautiful and heart warming worship.'


'The Reception Class of 2017 were fantastic. Each and every child.'


Thank you to Y4 for bringing us our Harvest Worship

Thank you to Y5 for bringing us the Easter message.

Y1 Class Worship about Baptism and Belonging

Year 1 Class Worship- 2-2-2017 


'A wonderful worship, educating our school family on baptism. May God be with you always.'


'What a wonderful worship, well done year one!' 


'Brillant to see the year one children acting and sharing together- looking so grown up! Confidence has really improved, thank you.' 


'What a lovely worship- well done year one! The confidence you show at such a young age is inspiring!' 


'Super! Such an emotional and moving worship, well done to all involved.'

Year 1 and Year 2 Nativity

Reception Class Advent Service

Year 4 Class Harvest Worship- 11-10-2016 


This is what the parents, carers and community members said about our class worship. 


'Well done to all the children, fantastic reading." 


"Fantastic worship year 4, with an important message. Lovely singing! Well done."


"What a wonderful performance by year 4. Loved the tongue twisters and songs. I could hear everything you were all saying from the back." 


"Wonderful worship, praise God for the staff and children. Thank you!" 


"Well done praising God for all we receive. Thank you!"

Start children off on the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it.
- Proverbs 22:6