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Key Workers

Welcome to Pre-School

In Pre-School, Miss Easton (Class Teacher), Mrs Marsden, Mr Robinson and Miss McDermott (Maternity Leave) are our Key Workers.


We are looking forward to helping the children grow and learn both in our inside and outside environment. We will be sharing the children’s learning on tapestry throughout each day.

The role of a Key Worker


A key worker is a named member of staff with responsibilities for a group of children, who helps those children in the group feel safe and cared for.  At St. Paul's the class teacher has the overall responsibility of the class and works closely with other key workers within the class to support children towards their targets and plan their next steps. 

The Key Worker role involves responding sensitively to children’s feelings and behaviours and meeting emotional needs by giving reassurance, such as when they are new to a setting or class, and supporting the child’s well-being. That person is a familiar figure who is accessible and available as a point of contact for parents and one who builds relationships with the child and parents or carers.


Records of development and care are created and shared by the key person, class teacher, parents and the child. Small group activities foster close bonds between the child and the key person in a way that large groups cannot easily do. These groups allow the key person to better ‘tune into’ children’s play and their conversations to really get to know the children in the group well. Our children feel settled and happy and are more confident to explore and as a result become more capable learners.


Key workers will create lots of special times for your child and will celebrate their achievements with you through our online Learning Journal - Tapestry. 

Start children off on the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it.
- Proverbs 22:6