At St Paul's we pride ourselves on developing rounded, confident and aspirational children who are passionate about contributing to their much-loved school and community. We do this by giving children ownership and responsibility for many aspects of their school life. 


The Values Committee provides children in school with a voice and a collective vision. Working with the Senior Leadership Team, the Values Committee are able to share and develop a new school vision for the future of St Paul's. The democratic process of forming a new Values Committee supports children in the understanding of the right to vote and the value of having an elected committee.


Head B

Head Boy and Head Girl

Our Head Boy and Head Girl are a very important part of the Values Committee.


The Role of Head Girl by Jess

To me, being Head Girl is a huge achievement because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will put 100% effort into my jobs around school. I am looking forward to representing St Paul's and helping to organise the charity events. I will make the visitors feel welcome in our wonderful school. As a job in the playground, I will help children to make new friends if they feel left out or alone. As well as that, I will support the younger children throughout the whole year. 


The Role of Head Boy by Toby

For me, being Head Boy is a great achievement and I think of myself as being very lucky as there are many people who applied. At first, I was a bit nervous but I stepped out of my comfort zone and here I am as Head Boy. 

I will always jump into any activity I am asked to do. The thing that I am most looking forward to is the charity work because it makes me feel like the world is being helped. 

Our Values Committee

Our Christmas Mission 

Over the last four years the children and families of Hoddlesden St Paul’s CE Primary School and UNIPLAY have raised and contributed towards our Christmas Mission. Our aim has been helping and serving our local families and young people who are in need.

As a school we are aware that we have collected food and gifts over the years for in excess of 40 families. Families are always referred anonymously by schools in our cluster. On some occasions the recipients have requested our school’s information to share with how thankful they are of our contact. This provides children in our school the opportunity to see the impact and ability they have to create change at such a young age.


School has had the pleasure of meeting some of the recipients of our Christmas Mission hampers over the years and were overwhelmed at their thanks, however sadden by the relief they showed when mothers and fathers realised that they were able to ‘make’ their children’s Christmas, one to remember. To know that there are children and families in need, at any time of the year is hard to understand, but at Christmas time it is especially hard to comprehend.


As a school we advocate our core values and are constantly reminded by our values Responsibility and Friendship. We would like our local and wider communities to know that we understand our responsibility as members of our community family and want everyone to know that they are a friend of ours. 

Christmas Mission

Values Committee Impact Statement 2018-19


This year in the School Council have organised many different fundraising events to help charities around the world.

Here are some of the events that we have taken part in this year:

  • Rosemere Cake Sale
  • Christmas Mission
  • Children in Need
  • Red Nose Day (Talent Show)
  • Christian Aid

Here are some reasons why we help charities and people in need:

* It feels like we have made a difference in people’s lives when we fundraise, help people in need and support charities so that they can give the money to less fortunate people.

* We help people in need because they may be less fortunate than us

* It feels like we have made a difference in the world

* Everyone in the school enjoys taking part in fundraising events and helping people in need. We like to give and demonstrate our Christian Value of Service.


Without the support of our School Family, all of these events and the money that has been raised would not have possible.


We thank you for your continued support,



Values Committee impact statement 2017-18


This year the School Council have raised money for multiple charities that include:

Macmillan, Christian Aid, Age UK, Children in Need and Sports Relief.


We have supported people to socialise and make friends with other people in our local community.


We have helped people that live in Haiti to build safe and secure homes .  


The work that we have achieved has encouraged the school family at St Paul's to be selfless and care for others.


Already this year we have raised £1,998.81