Our class teacher is Mrs Scholes. Mrs Duggleby also works with us in English and Maths lessons and she does group work with us in the afternoons.


Mrs Scholes


"Mrs Scholes has high expectations for us and wants everything to be neat. Mrs Scholes expects a good attitude."     Isabel


"Mrs Scholes has very high expectations and loves to help people. She loves tea and a big slice of cake."     Rae


"Mrs Scholes loves cake and she likes to laugh a lot. She likes tea and biscuits."     Braedan


"Mrs Scholes is a very hard worker and she laughs a lot...but not when it's serious time."     Annabelle


"Her top three favourite things are tea, cake and laughing."     Millie M.


"Mrs Scholes has very high expectations for all subjects. She laughs every day and has fun every day."     Davey


"Mrs Scholes always helps everyone in every lesson at all times. She loves to laugh and has a great sense of humour."     Reuben


"Mrs Scholes loves biscuits and a nice cup of tea. She likes teaching this class (Year 6)."     Logan N.


"Mrs Scholes expects us to make her laugh every day and put 100% effort into everything we do! Mrs Scholes also expects us to be kind and behave well all the time."     Millie S.


"Mrs Scholes likes us to listen carefully when she is speaking."     Amelia


"Mrs Scholes loves to have a laugh and have fun. She has high expectations for all subjects."     Jake K.


"She expects us to work hard and still have fun at the same time. Mrs Scholes likes us to have a good attitude and put 100% into all subjects."     Lily


"Her expectations of us are very high because we are now top of the school."     Hannah



Mrs Duggleby


"Mrs Duggleby is an exciting teacher to have and I enjoy having her in our class."     Jenson


"Mrs Duggleby likes Art and likes wearing bright clothes. She wants us to put 100% effort into everything."     Kodey


"Mrs Duggleby is a lovely teacher. She's nice and has excellent manners."     Leah


"Mrs Duggleby is a really good artist and a very good teacher. She is always wearing light, bright and colourful clothes."     Breighson


"Mrs Duggleby is really helpful and likeable. She helps us out when we need it."     Isabella


"Mrs Duggleby is a great teacher because she is great at Art and she gives us support for everything."     Jake G-R


"Mrs Duggleby is expecting us to try our best if she is helping us or teaching us. She also loves French."     Kenny


"Mrs Duggleby is really nice and kind because she is always trying to make other people happy."     Logan M.


"Mrs Duggleby is a marvellous Art teacher who is clearly dedicated and creative in many ways."     Eva


"She expects good behaviour from the children when she is helping us or teaching us Art."     Lucy


"Mrs Duggleby is an exciting teacher and she loves Art and French. She often gets very excited about taking groups out and working with them in general."     Olivia


"Mrs Duggleby is very helpful and she takes little groups out at times. She loves Art and drawing."     Ella


"Mrs Duggleby is very fun and loves to do art and teach French. She also helps you in your work if you are struggling or need help."     Izzy


"Mrs Duggleby is a wonderful teacher and she expects good behaviour. She loves Art and French."     Sam