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2022/23 Our Learning

Summer 2 Week 6

 Although it has been the final week of term, we have still been working hard and have been busy as usual. In English, we worked in small groups to write the fight scene with Romeo, Mercutio and Tybalt from Romeo and Juliet as a play script with all the correct features. Once we had written it, we worked together to rehearse it and then performed it for the rest of the class. You can watch the performances on the school website in the video resource centre.  In Maths, we were introduced to coordinates in the first quadrant. We learnt how to identify the coordinates of points and shapes on the grid and also how to plot our own points. We then looked at how you can draw polygons on a coordinate grid and how to work out where missing coordinates of a shape would be. In Geography, we used our research from last week to create our travel leaflet to persuade people to go along Route 66. In Art, because we had enjoyed doing the scratch art in a previous week, we got to have another go at it using the special tools and stencils. In Computing, we used pixel art to create our own designs and pictures. We enjoyed the Rock Steady Music concert on Monday afternoon, where we sang and clapped along with our school bands. For our behaviour treat we had some extra time playing outside as well as some time on the iPads and to draw and colour. We were super proud of all the children who won awards in our end of year achievers service on Wednesday, especially our Year 4 class mates. On Friday, our final day, we did some puzzles and took part in ‘The Big Year 4 quiz’ which was based on all of our learning in Year 4 this year. We finished the year with a relaxing afternoon of watching a film and doing some mindful colouring. Have a fabulous summer Year 4, we are looking forward to welcoming you back into school in September as Year 5 children. 

Year 4 Week 6

It has been another busy week in school for Year 4. In English, we focused on the scene where Romeo, Mercutio and Tybalt fight and how their actions made the different characters feel. We used the thesaurus to help us find some higher level vocabulary to describe their feelings. We then wrote the scene from the point of view of some of the characters. In Maths, we have been looking at statistics and interpreting data. We have looked at pictograms, bar charts and also line graphs. We answered comparison, sum and difference questions about them. In Science, we looked at switches and how they work within a circuit. We then used paper clips and card to create our own switches to put into our circuits. In Geography, we looked at the famous Route 66 across the United States of America. We looked at some of the different places it runs through and what the landscape its like there. On Wednesday, we had our last swimming session and as a reward for all of our hard work this year, we got to have a play session with the giant floats. Our other PE session on Tuesday was very short thanks to the heavy rain, but we managed a quick game where we had to pass and run with the ball. In Art with Mrs Wardman, we had lots of fun creating self portraits in the style of Lego figures. For our Music lesson this week, we continued to learn the dance The Octopus Slide and put some dance moves to it. In R.E. we thought about how people from different religions Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism pray and identified similarities and differences. In Computing, we used Scratch to explore how you can programme games and the different things you can do.  In French, we continued to learn about the Tour De France and then had our own Tour De France competition between our tables. On Tuesday morning, we had a treat when we were able to watch the Y6 dress rehearsal of their performance, we all loved it. 

Year 4 Week 5

It has been a very different week in school this week. We have enjoyed two transition days with our teacher for next year Mr Edgar. We did some fun activities that would help us to get to know him and for him to get to know us. We had a great two days and we are all looking forward to moving into Year 5 next year. In our Year 4 learning we have continued our topic about time in Maths. We have learnt how to tell the time on a 12 and 24 hour clock and how to convert between the two of them. In English, we have focused on the famous balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. We looked at some of the old language used in the original version alongside a modern translation. We thought about the characters of Romeo and Juliet and we wrote diaries in role as them to recount the events and to explore how they felt. In Science, we found out about electrical conductors and insulators and we investigated which materials would be an electrical conductor or insulator by putting them into a circuit. We found out that metals made the best electrical conductors. In P.E. We enjoyed playing piggy in the middle with our rugby balls, it was much harder than with a normal ball. We also looked at passing the ball between three people as we were running. In Geography, we looked at some of the varied landscapes that can be found in North and South America. We then created posters to encourage people to visit them. On Monday with Mrs Wardman, we used a special tool to scratch the top layer of special paper to create different designs. In Computing we continued to develop our understanding of writing codes in order to animate images using the programme Scratch. 

Summer 2 Week 4

In Maths this week, we started a new topic all about time, which can be a really tricky topic to understand, but everyone has worked hard and done really well. We have been thinking about different units of time and we have been converting between them.  We also practised telling the time on an analogue clock and then moved onto converting between digital and analogue times. At the start of the week in English, we did our performances of the poem Macavity, which you can watch on the website using this link We then moved onto a new text, Romeo and Juliet. We began by recapping what we already knew from when we looked at it in Year 2 and then we made sure that we all remembered the story. We spent a couple of days thinking about William Shakespeare, who wrote Romeo and Juliet. We did some research to find out about him and interesting facts about his life. We then used our research to create a fact file about him. In Science, we have been thinking about electrical circuits and we had the opportunity to explore how to create a circuit that would make a bulb light, with the batteries, bulbs and wires. We found out that in order to make the bulb light up, we would have to have a complete electrical circuit with no breaks in it. We also investigated what happened when we added a second bulb into the circuit and found out that it made both of the bulbs dimmer. In Geography, we worked with a partner to research and find out all about a city from somewhere in North or South America. We thought about which hemisphere it was in, what the landscape is like, how the land is used and what the main sources of income are. In Music, we enjoyed learning the song The Octopus Slide even though it got stuck in our heads for ages afterwards. In P.E. we continued to develop our passing skills with a rugby ball, this week we got used to the feel of the ball by playing mirror image and then we practised passing whilst moving. In P.S.H.E we thought about some of the physical changes that happen to male and females during puberty. On Thursday in Art, we used a range of different materials such as bubble wrap, egg boxes and cardboard to print designs with paint. In R.E. we thought about some of the words of traditional prayers such as the Lord's prayer and the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, what they meant and how they can help Christians to live their lives well.  We had a very exciting French lesson where we got to go to the toy shop and buy some of the toys we have been looking at in our topic. Madame Wardle brought he toys, Euros and even shopping bags from France for us to use. 

Summer 2 Week 3

This week in English, we looked at another one of T.S.Elliott’s poems called Skimbleshanks and compared it to Macavity, we found they were very different characters. We also started to think about ways we could perform the poem Macavity considering how we use our voices and our bodies. We have been learning and rehearsing a section of the poem to perform next week. In Maths, we have been using our knowledge of money to help us solve problems about money. We have had to complete some challenging calculations over the week. In Science, we thought about some of the hazards that come with electricity and things that we can do to prevent any dangerous situations. We created our own spot the electrical hazard pictures and then swapped with each other to see if we could spot all the dangers in each other’s pictures. In P.E. we started to pass the rugby ball, we looked at the grip that is needed and also the techniques for passing. We also had our outdoor learning this week. We used the map to navigate our way to the reservoir, where we looked at the landscape and identified some of the things that were there. We then created a sketch of the landscape. Next, we used the map to navigate our way to Millennium Green where we compare the landscape to where we were previously by the reservoir. We then had to create a hideout for Macavity somewhere on Millennium Green where he could hide from the Police when they were searching for him, we had to use our skills from previous sessions to help us create the hideaway. In Geography, we looked at the countries of South America and identified that the equator runs through some of them and how this affects the climate. We used an atlas to locate some South American cities on a map. In P.S.H.E we thought about how our emotions can change as we get older and begin to go through puberty. We discuss how we often want more independence and how this can lead to conflict with our parents and families. We talked about ways that we can compromise with each other and try to meet in the middle when we are involved in conflict. In R.E. we continued to think about prayer and what it means to us. We used passages from the Bible to see what Jesus has taught us about prayer. On Thursday with Mrs Wardman, we did some artwork that involved cutting out images carefully and making a collage with them in the style of the artist Henry Matisse, the results were fantastic. We also used the programme Scratch to write the code to animate the letters of our names in our Computing lesson. In French, we learnt the question Qu'est-ce que aimes? to ask what do you like? We then used our knowledge of toys and opinion phrases to answer the question. 

Summer 2 Week 2

It has been a very hot week in school where we have enjoyed lots of sunshine. In English, we became detectives for the week. We started off looking at a crime scene where there had been a theft and some mysterious paw prints. We then read the poem Macavity the Mystery Cat which is about a well known master criminal cat. It is an old poem so we spent some time looking at the language in it and also finding as much information about Macavity as we could. In Maths, we continued to build our knowledge about money. We looked at converting pounds to pence and vice versa. We then compared and ordered amounts of money before using rounding to help us estimate with money. In Science, we started our new topic about electricity by thinking about different electrical appliances and if they ran off mains or battery power. We realised that some appliances run off both. In Geography, we looked at The Americas; the continents of North and South America. This week we focused on North America looking at the different countries that make up North America and making sure we knew it isn't just the USA. We then used an atlas to find and locate some major cities that are found in the countries of North America. In PSHE we thought about different changes that we can go through in our lives and how they make us feel. We thought about good changes and bad changes and ways that we can respond to them. We did an extra PSHE lesson this week about water safety, this is something we have been doing with the swimming instructors on Wednesdays throughout the year, but due to the warm weather we looked at it again. We thought about the reasons why we shouldn't swim in open water no matter how tempting it might be and also what to do if you fell in open water.  In our PE lesson, we looked at how to hold a rugby ball and started moving around whilst carrying it to get a feel for it. We also played some games where we had to pass it to each other without dropping it. In French, we recapped the toys and phrases that we learnt previously and created sentences using them. Madame Wardle showed us a sentence and then we had to copy it form memory, it was quite challenging. In R.E. We began to think about prayer and what it means to us. We thought about where people might pray, why they might pray and how often they do it. In Art, we used charcoals to make our pages black and then used rubbers to create images from the charcoal, it was lots of fun and very messy. 

Summer 2 Week 1

It has been lovely to be back in school for 3 days this week. It might have been a short week, but we packed lots of learning into it. In Maths, we have been practising our multiplication tables ready for our multiplication check which we will be doing next week. We have been using a website that has the same format and time limit as the actual one to help us with the speed and layout. We have also started our new topic about money and have been linking it to our previous learning about decimals. In English, we finished off our unit about newspaper reports and wrote our own report about Howard Carter discovering Tutankhamun's tomb. On Wednesday, we had an exciting swimming lesson, where as part of our water safety learning, we went in the pool in our pyjamas. We were all shocked at how much harder it was to swim with our pyjamas on and discussed how it felt and how it would be even harder if we were fully clothed. We also practised our star floats in our pyjamas. In Art, we explored different pencil tones to make lighter and darker shades and then looked at how we could use the different tones to create 3D effects. We had a piece of ribbon that we made into a shape and then practised using the different tones to draw it so it was 3D. In Computing, we used Scratch to programme the sprite to draw different shapes. We had to make sure we gave clear commands in the right order and that we used the correct language. On Friday afternoon, we finally finished our slingshot chariots for our DT! We ensured all the bodies were attached and that the slingshot mechanisms were in place. We were then able to have a go at using the slingshot to make them go. It was trickier than we thought and we had some problems with the paper clips coming off, but we enjoyed making them and trying them out. 

Summer 1 Week 6

This week in Maths, we have completed our unit on decimals. We looked at how to order decimal numbers that include ones, tenths and hundredths. We also used our previous understanding of rounding whole numbers to round decimals to the nearest whole one. Finally, we learnt how to write one half, one quarter and three quarters as a decimal. In English, we continued to look at recounts, but this time focused on newspaper reports. We looked at a newspaper report about Howard Carter discovering the tomb of Tutankhamun and identified the features. We then looked at the difference between a newspaper report and a story and sorted some extracts into the two different types. In Science, we planned and carried out an investigation to prove the idea that the further away from a sound you get, the quieter it is. We used an ipad to make an alarm sound and took a sound reading using the data logger. Then we measured 2m away and took another sound reading, we continued to do this until the data logger showed a value of less than 50dB. On Wednesday morning, we had our outdoor adventure session. We began by playing the floor is lava, which was lots of fun. Then Mrs Bullen gave us our instructions in hieroglyphics and we had to decipher them to find out what we needed to do. Our first task, was to work in groups and using the natural materials around us to make an Egyptian death mask. After that, still in our groups we had to make a free standing pyramid that could fit a 'mummy' lying down in it. This was a trickier task to complete and it was fantastic to see the children working together so well in their groups and also sharing materials and ideas with other groups. Later than afternoon, in our History lesson, we looked at the process of mummification. We thought about why the Ancient Egyptians mummified people and what the different steps of the process were. In PSHE we discussed what a community was and what it means to be part of a community. We identified different communities that we belonged to and what qualities people needed to show in a community. In French, we recapped numbers up to 20, we are getting really good at recalling them now. We also looked at the toy vocabulary again so that we knew what they were. Madame Wardle then introduced us to the question C'est combien to ask how much something costs. We took it in turns to ask Madame Wardle how much different toys cost and she told us the prices in French for us to write down. In R.E. we thought about the type of people that got to church and discussed how there are no rules as to who goes to church, what they wear and what day they go on. In DT we looked at the slingshot mechanism to power our chariots and used saws to cut lolly sticks in half to make the different parts. We finished our P.E. unit on jumping, by practising some of the different types of jump that we have looked at including a standing jump, hurdles and standing high jump.

Summer 1 Week 5

We have had a super busy week in Year 4 this week! On Monday, we went to Bolton Museum for a trip to see the Ancient Egypt exhibition. We had a workshop with the Wendy from the museum, which was very interesting and informative. We made a timeline together to see how long ago the Ancient Egyptian civilisation existed in comparison to some other periods of time we know about. We then got to look at the artefacts that they have in the museum that show us what daily life was like at that time. We really enjoyed dressing up in the Ancient Egyptian clothes. We then went into the afterlife room, where we learnt about the mummification process and the Ancient Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife. In this room there was a mummy of a young girl and also some beautiful sarcophagus'. Next we went into the replica tomb. There walls were covered in hieroglyphics just like they would have been in a real tomb and it felt like being inside a tomb. We had some fun mummifying Florene, we took her organs out and put them into canopic jars. we then got to weigh Mrs Bullen's heart against a feather to see if she would be granted access to the afterlife or not, just like the ancient Egyptians believed happened after you had died. We had some time to look at the other parts of the museum, which included a small aquarium, an art gallery and a section about the history of Bolton. Everyone had a great time and learnt lots of new things. Then on Tuesday, we had a special cricket session with the Lancashire cricket team. We had some time to practice our batting, bowling and throwing skills on some different activities before having some time to play a game. In English, we have been looking at extracts from Howard Carter's journal that he made whilst he was discovering Tutankhamun's tomb. We have thought about the different features a journal or diary has and looked for evidence of them in the text. We also really enjoyed going through the timeline of them opening up the different parts of the tomb and what they found in the different rooms. We then write a journal entry as Howard Carter for the day he opened up the burial chamber and found Tutankhamun's sarcophagus. In Maths, we looked at partitioning decimals to show the values of the different digits in the number and then looked at how we also partition them into lots of different ways to help us calculate. On Friday we used the < and > signs to compare different decimal numbers. On Thursday, we had sports day. we went around a carousel of different events that needed lots of different skills including throwing, running and balancing. Everyone gave lots of effort into al of the events and demonstrated the sporting values of our school. It was wonderful to hear the children cheering each other on and supporting each other. We even managed to keep the rain at bay for the day. In DT we looked at aerodynamics and what it means. We then created a design for our chariots that was aerodynamic and reflected the Ancient Egyptian style. In French, we thought about the different currency that they have in France; the Euro. We talked about how long it has been in place for, the different countries that use it and the different notes and coins you can get. In RE we looked at some of the things you might find in a church such as the pulpit, font and alter and what they are used for and why.

Summer 1 Week 4

Following on from another bank holiday on Monday, we have managed to pack a lot of learning into 4 days this week! In Maths, we have been looking at addition facts to make a whole one using tenths and hundredths and linking it back to our understanding of fractions that make a whole one. We quickly noticed that it linked to our number bonds to 10 and 100 and then used these facts to help us. In English, we planned and then wrote what we thought would happen in the next chapter in the novel Secrets of a Sun King, where the characters have to find Tutankhamun's tomb and put the jar back. We didn't want to make it too easy for them so added some mini problems along the way. We have also been trying to include expanded noun phrases into our writing. In Science, we planned an investigation into where is the noisiest place in school using the data logger to record sound levels. We had to think about which places we were going to test and at what times of day we would test them. We also had to think about how we would keep the investigation fair. In P.E. we continued to build on our jumping skills. We thought about different ways to take off; one footed, two footed, with a run up or without a run up. We investigated which methods worked best for us in order to be able to jump the furthest we could.  On Wednesday, in R.E. we looked at the exterior of a range of different church buildings. We thought about what things were similar about them and what things were different about them. In PSHE we were thinking about what makes a healthy lifestyle. We discussed different things we can do to ensure we have a healthy lifestyle such as regular exercise, a balanced diet, regular sleep and avoiding too much screen time. In French, we recapped our numbers to 59 ready for when we go shopping and have to talk about prices. We then looked at some specific vocabulary for different toys that we might find in a toy shop. We were able to work out what lots of them were using cognates, as there were lots of words similar to the English words and also some words we have learnt before. In History, we focused on the River Nile. We looked at which countries it flows through and thought about how it was important to the Ancient Egyptians and their daily life. 

Summer 1 Week 3

This week has been a bit different in school as we have been doing some special learning about King Charles III and his coronation. We thought about the role of a King or Queen. We all thought about what things we would like to do if we could be the King or Queen for a day. We then looked at what the monarch actually does and the different roles they have, which are far less exciting that what we wanted to do. One of the roles is the head of the commonwealth, we explored what the commonwealth is, what countries are part of it and the values they follow. We then focused on one of the commonwealth countries; Australia. We thought about the landscape of Australia and what it was like. We had pictures of different landscapes including beaches, rainforests, deserts, cities and mountains to decide if we thought they were Australia or not. It was a surprise to find out they were all from Australia and what a varied landscape it has. On Thursday, we did some research about some of the wildlife that lives in Australia. We worked together to create some PowerPoint slideshows that we then presented them to the class. We also created a portrait of King Charles III in the style of Andy Warhol using oil pastels. We thought about the different colours that we could use to create a pop art effect. We also enjoyed a coronation picnic with our families on Friday. Although the weather was not very good, it did not dampen our British spirit, we had our picnics inside in the corridors, classrooms and hall. Even Madame Wardle was in the coronation spirit as in our French lesson, we learnt about how the coronation affects France and also some of the vocabulary for the coronation such as la couonne (the crown), le trun (the throne) and le Roi (the King). We have also been working hard on our Maths learning, we have finished our unit on decimals, by looking at hundredths as both fractions and decimals and showing them in a place value grid. We also looked at dividing numbers by 100 and how it affects them. In English, we read some more of our novel, Secrets of a Sun King where our characters have arrived in Egypt to put the jar back in the tomb. We looked at telegrams and wrote our own from the different characters. We then planned to write what happens next in the story. 

Summer 1 Week 2

What an exciting week we have had in school! On Monday afternoon, we had a Lego STEM workshop with Steven from Creative Designs. To commemorate the upcoming coronation of King Charles III, we worked together to create some of the famous London landmarks that will be passed during the procession. We only had photos of the landmarks to work from - there were no instruction booklets - so we had to work together to work out how to create them in the best way. We added roads to make it look like a city as well as some finishing touches such as trees, bins and boats on the river. The end results were fantastic. Then on Tuesday, we took part in a dualathon with the TriKidz team. We had to run 4 laps around the field, get on the bikes and cycle for 800m and then run another 4 laps of the field. It was hard work, but it was wonderful having everyone cheering each other on and seeing the determination and stamina everyone showed. We all finished the challenge and got a medal. In English this week, we read more of our story Secrets of a Sun King and met some new characters who we compared to the ones we have already met. We then found out that there was a papyrus scroll in the jar. We were very excited to learn that the scroll was all about the final days of Tutankhamen. We showed what we learnt about the young King for the text using a point and evidence table. In Maths, we have been dividing one and two digit numbers by 10 and describing how the value of the digits changes. We then extended our understanding of decimals to include hundredths as well as tenths. In Science, we looked at how we use decibels to measure sound. We looked at a data logger and how it can measure the sound levels. We thought about the question, where is the noisiest place in school and how we could test it. In French we continued to practice our numbers so that we can talk about amounts of pocket money as we work through the topic. We recapped the numbers we have already learnt up to 39 and then extended our knowledge to 59. 

Summer 1 Week 1

The first week of the Summer Term has been fantastic in Year 4. In Maths, we have started to learn about decimals and have found they are not as tricky as we thought. We have learnt about tenths, when a whole one is split up into 10 equal parts and have been introduced to the tenths column and writing tenths as decimals. We have looked at tenths in a place value grid and on a number line. In English, we have started our new novel and we have been instantly gripped! We have been introduced to some of the characters and a very mysterious jar that might be cursed. We can't wait to read more and find out what is in the jar and what will happen to the characters. In Science, we made the musical instruments that we designed last half term. We had to think about the type of things we would put into our bottles to make different sounds and how the amount of things inside the bottle would affect the sound too.  In History, we started our new topic about the Ancient Egyptians and had the opportunity to explore some replica artefacts. We thought about what they were, what they would have been used for and what they were made of.   In D.T. we thought about different forms of transport and how they had changed over time. We identified that one of the earliest forms of transport was a chariot and that the Ancient Egyptians would have used them. We used lolly sticks to make a chassis and then cut dowel to make an axel. We then added wheels and made a framework for a simple chariot. In Music, we listened to a new song called 'Train is a comin' and we learnt to play part of the instrumental section on our glockenspiels. In P.E. we started to look at the long jump. We watched videos of Olympic champions and identified some of the techniques that they use. We went outside and investigated the difference our arms can make to a standing jump. On Wednesday, Kelly the swimming teacher came into school to talk to us about water safety. She told us what to do if we fell into open water or if we saw someone in open water. In P.S.H.E we thought about all the things that make us unique and celebrated them. In French with Madame Wardle, we started a new topic about pocket money. we shared our own experiences of getting pocket money and how we get it. We recapped our numbers up to 39 to help us when we need to talk about how much pocket money. 

Spring 2 Week 6

In the last week of half term, we have had an exciting week starting with our History re-enactment of the Roman invasion practicing the Testudo, wedge and triple line formation. We carried on our history lesson learning about the legacy the Romans left behind after being invaded, we found some interesting facts about what the public baths and sewage system were like. On Monday, we had the pleasure of watching a concert with the children who have been attending Rock Steady lessons. They all did an amazing job and it was a delight to watch our future rock stars. In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting fractions to get improper and mixed fractions, we have also been adding and subtracting mixed fractions from common fractions using different methods. In English, we have made a hybird report about the Romans. We used our history books, Roman books and iPads to gather information to help us write our set of instructions and a non-chronological report. We also wrote our letters out on the computer to Mr Dugdale on how we can make a difference with our recycling to save the environment. In Science, we planned what we need to make our own instruments using recycled materials to continue our English topic of recycling. On Tuesday, we made our Easter cards ready to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. In RE, we learnt about how the Jewish people were treated during WW2. We looked at our value of the week Justice and how Christians remembered God when forgving the soilders for their actions. On Thursday afternoon, we finished our Computing topic by editing our images on recycling and finished our powerpoint to persude people to recycle more. In Gymnastics, we had a fun session using different equipment to finish our Gymnastics unit. In Art we were finishing our art work using paint to add a different texture and having a mixed media approach to our paintings. In French we finished our topic on healthy eating by playing a team game of detectives to translate french sentences to english using our vocabulary we have learnt through the term. 

Spring 2 Week 5

On Wednesday, we had a very exciting trip to Ribchester Roman Museum. Patrick, the museum curator talked to us about the village of Ribchester and how it was a fort for horse back soldiers during the Roman’s reign over Britain. He showed us what it would have looked like and talked about the evidence that was found at the site to prove it. We then got to look at and handle some genuine Roman artefacts that had been found at the site as well as some replicas. It was super fun getting to try on lots of different Roman armour, we couldn’t believe how heavy the sword and shield were. Then we went outside to look at the ruins of the granary where the food would have been stored. We had lunch in the village hall and played some games. After lunch, we went back museum and completed a quiz set for us by Patrick. Everyone had a great time and learnt lots of new things about the Romans. In our English lessons this week, we have been looking at non fiction hybrid texts about the Romans. We have identified some of the features of non chronological reports and instructions. In Maths, we have been thinking about improper fractions and mixed numbers. We have converted between the two and also represented them on a number line. In Science, we have continued with our mini project for British Science Week about rabbits. We used the iPads to do some research about rabbits; their habitats, diet and their predators. We then went outside to look for suitable places around the school grounds to create a habitat for rabbits to encourage them to come and live here. We took photographs to help us with our design sketches when we came back into school. On Thursday afternoon in Gymnastics, we were using the equipment to complete different jumps thinking about our positions in the air and landing. We then had the chance to use the ropes and see who could get all the way to the top. After that we had Computing, where we altered some images of the earth and environment to illustrate the damage we are doing to our world. We then turned them into posters to persuade people to take more care of the environment. In Music, we looked at the song Frere Jaques again and we learnt to play the glockenspiels to accompany part of the song. In French, we looked again at the phrase je joue (I play) and learnt the new phrase je fais (I do) as well as some new sports such as de la peche (fishing), aux echecs (chess) and du cheval (horse riding). In Art, we used graphite pencils to go over our sketches from last week to make some parts darker and create shadows. Then we used oil pastels to shade them in. 

Spring 2 Week 4

It has been another exciting week in Year 4. On Wednesday, we had our outdoor learning session with Louise from Wild One Adventures. We began by splitting into the red and blue teams and using face paint and coloured tape to mark ourselves in our team colours. Before the game began we had to work together to build a guard around our team flag and also a jail to put members of the other team in. Once the game started, we had to try and capture the other teams flag without getting tug, if we were tug we were taken to jail. After that, we made some musical instruments using y shaped twigs and we also practiced our fire lighting skills. To finish, we picked some wild garlic and Louise made some delicious garlic bread. On Friday we also had a taster session of a sport called Jag Tag, which uses elements of Tag Rugby and American Football, which was lots of fun. In English, we finished our unit on the novel City of Rust, we did our performances of the legend we created in our groups and then rewrote them individually.  In Maths, we have been continuing to look at mixed numbers. We compared them using the greater than and less than signs and then put them into ascending and descending order. In Science, we put some birdseed on some drums and investigated what would happen to the birdseed when we hit them. We found out that the birdseed jumped up in the air and sometimes off the drum altogether because the skin of the drum was vibrating. In History, we found out how the Romans created roads and some of the reasons why they created them. We thought about how different groups of people would have felt about the roads, thinking about both positive and negative attitudes. In Art, we looked at some different painting techniques to create different effects. We then sketched an arrangement of objects on our tables thinking about the size and position ready to paint next week. In French, we recalled our days of the week and how to say verbs in the first person. We then started to create sentences saying what activities we do on different days for example Lundi je joue au football. Our Music linked to French this week, as we were learning to sing the Frere Jacques.