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2023/2024 Our Learning

Summer 1 Week 1 


I can’t believe we have started our final term in Year 5. We have hit the ground running in all subjects. In maths, we have learnt all about perimeter and area. We shave looked at some tricky problems and solved them as a group, and independently. 


In English, we started our new book; The Nowhere Emporium. We have read the first two chapters and the class are already hooked. We wrote some super free verse poems using amazing adjectives, similes and expanded noun phrases to describe how we believe the emporium looks. 


In History, we introduced the vikings and found out where they came from, and why they wanted to come to Britain. The children also were surprised to find out that they didn’t have horns on their helmets!


In DT, we looked at some of the most famous bridges in the world. We realised that many of these were either beam bridges, or arch bridges. We used books and card to create the strongest structures possible. 


In science, we started to work on life cycles. We focussed on mammals in particular. We looked at an elephant and even looked at a scan of a pregnant elephant. The children managed build the life cycle of their elephant and see true similarities of the human life cycle. 

Spring 2 Week 5

Year 5 had worked extremely hard this week. We were lucky enough to have our outdoor learning session on the wettest day of the week! The children did nit complain once and thankfully dressed for the weather. We used the potato peelers to make Prince Llewelyn’s sword. This linked to both our science and English learning. We then made a front cover for our legend of Hoddlesden show casing our acting skills.


We were also very lucky to be visited by a member of Team GB’s cycling team. Milly Tanner, who represented at the commonwealth games, came in to do a training session with the children. She then spent time answering their questions and having photos with the children.  


In science, we looked at how materials can be changed and changed back again. These are called reversible changes. We melted chocolate which made the whole class very hungry. 


In PE, we had a gymnastics session where the children had to move to the music, but also show their strength and skill. 

Spring 2 Week 4 

Year 5 had worked extremely hard this week. We have been writing our very own legend, set right here in Hoddlesden. The children based it on the story line of the legend of Gelert. The children added in their own characters and described them wonderfully. They also changed the setting of Snowdonia to the village of Hoddlesden. Prince Ranken was a popular main character!


In maths, we have introduce decimals this week and finished off by rounding them to nearest whole number and tenth. We linked this to money, so the children should be able to help you priced up the weekly shop. 


In Geography, we looked at human features in the Alps. The children discussed how these can be a positive (ski lifts increase money made due to tourism) and the negatives, such as animals habitats being destroyed due to roads being built.


In french, the children designed their own menu that would have for lunch. They wrote this entirely in french and there was some delicious sounding menus. There were also some rather questionable choices. 


In computing, we looked at different ways of displaying data. The children showed different ways including pie charts, line graphs and bar charts. 

Spring 2 Week 2

Year 5 have worked their socks off this week. In maths, we have been finding equivalent fractions to decimals. The children did an amazing job understanding both with tenths and hundredths. 


In English, we wrote a super character description of Prince Llewelyn. The children used many descriptive features and did s super job. We the followed this up with a very heated debate. The class were split into two teams and had to decide if they believed Prince Llewelyn was wrong to have killed Gelert, or if his actions were understandable. Each child showed great confidence in speaking in front of the class and all could justify their opinion. 


In french, we looked at what people in France typically eat for their breakfast and realised how different it was to a typical breakfast that we may eat. Many of the children were jealous that pan au chocolat was on the menu in many French households. 


In science, we looked at the difference between reversible and irreversible changes. We made toast, coffee, Weetabix and some orange squash. The children soon realised that none of these changes could be reversed. The classroom smelt fantastic after this lesson!


Finally, we finished the week with computing where the children made their own online database. We decided this was a much easier way to sort information as opposed to paper filing systems!

Spring 2 Week 1

Year 5 have hit the ground running in their first week back after the half term. In English, we started to look at different legends that are based here in Britain. We have spent the week looking at the story of Gelert the Brave. We wrote a character description of the faithful hound and the children did an exceptional job of this. 


In maths we spent the week looking at finding fractions of amounts. The children enjoyed answering some tricky word problems and are looking forward to going shopping in the sales to put their learning to the test.


In science, we carried out an online experiment. We used a virtual Bunsen burner to show how evaporation can separate materials. Mr Edgar didn’t want to risk having fire in his classroom! The children were amazed that you could actually spates the salt and water in the sea!


In art, we are looking at portraits and how different styles can make the same person look so different. we used words to write over a celebrity of our choice that described that person.

Spring 1 Week 5


This half term has flown by! The children have worked incredibly hard for the past 5 weeks and producers some super outcomes as a result. In English, we created a timeline of the Shang dynasty. We highlighted the key events and used parenthesis, time adverbials and formal language to add more detail to our creative timelines. 


In maths, we carried on with fractions. We multiplied fractions by whole numbers and then moved on to multiplying mixed numbers by a whole. The children enjoyed answering some real life problems linked to our learning. 


In DT, we put the finishing touches to our soft toys. The children used blanket stitch to hold their fabric together and these looked amazing!


We ended the week with a behaviour threat for the children. We watched The Jungle Book to bring our book we have been reading. I hope all the children have a wonderful break and I look forward to seeing them in a weeks time. 

Spring 1 week 4


We have had another busy week in year 5. In English, we used our descriptive techniques to help us write a poem all about the jungle. The children used their senses to make the reader feel as if they were walking through the home of Mowgli and Balloo. 


In maths, we were looking at fractions again and of course, Mr Edgar was linking it to food! The children were looking at multiplying fractions and answering some tricky problems! 


In RE, we looked at a couple of less known parables. The children had to link Jesus’ teachings to our life today. We decided that if we followed these parables , the world would be a much happier place. 


In History, we looked at the hierarchy of the Shang dynasty. The class were extremely shocked at how poor the quality of living was for anyone other than royalty and the best warriors. 

Spring 1 week 3 


This week has flown in year 5. We have had a creative week in English. We have used different techniques of description to describe characters from The Jungle Book. The children used super vocabulary, similes and personification in their writing. This to help us with pout task of writing an alternative ending on Monday!


In French, we continued our learning about food. The children had to follow instructions of a recipe and see what dish they would create. 


In computing, the children programmed a micro-bit. They programmed this to count their steps. We may have a created of the next Fitbit amongst us!


In History, we looked at some artefacts that were found by archaeologists. We. Inspected them and predicted what they were used for 3000 years ago. We then discussed what we think life was like in the time of the Shang dynasty. 


IN DT we added detail to our design of a soft toy and thought about the size that we wanted it to be. We then practiced a blanket stitch to ensure our toy could withstand being played with. 

Spring 1 Week 2

This week has been a cold, yet positive week in Year 5. In English we have written some amazing setting descriptions of the jungle. We based this description on Henri Rousseau’s ‘The Jungle paintings’. The children used personification and expanded noun phrases to paint their own picture.


In History, we looked at the social hierarchy used in the Shang dynasty. The children were shocked to find out how poorly the slaves and farmers were treated, and how well the rich were treated. We decided we prepared how people were treated in 2024.


In French, we looked at traditional French recipes and their ingredients. We then translated the ingredients into English and said what we enjoyed and disliked. 


In PE, we continued looking at racket sports. We introduced the back hand shots and the children showed much better control this week. 


In RE, we learnt about stories from the Bible where Jesus shows us that he was a great teacher. The children chose their favourite one and retold it in the form of a comic strip. 


In DT, we learnt how to do the blanket stitch. Mr Edgar was extremely impressed. Some of the children were even better than him!

Spring 1 Week 1

Year 5 have hit the ground running in their first week back. We have started our ‘Amazing Asia’ unit by looking at our new text, The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. The class have come up with outstanding adjectives to describe both Mowgli and the villain, Shere Khan. We also showed our super acting skills by interviewing Mowgli on Friday. The children asked some super questions and cam up with very creative answers in this role play activity.


In maths, we started working hard on multiplication. We looked at different methods to multiply 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers and the children grasped this concept really well. They just need to keep practising their times tables at home!


In History, we looked at the Shang Dynasty, one of the oldest periods of history recorded based in Ancient China. We looked at a map of China and realised a lot of landmarks still remain today from the Shang period, including the Great Wall of China. We then learnt that the evidence of the Shang Dynasty was only discovered in the 1920’s when archaeologist discovered and ancient city buried underground. We looked at their findings and pieced together the evidence.


In PE, we looked at racket sports and started with tennis. The children showed excellent control and precision with their shots.


In RE, we looked at Jesus and what job we thought he did. The children came up with many roles for him. We ultimately decided he was a great teacher. The children shared with me the greatest lesson they were taught. These ranged from learning how to swim, to ride a bike and even learning a second language.

Autumn 2 Week 7 

This week has been an incredibly busy week for Year 5. We have worked hard on a piece of performance poetry in preparation for the carol concert. Each and every child has shown great confidence in delivering their own lines up on stage. They have also learnt the song lyrics and sang them beautifully in our rehearsals. Well done to all the class.


In maths, we have been learning how to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers. The children have showed supper determination and loved using food to explain their answers. 


In french, we finished our unit by competing in a spelling competition. The children showed great skill and knowledge to spell some tricky words!


In English, we have been busy writing a letter to our Prime Minister, RIshi Sunak. The class have been touched by our book, The Boy at the back of the class and have written some powerful letters about the concern with refugees arriving unsafely from countries around the world. I hope he replies!

Autumn 2 Week 6


Year 5 have got into the Christmas spirit this week. We have been working hard on our ‘Elf Enterprise’ products. Each child came up with a business plan and ensure their product would make a profit. They showed super maths skills and I am sure there will be some further business owners. We then made tow products, a moving Christmas card, using our DT skills. We also made dog pick and mix, so our pets can have some festive treats. We look forward to selling out on Sunday.


We also had fun outdoor learning session. The children made a shelter where they believed the could survive for the night. This followed on from learning about Ahmet’s journey through Europe, which we read about in ‘The boy at the back of class.’ We then finished the session with a hot Vimto to warm up.


In computing, we produced an amazing interview. The children videoed, edited and acted on their videos. They were amazing outcomes. 


We finished the week with a FaceTime from another Year 5 class. We played games virtually and got to know the children a little better as part of our PSHE learning.

Autumn 2 week 4

The children in Year 5 have had another busy week. In English, we have started our new fiction text, A Long Walk to Water. We have discovered it is about a refugee who has arrived in London in a Year 5 classroom. They seem excited to find out more about Ahmet. 


In Maths, the children have worked extremely hard working out equivalent fractions. They have had to work out some tricky problems, but have all done a super job. 


In PE, we all tried out a new sport. The children had a go at wheelchair basketball. This was a great inclusive morning and the children had some very sore arms! 


In science, we had to investigate if the sun moves across the sky? We used torches and globes and very group did a marvellous job. As a class we discovered that the sun does not in fact move across the sky, but it appears to as the Earth rotates on its axis. The children also went inside a planetarium and could see how the planets orbit around the Sun!


In French, the class enjoyed giving one another directions in a French town. We used maps to help us and no phones we in sight!


Finally, in PSHE we discussed key qualities of being a good friend and made a recipe for the perfect pal. They really are a kind bunch! 

Autumn 2 Week 3

The children in Year 5 looked fabulous today in their yellow or spotty outfits. We had a discussion about the amazing work that Children in Need do and the causes they help. The values committee also put on a super worship to depend our understanding of the work they do. 


In English, we have had a busy week producing a newspaper report from the night the Titanic sank. The quality of the work was truly outstanding, the class should be proud!


In science, we looked out how all planets in our solar system orbit the same sun. The children worked out that the further away from the sun a planet is, the longer the orbit takes. The class found its hilarious that if we lived on Neptune, none of us (including Mr Edgar) would be 1!


In Maths, we have started learning about fractions. The class didn’t find this as scary ass we discussed splitting up pizza and our favourites chocolate bars to find equivalent fractions. 


Well done on a super week Year 5!  

Autumn 2 Week 2

Year 5 have had another amazing week. We continued our learning about the Titanic and the children pieced together a timeline of the tragic events. They also played their role as a detective looking at who was to blame for the fatal crash. The majority of the class voted for Bruce Ismay, owner of White Star Line after reviewing the evidence. 

In science, we introduced our topic on space. The children looked at the different planets and which order they came in. They also learnt a catchy rhyme to remember the order. 

In RE, the class looked at the Christmas story that appears in the Bible and spoke about why bits are missed out in the nativity. The children also found out that there was more than one version of this story in the Bible. 

in PE, the class choreographed a short dance routine about the first moon landings. They showed super teamwork to sort a routine and perform it to the class. 

Well done on a super week year 5!


Autumn 2 Week 1

We have had a super first week back. We have started our historical heroes learning journey looking closely at HMS Titanic. The children particularly enjoyed reading letters from two people on board. These we Captain Smith, who was excited and proud to be named captain of the world famous ship. The other was W Stead, a journalist who has his doubts. We ended the week by producing a timeline listing the most significant events of its journey.


We also started our first DT unit. We looked at how mechanisms can move objects in books and cards and had an ours first go at making a lever. The children will be building up to making a book with moving parts. 


On Tuesday we had a member if staff from Blackburn Rovers deliver a science and PE session all about keeping healthy. They told us about a balanced diet, the importance of exercise and recovery.


We finished the week with a French lesson learning following instructions including learning the word left and right, gauche and droite.

Autumn 1 Week 7

Year 5 have worked incredibly hard this week. In English, we completed some outstanding information text about a biome of our choice in Africa that could go in our text, The Wonder Garden. We used English, geography, computing and art skills produce these super outcomes. 


In maths, we answered some tricky word problems related to the world around us. This children had to work out which operation to use, and which unit of measure to give their answer in. 


The children also had a super brass lesson. The children are very excited to develop a new skill and loved hearing the different instruments they can learn. 


In Geography, the children looked at human and physical features in Spain and why tourists may want to visit this area. The children also looked at famous landmarks in the country including the Sagrada Familia and the Camp Nou.


In art, the children produced some outstanding designs on larger scale pots using African patterns and colours. The children have had a super half term and I hope they have a wonderful break. 

Autumn 1 Week 6

Year 5 have worked incredibly hard this week. In English, we continued our work on the Wonder Garden. The children explored a range of habitats and looked at the features Jenny Bloom had used. The children then had the task to select and research a wonder of their own from the continent of Africa. These ranged for the River Nile to the South African Savannah. 


We also had a great morning taking part in a triathlon. The children performed unbelievably well and impressed all staff present. 

In geography, we looked at the different human and physical features in Spain. The children also started to think about why people travel to Spain on their holidays


In music, the children enjoyed building on their African rhythms by changing chords and beats, they sounded amazing!

Well done on a super week!

Autumn 1 Week 5


Year 5 have worked incredibly hard this week. In English, we concluded out story of a long walk to water. The children seemed to really enjoy this book, it most definitely made us all appreciate how lucky we are to live in the UK. We have now started our new text; this is a non fiction book called ‘The Wonder Garden’. This takes us on a journey through 5 amazing habitats, including the Great Barrier Reef, Amazon Rainforest and The Himalayas. 


In science, we started to look at water and air resistance. Each group had the task to set up their own experiment. They had to design 3 rafts made of tinfoil to see if they sank or stayed afloat. We found out that the more streamlined shapes travelled through the water easily, whereas the less streamlined shapes tended to stay afloat. 


In RE, the children recreated their favourite Bible story in the style of the Lindisfarne Gospel. This Bible was one of the first ever to be found on English shores and had some amazing pictures within it.


Well done on a super week Year 5, this first month has flown and I look forward to the next. 

Autumn 1 Week 4

Year 5 have had a very creative week this week. They started the week by producing some outstanding art work, inspired by African artist Magdalene Odundo. These large scale drawings wouldn’t look out of place in a gallery. 


In English, the children have been busy writing! They were tasked with writing a diary entry from the point of view of Salva. The children used super descriptive techniques to show how he felt on one of the toughest days of his life. 


In science, the children continue looking at forces. We played the role of shoe designers and thought why different soles are more effective on different flooring. We looked at high heels, football boots, walking boots and running shoes. 


In Geography, we looked at variety of maps. The children looked at Europe in an atlas and digitally and looked at the pros and cons of both. Well done on another super week. 

Autumn 1 Week 3

Year 5 have had another busy week! We had a special African drumming workshop linking to out theme of ‘Native Narratives’. The children showed I of their musical talents and had a fun afternoon. 

In maths, we looked at ordering numbers up to 1,000,000 on a number line. As tricky as this was, the children coped well and even asked for some greater numbers!

In PE, the children added a few more moves on to their dance routine. They managed to remember all 9 parts and keep in rhythm.

In Geography, we started to look at maps in more details and introduced where Europe is and explored a variety of maps.

In computing, we looked at the power of a search engine and how this works. We discovered how difficult research would be if we simply relied on encyclopaedias. 

Well done Year 5 on a super week. 

Autumn 1 Week 2

Year 5 have had a super outdoorsy week! We had our outdoor learning session where the children explored our woodland and reservoir area. We discussed where our water came from and the process it goes through before it comes out of our tap. The class also did some super describing using their senses. The children particularly enjoyed describing what they could feel and many got their hands dirty.

In maths, we looked at multiplying numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. The highlight was the weekly challenge against Mr Edgar on Kahoot. A couple of teams were very close to his score! 

In PE, the children choreographed their own dance routine. This was in their style of Rock and Roll. The staff were super impressed with their rhythm and Mr Dugdale was blown away as he watched their performances. 

In science, the children conducted their own experiment. They had to prove that gravity was affected by the mass of an object. The children proved that the Italian scientist, Galileo, was in fact correct. 

In French, the children were exploring the French alphabet and they will be preparing for a spelling bee at the end of the term!

Well done Year 5 on a super week. 

Autumn 1 week 1

Year 5 have had a super first week back. We hit the ground running in English by introducing our new book ‘A long walk to water’. The children used the front cover to predict what they believe the story is going to be about. 

In maths, we looked at place value with numbers up to 1,000,000. The children used counters, numbers and roman numerals to show their understanding. 

In geography, we will be focussing and trade. We explored where our lunch came from and our school uniform. We were surprised how far some things had travelled!

In science, the children conducted their own experiment. They had to prove that gravity was all around us. The children used a range of PE equipment and had great fun testing each object.

Well done Year 5 on a super first week!

Start children off on the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it.
- Proverbs 22:6