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Design & Technology

Subject Leadership 

Miss Millie Clayton 


Hoddlesden St Paul’s Church of England primary school aims to provide its pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum, set within a caring and supportive Christian community in which each member of the school is valued and respected and is empowered to reach their full potential.

Design and Technology refers to the designing, making and evaluating of products. High quality design and technology will allow children to develop a critical thinking and understanding of global issues and how these can be solved or improved through designs of technology. Children will design and make products based on appropriate, ‘real world’ scenarios that are accessible and relevant to them.

→ Develop creative and evaluative thinking and to make positive contributions to a rapidly changing world.
→ Develop practical skills of working safely with a range of appropriate tools and materials.
→ Promote equality within the workplace and value each individual’s contributions within a team.
→ Establish high expectations for the quality of work both in designing and making products for a range of purposes. 

→ Develop critical thinking skills and promote the use of feedback that can be used to improve work and products. 

→ Understand nutrition and learn how to prepare and cook food.


Design & Technology Curriculum

Our school recognises the importance of an engaging, whole child approach to planning and teaching Design and Technology. Through the Cube curriculum children will engage in the 6 principles as an approach to their learning; value based learning, career readiness, knowledge, skills, self-awareness and culture. We believe through this the children will receive a rich DT curriculum along with cultural capital opportunities1 allowing them to transfer their skills into other subjects within school and their out of school life, such as problem solving and career readiness. This curriculum has been created in line with the 2014 National Curriculum, ensuring all Design and Technology objectives are being covered.

Overview (updated 23-24)

Policy (reviewed Jan 24)

Year 4 Starting Point

Year 4 have begun their DT this term (Spring 2), by exploring making structures, using cocktail sticks and sweets, as part of their pavilions topic. 

Year 5 Outcome

During Spring Term 1, Year 5 have been creating their own pop-up Jungle Book story, using paper-based mechanisms.  Take a look at our beautiful outcomes…

Year 3 Outcome

During Spring Term 1, Year 3 have used their knowledge of the basics of sewing and decorating fabric to learn two new skills - cross stitch and appliqué. 

Using these new techniques they have designed, decorated and assembled their very own Jungle themes cushion! 

Starting Points

Year 1 creating printing tools for their African inspired patterned t-shirts. 


Year 1 children using their designed and built printing tools to print their African patterned t-shirts.

Primary Engineer

Start children off on the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it.
- Proverbs 22:6